Friday, October 9, 2009


Apparently some people are mad over my hard hitting piece against Kathleen Jimenez. Here are the facts in a nutshell. The TEA certified the complaint of a father who has a learning and mentally disabled child. The key evidence to prove the complaint were e-mails to Hector Gonzales and Otis Powers, and e-mails from Hector Gonzales to Dr. Montoya (assistant superintendent Hanna cluster) The issue was among other things the child needing to get tested for ADHD. The evidence submitted to the TEA shows BISD took no action to help the father other than Hector Gonzales sending an e-mail to Dr. Montoya stating he is sure he took care of it - well he did not. The other evidence to the TEA was medical records from a pediatric psychiatrist verifying the child has ADHD. BISD has failed to conduct an ARD which reflects the ADHD. BISD failed to do the ARD required by law when a child returns to school after being released an entire month early the previous year.

With this knowledge and a lot more, according to her supervisor, Kathleen Jimenez who asked to mediate the TEA complaint with the father chose not to appear at the mediation because the child’s records indicate he is passing his courses at this time. This formed the basis for rejecting the mediated settlement reached between the father, Dr. Lee Garcia, and the child’s principal.
When I know the child is struggling with his math and it takes several minutes for the child to subtract 5 from 13, I know the child has not turned in all of his homework, and the child never turned in his science project, although he did it, I have reason to believe someone is fudging his grades.

But grades aside, the parent and assistant principal met several weeks ago over the child’s inability to sit in the classroom. The complaint was not from the parent, but the assistant principal. My point being the school officials are fully aware that the child cannot sit in a classroom of 30 students. He gets overwhelmed and easily confused in such a classroom. This problem of the child wondering the halls has been going on for over a year. The pediatric psychiatrist has put in writing to BISD that the child must be in a more structured classroom. This problem caused the child to suffer another meltdown yesterday and needed to be removed from school. But according to Kathleen Jimenez all is well with this child.

It only gets worse from here - I can go on but I think I made my point. Kathleen Jimenez can say "well I was mislead and did not have all of the facts." Well you know what Ms. Jimenez, had you attended the mediation of the TEA complaint you might have learned something. Ms. Jimenez you cared so little about the complaint that you did not see fit to provide your representative with even a copy of the complaint.

Rather than throw out global allegations about what is happening within Special Services under Kathleen Jimenez, I have given a clear picture of Kathleen Jimenez’s mismanagement of a TEA complaint. It is all verifiable. What I can tell you with near certainty nothing will be done about it. I am moving forward to help this child. I know the system well enough to know that in the time it takes the Department of Education to act this child will be thriving in a classroom of 10 students or fewer in the Northside school district. Kathleen Jimenez will still be angry and doing nothing of any real substance to change BISD for the better.

I received the following e-mail from BISD Board Member Presas-Garcia.

"Good Morning!

Mr. Wightman-Cervantes

Please forward the complaint direct to Emmi Johnson at TEA she has a file in her office of problems within our District. Mrs. Johnson said the only way TEA would ever do anything is by having formal written complaints by the parents and/or a representative. She also stated TEA should and would investigate if complaints come from Special Education. Another topic she discussed was parents do not need to go directly to BISD with Special Ed complaints. The parents of any Special Ed Students may go directly to TEA there is no need to file any complaints to BISD if BISD has failed the students.

I know we have many issues in Special Education Dept and I would like to see things change for the better. Our student's have gone too long with the improper help and/or wrong diagnoses. I ask that you call TEA ask for Emmi Johson and ask her to give you her fax number and e-mail. I would give it to you but at this time I do not have it with me.

Catalina Presas-Garcia
Board Member "

I hope parents will find it helpful.

In this battle which has gone on for over 2 years, I have been consistent in going after the BISD Board. I took a lot of heat when I accused them of being child abusers, based on their neglect of the special needs children. I have successfully filed TEA complaints for parents forcing BISD to respond and make changes.

In the heat of the battle Robert Sanchez, Juan Montoya, Jerry McHale, Eduardo Paz-Martinez (the weasel still running from service of the lawsuit - I am waiting on the Texas Supreme Court to approve service by and through Jerry McHale - [Did Jerry tell you that Eddie boy, or did he withhold that piece of information]) conspired, so I have alleged, to accuse me of being HIV+, a child molester, and performing sex in a public gym. This was their response to my battle cry against these abuses by BISD against the special needs children at BISD. It should be no shocker that these four who were so desperate to cover-up the abuses are now in bed with Carlos Quintanilla who seeks to continue the cover-up of the abuses by Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon.

