Saturday, October 17, 2009


If I were to base my review on the audience reaction, I would have to say great film. Personally, I found nothing scary about this film. I give the acting an A+. I hope to see the female lead in more movies.

A couple living together begin to notice paranormal things in their home. The boyfriend decides to record the events through a camera and listening device. The film is basically filmed through his camera, a la "Blair Witch."

Over the course of I think 21 nights the camera records events during the night. I am totally at a loss to explain why some women were screaming during the film. I was mostly a bit and only a bit bored waiting for something to happen. The first half of the film has a lot funny jokes. The mother in law joke was actually quite good.

Anyway, I did not get the film. It was not scary. Maybe because I believe in the paranormal and have dealt with unexplained shadows since about age 5, I am numb to the paranormal. As to the shadows, doubt me if you will, but there are many a past doubters who know me who have seen the shadows and then were no longer doubters. The shadows are so prevalent in my life a long time ago I named him my pet ghost George.

Anyway, the audience seemed to like the film a lot. All I can say is, I am glad I paid the matinee price.

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