Wednesday, October 7, 2009


First a computer update - nightmare absolute nightmare - understatement to the person who stated I should have waited the two weeks and used the warranty. As it turns out HP no longer provides the drivers and programs with the computer. You can download the original of everything for your computer from the Internet. I will ask the service I used to start from scratch and download everything from the Internet.

Getting older is actually an interesting process. I guess I am fortunate because I am embracing it rather than seeing it as a bad thing. I am really enjoying it. One reason for the joy is the breadth of time which is part of the reflection. Trust me at age 30 you do not have the ability to reflect the same way you can at age 51. I am already curious to know how my reflections will change between now and age 70.

Life is this great and wonderful adventure. It is what you make of it. I think my lack of interest in money has made my life a lot more interesting. I have always put principle over job and money. The funny thing is, I always seem to be fine with money anyway.

When you begin to think back on your life and what you have done and have not done, you kind of find a solace in knowing you have lived life and made the best of it. There is a lot to be said for Edith Piaf's famous phrase "I regret nothing." How can you regret you life and still be happy.

Mistakes are not a bad thing, so long as you learn from the mistakes and grow. This is the great adventure in life - live and learn.

BV will be back tomorrow with something hard hitting.


Anonymous said...

Dude if you roll the first digit again I'll be shocked. Hell, I'll throw you a party.

How long ago did you buy the computer that they don't provide the drivers? Sounds fishy to me.

But hey, if they left the service partition intact, then the right drivers for YOUR machine and all are still there. FYI.

BobbyWC said...

I am not complaining. I am not good at phrases - long story why - what does this mean "Dude if you roll the first digit again I'll be shocked."

This is by chance, but last night when I was downloading all of the drivers, programs everything, I got an e-mail from a tech in McAllen telling exactly what I discovered.

Everything is right there at HP to down load based on your model and even bundle package

now tell me the meaing of the phrase

Thanks for the help

Bobby WC