Sunday, October 4, 2009


backgroun - my hard drigve crashed. rather than use the warranty which would have taken 2 plus weeks, I had it repaired at a local shop. they reinstalled, using their programs the original programs - more or less.

First problem I noticed is, I have no sound. the volume adjuster on the key board does not work.

The mouse cannot copy and past from the internet.

I can open e-mails. But attachments are another story.

I just approved a bunch of comments which I could approve throught the back door process I have as the user of blogspot.

When I get a comment I get an e-mail. I read teh comment and then choose publish or reject. When I hit publish it opens to a new window. I learned this morning this function will work so long as I only have one window open. If I have more than one window or tab open, teh scfreen goes blank.

I will try and reload IE this afternoon now that I know I need to only have one window open. When I tried yesterday I had more than one window open so I got a blank screen.

Help and ideas would be greatly appreciated

Bobby WC


Anonymous said...

I know it's an HP, but which model number? A service number would be better (located on little black tag).

Anonymous said...

Does not seem to be your Browser(IE), from what you are describing it seems to be that your Operating System was not installed correctly and is missing certain drivers for your mouse. Have the shop reinstall your operating system and install Firefox as your browser. Your everyday viruses are designed for IE and not Firefox, thus you should be safer when you surf the net. You might also need more ram to have more than one window open at a time.

I would recommend you get at least Windows XP with at least one gig of RAM.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Shoulda used the warranty.