Thursday, October 29, 2009


As I mentioned to my readers, after 10 years of declining health they may have finally found the problem in the pituitary gland. The VA is slow. I am told the Chief of Staff for the VA is working on getting me faster appointments. Some of you may remember to I told the story last year of the wake-up pill they gave me and I was awake for more than 40 hours on one pill.

They recently tried ritalin as a stimulant but it did not work. Anyway I am tired all of the time. I needed these two days off. I am hoping that I will hear today that tomorrow morning they will start the next set of tests to confirm the problem.


I decided in part to post this here because I think it reflects the mood of the community. In many ways I think it reflects to mood of the country.

OMGOSH!!! Are there really honest attorneys (BV's note - not really) in the Valley that have the backbone to stand up to the corrupt bastards?When you get ready to blow this wide open...count me in. This group of corrupt politicos/attorneys have threatened me, filed bogus lawsuits on my behalf without my knowledge, tried to coerce me to join forces with them to file false malpractice lawsuits...when I refused to go along with their antics... well, I won't go into the last 15 years. If you are serious about exposing these people and stopping the ruination of many households, please contact me. I believe that we are given opportunities in our life to help make our Country, our Communities better places to live - coming from Wyoming to Texas was an exciting move. Texas held so much opportunity! Only in the last couple of years did it dawn on me that the opportunity was not in building businesses, but to experience first hand the corruption stemming from the RGV all the way to Austin and???? Breaking through the fog of lawsuits/depositions/false judgments etc..., the question between my maker and self was "How do you want me to use this information to benefit others?" At the moment, I don't have the full answer, however, in the last year, it has become very clear that the time is getting close and to begin preparing for new challenges.

2009 has been an unusual year with many introductions to people that can and are making a difference in this small world of ours. Life is no accident - I have personal knowledge, papers and facts that are being compiled by an investigative reporter waiting for me to give the go-ahead to hit the presses.Going to Washington? I suggest we pitch in to buy you a 1st Class Ticket, put you up in comfy digs cause you're going to need it.If you are honest and want to make a difference for others - I am on your team. My invitation is open to anyone else that wants to jump on board as well.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, I know you are ethical. why aren't you talking about the unethical behaviour of John Wood. He announced his event this past Tuesday that he wasnt't running for his post, but he was running for another office. Don't the ethic rules say he should resign because he has more than a year left on his term? Having billboards in Harlingen, outside his precinct also a violation? I don't know, but if anyone would know it would be you. He is telling people that he is running for County Judge, so what's the deal. I'm a conservatuve democrat, but i'm having a real problem with Wood's actions, not to mention his signing false time sheets...& i'm not a big fan of Trevino.

BobbyWC said...

1st of all BV will be back monday. I am making headway on my health.

This will be a difficult election all around. I am personally at a complete loss as what to do.

I though Wood and Cisneros were cleared on the time sheet issue. I realize being cleared officially does not translate into how the public feels about the investigation or its findings. The latter is what will matter at the polls.

On signs, the law is all over the place. An ordinance is one thing, enforcing the ordinance is another.

This week I will try and do research on the general issue of whether or not a candidate has to resign.

In federal elections it is not required so it will have to be a uniquely Texas thing.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

An Abbott AG opinion says you don't have to resign to run although the Constitution is clear on the one year rule. It involved a constable upstate.

BobbyWC said...

Thank you for helping on the issue. Do you have the number on the AG opinion and the constitutional provision - I can research this a lot faster if I had those things.


Bobby WC