Thursday, October 8, 2009


Based on the entire story and medical records, tomorrow I will fax directly to United States Attorney Eric Holder a request for a formal civil rights criminal and civil investigation against BISD, Kathleen Jimenez, and Interim-Superintendent Springston. It is now beyond surreal. If Ms. Jimenez's defense is she was lied to, then she should be fired for not seeing the obvious, and the person who lied to her should be fired.

This child who Kathleen Jimenez claims to be fine, had another meltdown in school today. According to the assistant principal the child has been wondering the halls again. You see when he cannot function in the regular classroom rather than get frustrated and disrupt the classroom he gets up and leaves. The teachers fearing a meltdown allow this to happen. Well someone saw him where he did not belong, and forced him back to class. You cannot touch this child. This child must be handled with knowledge of his disabilities. This has been explained to them over and over and over again. They have no interest in dealing with this child based on his disabilities.

First of all, had BISD done its job such as the pediatric psychiatrist had requested, this child would not have been in a regular classroom where he cannot learn. Second of all, the father and I have begged that the staff at this middle school be trained in how to handle this child, who has a very disabling biologically based mental health disorder. I can tell you a federal judge can threaten to put every person at this middle school in jail if they fail to receive training, and they would simply ignore the federal judge. The idea that they should be trained in how to deal with a mentally ill child is beyond their mental comprehension. They will never do it - not matter what a judge says, the TEA says, or the Department of Education says.

Now, because property was damaged, the father was told that if it exceeds $50.00 the child will be charged with criminal conduct. This is going to stop. After faxing my formal request to Eric Holder, I will begin to search out mental health advocacy groups all of the US. I am prepared to send out as many packets as necessary until we find a group prepared to file a suit on behalf of this child.

Kathleen Jimenez is a threat to the safety and welfare of every special needs child in BISD. She either lied to her boss Mr. Garcia about why she did not attend the mediation on the TEA complaint, or she simply did not care enought to attend and then retaliated against this child by rejecting the mediated settlement. Either way she must go.

If Kathleen Jimenez thinks I was hard on Art Rendon, she hasn't seen anything yet. I will keep on filing both federal and state complaints until she is removed as the interim director over special services. I will be amending the pending TEA complaint to show how Kathleen Jimenez retaliated against this child by rejecting the mediated settlement, and how the evidence coming from the assistant principal at this middle school shows she lied to her boss Mr. Garcia as to why she did not attend the mediation on the TEA complaint. If Mr. Garcia lied to the father, then let Ms. Jimenez call Mr. Garcia a liar,


Rogelio Guevara said...

This child does not belong in a main stream school. He seems to be a danger to himself and others. Do everyone a favor and get off your soap box and suggest to the parents that this child belongs in a mental institution, sorry, BISD can't be everything for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Garcia is not Jimenez' boss, he is the assistant director.

If the child is passing his courses, there may not be an educational need to be addressed. BISD is required to address those issues that interfere with a child's progress in an educational manner and not in a medical manner.

Additionally, I do not believe there is anyone at BISD who can medically diagnose a child as ADHD.

Why the two did not show up at a meeting is something I do not know but I do not believe it would have been in retaliation for your post.

I agree with another comment that things are currently in flux at Special Services and Jimenez has been a positive change from what existed before. I imagine that she is overwhelmed with trying to fix what needs fixing and may make mistakes but not ones due to stupidity. I would like to know if she is really the one making all decisions or is someone else "helping" her.

Bobby, there are a lot of good people at Special Services although I cannot say that about everyone. The good ones are probably just as frustrated as you and the parent.

Also, I do not believe that the decision to remove Gonzales and Rendon was strictly a political decision, not with what has occurred and the personnel that have been moved and those that have been hired. Some of this kind of decision making has been going on for a long time but there were not the votes to act until the election.

BobbyWC said...

I want to respond to the more productive comment first. If you are refering to Dr. Lee Garcia, I am not referring to him. He was actually a very positive and productive voice in solving the problem. Kathleen Jimenez rejected the mediated settlement which he helped to negotiate.

We were specifically told that she reports to a Garcia - a different Garcia.

On this issue of the child passing - the child cannot subtract 5 from 13 and he is in 8th grade.

I know for a fact he has not been completing his homework because he cannot do the work. We were told that the school makes them do their homework before practice. When I asked if anyone checks to see if they actually complete their homework properly, I was told no, no one does.

I know he did not complete his science project on time. I looked into seeing what could be done about it and got no response.

There is no way this kid is passing.

Further before he was put back in school this year under the rules, (I verfied this with the TEA) he was to have another ARD. This has not happened.

BISD has been expressly ordered to respond based on the ADHD issue. Although BISD is fully aware the child has been diagnosed with ADHD no ARD addressing the issue has ever been done.

If the asssitant principal is telling the father the child is wondering the halls instead of being in class, then his disability is interfering with his education. This has been going on since last year and BISD has refused to address the issue. He leaves the classroom rather than upset the classroom. He cannot be in a large classroom.