Now, all of a sudden, when it suits their needs they claim Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were trying to expose the abuses and were removed for their efforts. People may be surprised I mentioned the lawsuit, but it is about context, and not the merits of the lawsuit. This context is being put before the Texas Supreme Court and a federal judge along with the pornography and discussion of the pornography Robert Sanchez is so desperate to keep silent. If Sanchez does not like what his lawyers are doing in his name, then he should fire them.

This battle for our children must be won. Accion America is not about the children. If they were about the children how do you explain for a second time they have chosen to get in bed with a man who promotes such pornography as women urinating, and women defecating in each other’s mouth. What benefit does Carlos Quintanilla see for our children in aligning with people who promote such pornography? The question is about character and in some ways desperation.

Carlos Quintanilla is a self-promoter who will lie about everything and anything to move forward. Long before he came to town the Herald broke the story about the jail commissary contract. When that story broke Commissioners Court made it known to Sheriff Lucio the contract needed to be put out for bids in the future. Carlos Quintanilla had nothing to do with this matter. But yet, such as I predicted he is taking credit for it.

Long before Carlos Quintanilla came to town myself along with a lot of parents put pressure on the BISD Board to act against Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon over the mismanagement of Special Services. The decision to rid BISD of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon came well over a year ago before the last BISD election. Hector Gonzales recruited Presas-Garcia to run against Otis Powers for one reason and one reason only, to protect his job.

The parents who fought long and hard won this battle against Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon, albeit through a Board which used the Special Services mess as an excuse to get rid of them as opposed to being the real reason for firing Hector Gonzales, whatever that may be. Now out of nowhere appears Carlos Quintanilla, supporter of pornography promoted by a highschool teacher, and says, "foul, how dare you parents of special needs children force the Board to fire Hector Gonzales." We won our battle Carlos Quintanilla. You need to go back to Dallas and continue to fight the 100% failed battle you have lodged against Dallas ISD.

If you have a case, why do you need to get in bed with people who promote pornography, especially when that pornography is being posted by a BISD teacher whose students know of his web page. Why are you not up in arms about that? Who but a sick mind gets in bed with a highschool teacher who promotes pornography with the full knowledge of his students? A desperate man is who.

What we have consistently seen from Carlos Quintanilla is disinformation. He claims to have reports, but fails to post them to the internet to allow the people to read them and form their own opinion. When he failed to post the Overton Report, I posted it. I trust my readers to know a cut and paste job when they see it. Evidence is not what you say it is, it is what it is, which is why you publish it to the jury to read and to form their own opinion.

This morning Carlos Quintanilla raises the question of what was I doing at BISD? Was I getting contracts? Well I told my readers what I was doing at BISD. I have publicly denounced the interim-director over Special Services as incompetent. I have called for her ouster.

But now everyone has insight into Carlos Quintanilla. Everyone read my summary of exactly what I was doing at BISD. Unlike Carlos Quintanilla, I actually have official and transparent access to BISD. I secured a valid TEA complaint based on evidence which shows Hector Gonzales’ incompetence. I went to mediate the complaint. I came forward with the results. I made public Kathleen Jimenez’s incompetence.

Although I gave full disclose, Carlos Quintanilla, whose primary voice is through a pornographer, chose to imply maybe I was getting contracts for myself. That is a laugh.

Back to my lawsuit, unfortunately for Jerry McHale he chose to take the free services of a sociopath by the name of Peter Zavaletta. I cannot call Peter a liar because I do not seriously believe he knows he lies. You see Jerry the law does not require you to use my name for it to be defamation. All that is required is that the readers know about whom you speak. A real lawyer competent in the law would have known this - but then you have Peter Zavaletta as your lawyer.

This is the way it works Carlos, Jerry is being sued for the lies he promoted about me. You chose to get in bed with him and promote more lies, hence you become a coconspirator. This means you Carlos can be added to the lawsuit. At the point the Texas Supreme Court acts to allow the lawsuit to proceed or sooner, you Carlos and Accion America will be added to the lawsuit.

Just to make this interesting, I will send a letter to the owner of Healthsmart. I will demand he sign an affidavit he has not given Carlos Quintanilla, Accion America or Care Brownsville a penny. If he fails to sign such an affidavit he will be added to the lawsuit.

Carlos you have been to jail once for conning people. Now you are in bed with a group with at least one lawyer who chose to do business with the judge while the case was pending, another person who destroyed evidence, namely Robert Sanchez, who has already committed aggravated perjury before the Texas Ethics Commission, and Jerry McHale whose lawyer Peter Zavaletta has advised him to commit aggravated perjury. You are the company you keep Carlos Quintanilla.

