Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The baby is actually due next week, but I bought this today at Sears. The family is broke and will be challenged to keep the baby in clean pampers. The soon to be grandfather has noted I am more excited about the baby than anyone but the mother.

Because the mother is finishing highschool this year and not dropping out I agreed to take care of the big items such as the crib. It is easy to be mad about a teenage pregnancy but in the end the question for me is, will she finish school. I am also always happy when abortion is rejected as an option.

You know money means nothing to me. Just because you own a million dollar home does not mean you have a million dollar heart. I have always found people who love to throw around money for themselves have dollar store hearts. It is easy to judge those who have made mistakes. The challenge is in helping them learn from their mistakes and helping them to move forward.

It's a GIRL - I think the name will be Isabela Maria

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