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Before I start this discussion I want to deal with a supporter of Kathleen Jimenez. I am not going to post comments which use me as a distraction to take away from this child’s disabilities. Second, who ever is telling you Kathleen Jimenez sent Dr. Lee Garcia to meet with the father because he knows the father is a liar. What came out in the meeting was they recognized each other because they lived in the same area. That’s it. They had never spoken a word before the meeting. But that comment tells me you have inside information. This is my conclusion, Kathleen Jimenez in violation of FERPA is discussing this child with people outside BISD, or the poster is Kathleen Jimenez.

As to the child, he is too traumatized to return to school. Every effort has been made. The hope is the pediatric psychiatrist will be able to help with the situation. I can tell you the family is in crisis and at a loss as to what to do. The child under his current condition cannot be in the classroom. The child is of above average intelligence. He simply cannot sit in a regular classroom. The school has been dealing with this problem for over a year. The principal understands the situation, but has no say in solving the matter. Kathleen Jimenez has made this very clear. Independent of the smaller classroom issue, the child is simply not in a mental state to be in school. It is bad.

The question has been posed, why so much interest in who released the Rodriguez report? The very question is evidence of the problem with our society. Everyone only wants the law to be followed when it serves their agenda, otherwise enforcement of the law is politics.

I stated before and I will state now, I have no problem with the report being taken to the DA. The people got to read first hand the DA’s decision to blow-off the report. This does not help DA Villalobos or the BISD Board.

But what good is the law if people can simply ignore the law when it serves what they believe to be a more important end - like holding Joe Rodriguez accountable. I know people. When the DA blew off the report it made people mad, and without reading the reports people believe Joe Rodriguez is guilty. This is how people work. The average Joe is never going to read the report. It is pushing the idea of cover-up which makes people believe Joe Rodriguez is guilty.

I find it interesting that the people pushing this question do it under the guise they are just trying to make sure the law is enforced against Joe Rodriguez. The law, really? Then, why is the breaking of the law by releasing the report to anyone but law enforcement not equally important? Because it is not about the law, it is about politics. It is always about politics.


The worse time of the year to try and start a civil disobedience organization is during football season. People cannot protest during the week because they work. They cannot protest on Friday night because of highschool football. Well Saturday and Sunday are taken with college and pro football. Football is a priority in Texas, you know - more important than the education of children. Mind you I am not knocking football. I am just pointing out reality.

The bottom line problem with Brownsville is there is no meaningful law enforcement. Everyone’s excuse is, not my jurisdiction. Does anyone really believe the Chief of Police for BISD is going to investigate anything which could implicate the Board, Springston or even Joe Rodriguez?

Until the people of Brownsville understand the corruption at every level of government remains in place because of the FBI, nothing will change. Asking any local law enforcement agency or the DA to do an investigation is like asking the fox to guard the hen house.

The FBI will not do its job until it is humiliated into doing its job. 21.4 million stolen from the people at the BND, the DA’s former law partner making over a hundred thousand dollars on a deal which sent a convicted murder walking out of court free as a bird, a DA who cannot seem to convict the mayor in a slam dunk case, endless cover-ups at BISD, judges and the DA blocking the grand jury from looking into the BISD La Pampa affair, and Enrique Escobedo illegally using campaign money for his BISD board election to fund his County Commissioner election, and then lying to the people about it in his ad. I can go on and on - what is the truth behind the Joe Rodriguez affair? Yes if he broke the law he should be punished. Why are these same people going after Rodriguez for allegedly breaking the law endorsing Escobedo who admitted he broke the law? If we cannot trust Escobedo to be honest about his campaign money, how can we expect him to be honest with taxpayers money? Politics - it is always politics.

But there is another side to the story that no one wants to talk about. Rodriguez claims the decision to investigate him came after he refused to allow concerts at the stadium. He claims the covenant prohibited the concerts. He claims he was offered a bribe to allow for the concerts. How is this any different from the claim the Board used the Special Services problems against Gonzales only because he was not playing by the Board’s rules on other issues? They are the same thing.

It’s politics - it is always politics. These people who want to turn a blind eye to Gonzales’ failings, while going after Joe Rodriguez are playing politics and not seeking justice. If Rodriguez messed up he should be held accountable for his actions, regardless of the motivation behind the investigation. If Gonzales’ messed up with Special Services he should be held accountable regardless of the motivation behind the investigation. But I also believe, if in both cases illegal conduct was involved in the decision to open the investigations, that too should be investigated and those involved held accountable.

Okay, back to the FBI - there needs to be a very large organized protest in front of the FBI’s Brownsville offices. People who believe the corruption is real need to show up with signs with their issues. There should be no sacred cows. If you believe the BND Board and the DA covered-up the theft of 21.4 million dollars, then carry a sign which says, “Investigate the BND and DA for theft of 21.4 million dollars.” If you believe the mayor got away with a crime then show up with a sign which says “Investigate Mayor Ahumada.” There are no sacred cows. People who want to carry signs which say investigate the BISD Board, should be allowed to stand side by side with people who have signs which say “Investigate Hector Gonzales.” It is about protest and exercising that right of protest. If people believe I am the problem then they should be allowed to stand with a sign which says “Investigate Bobby WC.” The same goes for Accion America and everyone else people believe may be acting under bad motivation or seeking to cover-up corruption.

But here is the problem - it is football season. When will there be time for protesting?

Here is another idea. People can raise money to pay a law firm in Washington to sue the FBI with a simple demand, the judge order the FBI to investigate these endless crimes against the people of Brownsville.

I will go one step further, if someone is willing to pay for the filing fees and my plane ticket so that it can be hand filed, I will file it as a pro se. I will limit it to issues which will shock the court, 21.4 million stolen from the BND, the Livingston Affaire, the De La Garza Affair, the La Pampa Affair, and the Joe Rodriguez affair. Each of these issues can be documented without speculation as to motivation. As to other issues, once we get the attention of the FBI people can then bring other issues to their attention. For now I need to be able to attach newspaper articles to the lawsuit which leave few facts undisputed. This is what will shock the court. Endless unsubstantiated claims is not how you get the judge’s attention.

But then again, it is football season, people need their money for wings and fajitas.


Anonymous said...

I will contribute!

Anonymous said...

I believe the principal, parents and staff have the last word as to how to precede with this student. They need to demand this right and over-rule anyone else that gets in their way. What are they scared of?

Everyone in Brownsville is related so it is very hard to OUT the thugs whether BISD,DA,BND etc.

El es el primo de la prima del compadre y hijo de la prima del otro compadre.
You get the picture. WINK WINK!!!!


BobbyWC said...

It has come to my attention that a new meeting with Kathleen Jimenez is being scheduled. I can only hope she will take a more professional approach than her supporters by staying focused on the problem and then fashioning a solution based on the problem. But if she chooses to take the approach of her supporters with lies and trying to use me as a distraction, then the meeting will fail.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that a new meeting with Kathleen Jimenez is being scheduled.

seems like you're getting things done! Keep it up, Bobby. These kids and their parents need a lot of help, especially in the legal aspect of their situations.

Anonymous said...

Wings and fajitas? I'm sure you're saving your money for Gallo Pinto. Too each his own, Bobby.