Ask Jerry about his decision to take Peter Zavaletta’s legal advice and commit aggravated perjury. Jerry is facing jail time for breaking a court order. Peter Zavaletta has advised him to lie to the court and state Peter Zavaletta could not communicate with him about the court order because Jerry does not have an e-mail. Here is a fact, you cannot run a google blog without an e-mail. I will be submitting a lie detector test to the State Bar on the issue and any law enforcement agency which might have jurisdiction over the matter.

So Carlos, what is it with you and your compulsive need to lie and get in bed with bad people? I will continue to hold everyone at BISD accountable, and not just the ones who suit my political agenda. Hector Gonzales is toast. He is too stupid to realize that so long as he has money lawyers will take it.

Here is a reality check for your Carlos, the best lawyers in the world argue cases before the United States Supreme Court. At the end of the day one walks away a looser. Point being, being the best does not make you a winner - it just means you can bill more to a fool client dumb enough to pay you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bobby,
Sorry to hear about all the problems you are having. Better things are coming to you.

I feel really bad about this poor child that is in the middle of this strugle. It seems to me that the problem is at the campus level because they seem to have abadoned this poor child by not following with an ARD. The campus and parents are ultimately responsible to make sure this happens. This child's teachers,principals,etc. are really the ones who can attest as to the limitations of this child. Certain people are supposed to observe this child in his classroom setting and then recommendations are made from all directly involved with the student. This will include parental input. It is a long process and patience is needed to make sure the child receive the best IEP. This has nothing to do with people who are not directly involved with the child.

In my opinion, it is best that the beuracrats stay out of this as they are clueless and useless. Their agenda does NOT include the best interest of the child because they simply don't know what the hell goes on at the campus level so they will rubberstamp whatever is told to them and protect each other with a vengence like the MAFIA.

Believe me I know of what I speak. His school needs to do all it can to provide this child what he needs and stop this charade.


BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the comment. I agree that this is normally best handled at the school level. The principal has been a great advocate for this child. The problem is his staff consists of incompetent nut jobs. if you are knew to the story then you do not know this has been going on for more than a year.

last year the football coach actually told the child if he leaves the field to go to therapy he would not be allowed to play football.

The mediated solution involved putting the child in a classroom with 10 or fewer students. This settlement would have benefit 9 other students who need a similar environment, but according to Kathleen Jimenez BISD cannot find 10 8th graders who would benefit from a smaller classroom.

This is sad. I can assure you the Board will not act and Springston will continue to do the dirty work of the Board - There is some connnection between Springston and the Rodriguez affaire - I just do not know what

Bobb yWC

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the child needs to be provided home school teachers for his core subjects and allowed to attend electives he likes until he is ready to attend larger classes.
There are so many options---why aren't principal,teachers,parents brainstorming different options?

Maybe one to one instruction at a school setting. I KNOW--I KNOW this will cost money but a lawsuit will cost more.

BobbyWC said...

The principal, father and Dr. Lee Garcia agreed that BISD would offer the best teachers the opportunity to teach an extra period in each core subject. The money is already in the budget to pay for this. There were to be 10 students offered the opportunity to be in these smaller classes. It was going to be a pilot program for BISD.

Kathleen Jimenez who refused to even attend the mediation rejected the settlment agreement. WHY?

Can any of her defenders actually say there are not 10 8th graders who could benefit from a smaller classroom?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I will continue to hold everyone at BISD accountable,"

and because of that everyone in Brownsville is behind you.
Thanks, Bobby

Anonymous said...

It should not be a decision jimenez should be allowed to make. This is a campus decision and they should over rule her closed minded metality for the sake of student.

I think they do this for pregnant girls. Please correct me if I am wrong but ALL students should be treated equally.

Someone wants to drop the ball on this one hoping it will go away but I hope you keep it active and we can help by blogging so this child can prevail.

REMEMBER!!!!! Most of these people are paid puppets and do not have children's best interest at heart.


Anonymous said...

Admittedly, there are problems stemming from how Special Services has been run for many years. But to have a board member say to not bother anymore with contacting BISD tells where her true allegiance lies. It does not lie with the district she represents, it lies with the super who is no longer there, hence no need to bother with the district.

The ball may have been dropped by personnel in BISD, but to prompt a parent to completely abandon BISD speaks volumes about that board member. She demonstrates no faith in any staff of BISD and they and the taxpayers and voters of BISD know know that they may question their faith in her as a board member.

Anonymous said...

Especially since that one board member used to stand before the board in public audience and complain because BISD would not hire her. I'm not sure, but she may have even sued or threatened to sue the district.

Anonymous said...