If Kathleen Jimenez is too stupid to look at the medical history of this child and the listed problems and to realize there is no way a child who is not in the classroom is passing then she is in the wrong job.

A review of this student's records will show questionable grading. Again are you telling me an 8th grader who cannot subtract 5 from 13 is at grade level.

Now to comment to the idiot Rogelio. The Northside school district in SA deals with children a lot worse off than this one. They are successfully educating these children. It is a matter of will and competence.

You assume this child is a threat because you are an ignorant moron. There has been one and only one incident with this child concerning hitting.

The child was slapped after he responded to a girl who was giving him a hard time. BISD has a duty to protect him from this harassment. I can assure you had this child slapped this female student they would have called the police. They did not - instead they waited for the child's father to decide if he wanted to file criminal charges - he chose to not make matters worse by filing criminal charges on the girl.

So the facts are -this child has been the object of violence - he has engaged in no actual violence against anyone.

In the end BISD has a legal duty to educate this child. There is no will in BISD to fix the problem.

It is sad Accion America was all smoke when it came to real parental support. If they had the numbers they claimed they should have been able to organize protesting outside of BISD - they could not.

Springston will do nothing to address the problem. He is a fool. He thinks he will be saved by the Board - he needs to look at Hector Gonzales to see his future.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"idiot, moron, stupid, not qualified to wipe asses",......brilliant examples of your self-aggrandizing 'critical thinking'. You marginalize your subject when choosing to express yourself in this fashion. The world according to BWC- judge and jury. I am done with trying to overlook your shallow tendencies.


BobbyWC said...

Unless I have personal knowledge of their conduct I am not prepared to post through statements which accuse people of being racists. Sorry - I am not saying you are wrong - I just do not have the evidence to sustain the claim.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Have you met Kathleen Jimenez? If not I recommend you meet her. I think you will actually have a productive meeting wth her. The district is way too big - for this problem to be pinned on "one person"! Be realistic - the problem is a real problem that will take many more sessions to fix, starting with the parents, state funding, and working with a district with limited funds. I have personally donated time, money, and efforts to assist many of these kids - it takes a community to come together and fix things - not bashing at some people constantly - you're getting no-where! Take a proactive approach and get involved with the teachers, Mrs. Jimenez, Mr. Spingston, and others to see how this can be resolved - not demand - pople to get fired. The next round of people will be the same - simply because it is a long term problem and MONEY is needed. Again, everytime some Sp.Ed. Parent sues the district - IT HURTS ALL KIDS INCLUDING THEIR OWN! Why would anyone want to do this is beyond my me??? If BISD is so bad, put your child somewhere else - let's see if the grass is greener? NOT!

BobbyWC said...

I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you have not read all of my posts. You are telling me to get more involved. Kathleen Jimenez asked to mediate the TEA complaint. The father and I went to the meeting. Kathleen Jimenez chose to not show. According to her boss she saw no reason to show based on the student's record.

The father, myself, the principal and Dr. Lee Garcia negotiated a settlement which would have also benefit 9 other students directly and the regular students who no longer would have to share teacher time with these disabled students.

It was Kathleen Jimenez who not only did not show, but rejected the settlement. So what is the father to do? The child is too upset to return to school. the parents are waiting for the pediatric psychiatrist to advise them on the best course.

So again what should the father do - I filed complaint after complaint and was dismissed. He met with administrators who ignored the recommendations of the doctor and the history of the child.

His child has been falsely accused 3 times each time resulting in a meltdown.

Rather than sue he agreed to mediate the complaint - your so called Kathleen Jiminez chose to not attend the mediation and then chose to reject the settlement.

Just tell me what should the father do.
BTW the father has met with the Director over Special Services for the Northside school district in SA. This is something Ms. Jimenez refused to do with the father. And the grass is greener because I know for a fact the child would be put into a special classroom with 10 or fewer students.

Now learn your facts and try and be productive - instead of yelling at a father who has begged for help for over a year and received none- tell me what he should do.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He should go to SA if that is where he believes he can get the best schooling for his kid (of course, it probably would be difficult for the family). I understand. What I meant earlier is NOT about meeting with Ms. Jimenez for this particular kid - meet with her regarding this and other concerns. I can only imagine that there are many meetings that are had at BISD and, as I can assume you know, people can't be simply at ALL the meetings. I think it would be productive - nothing beats meeting face to face and talking about resolutions as a WHOLE. Let me know what you think IF you meet with her!

BobbyWC said...

It is amazing how you do not get it - I think you do but just want to defend that which has no defense.

Jimenez called the meeting. The father agreed to meet with Jimenez to resolve the matter. Jimenez did not show at the meeting she called.

What else do you expect this father to do - he agreed to settle the complaint - there was no money involved -\

The BISD budget already had the money in place to pay the teachers to teach an extra section.

This program which Jimenez rejected would have meant taking children out of the regular classroom and putting them in a classroom with more targeted help.

Teachers are 100% in support of putting children in need of extra help into a separate classroom. It means they will have more time to teach the regular kids without interuption.

Jimenez messed up - you see it but would rather defend that which has no defense.

Bobby WC