Do not depend on TEA to do anything but give you lip service. They are not for the children. They are all about being politically correct and protecting school districts.

The only ones that can really make a difference are boy's parents and you Mr. Bobby WC. Everyone else will toss the ball like a hot potato. Boy's school and personnel can also make a difference.


BobbyWC said...

I have conflicting views about this thing with Presas-Garcia. Is her duty to the law and the chlidren or to the Board? It is definately not to the Board. If her experience teachers her BISD will not correct the abuses, does she not have a duty to be honest with the parents. Or would we prefer she just lie.

I will say this - Springston actually thinks he is going to weather this storm. He is the typical braindead administrator unwilling to investigate and unwilling to believe he has been lied to.

A new variable has come into the picture. I am trying to verify an alleged fact. I have the BISD report, but I still need to verify separate from the report.

If this fact is true, this case is only going to get 100% worse come Monday. I am tired of these endless false accusations against this child. I intend to get the father's permission to start filing complaints against the individual teachers who are making the false accusations. This is the 3rd time BISD itself will be the witness the teachers are falsifying claims against this child.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Look Gonzales had to go - so too Art Rendon - but now it is time Springston is sent packing. he is only an interim so it is a lot easier to get rid of him.

The problem is, the so called gang of 4 are protecting him. Why I do not know. I am asking around, but people seem to have real fear on this one.

When the decision to fire Gonzales was made it should have also included Dr. Montoya over the Hanna cluster and Gary Wilhite. This child's problems are a direct consequence of their failures.

This is the second report from BISD werein I can prove BISD is intentially leaving out the part which puts the blame directly on the teacher.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this student could attend a different school to see if he improves. There seems to be hostility towards student so maybe a clean slate could help.

Maybe someone could accompany student to ALL his classes to observe the classroom dynamics.

Are other parents involved? Maybe it's time for their involvement.

The interim is a PUUPET with a capital P.

Just in it for the $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Obstruction Of Justice, Bobby defend That.

BobbyWC said...

"Obstruction Of Justice, Bobby defend That."

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If this fact is true, this case is only going to get 100% worse come Monday"

Please keep us informed

Anonymous said...

Initially I was leaning towards giving Gonzalez the benefit of a doubt but not anymore. I read ALL 49 pages of the Guerra report and he and ALL others involved(board members too) looked the other way as far as SPECIAL SERVICES is concerned(under RENDON). The four ( 5?) amigos need to go. The PUPPET super too.

Let each campus do what is in the best interest of special kids because THEY are the ones that REALLY know these kids.


Anonymous said...

My nephew has a son(12) who is having a hard time with ADHD but his school is being very supportive and kind.
They have a color coded system that the boy uses when he needs to leave the room(he becomes overwhelmed). He hands the teacher a colored card and leaves the room to go to another designated person on campus( blue-counselor,red-principal and so on). He is never allowed to roam the halls as he is ALWAYS with a designated professional. The receiving person keeps documentation of his arrival time and leave time.

This has been a Godsend for our family as the doctor has said he sees much improvement and has even cut some of his medication.

Why can't someone come up with a plan for this boy.

By the way this is happening in a district as big as BISD so it can happen here too.




BobbyWC said...

I love good ideas - the idea of colors seems good.

The evidence tends to show though once the kids reach an age where they give up you loose them - we are getting close to that point with this child.

The father really needs to raise the money to be able to move to SA and enroll his son in Northside school district. It is not easy to move, but this is the father;s intent.

As to the other comment - I agree the Board Members need to go - they turned a blind eye to what was happening until they could use it as an excuse to fire Gonzales for what was probably political reasons.

I am hoping the father gives me permission to disclose these new facts - I can tell you I am pissed and intend to act against those responsible for the latest false claims.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


BISD is so corrupt, now the Joe Rod scandal, they need to fire him too.

Why allow them to get away with so much unethical and illegal behavior.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who is going to pay for all these services? What about the # of concussions from last week's football games; injuries to other kids, etc... No one seems to care for the regular ed kids (which are the majority). So much money is spent on Sp.Ed kids - it's ridiculous. I have nothing against the KIDS - I do have a majo problem with the parents that "automatically sue" the BISD. The same district that works with your kids??? I don't get this? Can't you see you're hurting everyone by doing this? Mr. Cervantes - run for the Board, I'd like to see what you can do - UNLESS OF COURSE YOU HAVE NO GUTS!

It's easy to critcise UNTIL you're there. Better yey, why don't you work for the district as a Sp.Ed teacher, supervisor or administrator - I'd like to see what you can do to improve the system - with limited funds. I guarantee you; we'll have another "cervantes" critizing you!