Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Because of a mind numbing headache I need to keep this short. If my regular readers remember this complaint goes back to Hector Gonzales and Dr. Montoya passing e-mails back and forth and nothing getting done. This was a little more than a year ago. The parent had requested that the child be tested for ADHD.

From the TEA findings: “Based on the evidence and current state and federal requirements, the following discrepancy was cited: The LEA does not always initiate parents’s requests for students evaluations in accordance with required procedures.”

BISD was ordered to conduct a new ARDC by November 15, 2009.

BISD as to all children was ordered to revise their policies to insure this does not happen again.

BISD was further ordered to “provide staff development to the individuals who were involved in or contributed to the discrepancy to provide guidance to address the discrepancy cited in this report.”

Another part of the report shows that some higher up did order the testing but chose to not follow-up that the testing had in fact occurred. This is the point I have been discussing for more than a year. Hector Gonzales just sent an e-mail asking that someone address the problem and then dropped the ball. The ball was dropped at every level. There is never any followup.

100% of the events which caused this sanction against BISD occurred while Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were in charge. I am particularly proud of the finding that BISD has been ordered to revise its policies as to all children.

I will say this, that since the mediation last week, there appears to be a marked improvement in how this child is being treated. A potential problem this morning showed the new system for dealing with this child may be working. Everyone, most importantly the child, played by the new rules and as a consequence he is safe. Nothing happened - it is just sometimes his disability makes being in the classroom an impossibility. It is my understanding the child was finally handled in a manner which reflects an understanding of his disability.

Everyone who continues to protect Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon do it out of ignorance or dirty politics. The fact both of these men were removed from their jobs based on dirty politics does not change the fact they failed at their jobs. Their failures directly impacted disabled children.

The case of Joe Rodriguez is about to get better. It seems he was unwilling to basically give into blackmail so an investigation was started. The investigation and the results of the investigation may have merit. But I must ask, would we have been happier had he avoided the investigation by giving into the blackmail? If he violated the law he needs to be held accountable, plain and simple. If he was the object of a blackmail concerning the concerts then those who threatened him or offered him a bribe need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


I rejected several posts which were designed as distractions from the issue, but I nonetheless want to address them.

Peter Zavaletta's client Jerry McHale prints every vicious rumor or lie he gets his hands on. I made a point that I had no desire to play that game although I was being fed dirt on Peter Zavaletta. I made the point that I did not believe the claims. Some how to some idiot this translates into defamation. You might note I never mentioned the claims because once mentioned people will believe them, even if I believe they are false. That is not my style that is the style of Peter Zavaletta and his client Jerry McHale.

Peter Zavaletta tried to feed me a bunch of garbage on Robert Sanchez and his family. I rejected it. He can deny it and sue me, but then I would get access to his Secretary of State account which shows his research of ESCO. Zavaletta told me that ESCO stood for Emilio Sanchez Company and that Sanchez was blocking efforts to bring more shipbreakers to the port. When he could not prove his claims, including the true ownership of ESCO, I went public with calling hims a master manipulator and opening opposed his election as DA. The Secretary of State keeps records of requests. Lawyers who regularly use the SOS have accounts. This is how I know they will have the search requests for ESCO made by Zavaletta.

The same person went on to tell me Zavaletta is not a catholic and therefore my use of the term parishioner was improper. The dictionary begs to differ.

They also complained about my statement that I had no interests in pictures. People claim to have evidence all of the time when in fact they do not. I never believed there were pictures because I believe the claims to be false. Further, I would never publish 3rd party pictures. In today's world it is simply too easy to alter a picture of simply falsify it.

Another complaint was my lawsuit should be dismissed because Sanchez's blogspot was taken down and the statements no longer exist. Well that is just stupid. Slander which is spoken typically only occurs once, and people still sue for slander.

The lawsuit is not about money, it is about accountability. Further these endless false vitriolics happening at all levels of our society are hurting our nation. This battle needs to be fought. I do not care one bit if I loose. It is about standing up for ending BS lies from people like Robert Sanchez, Jerry McHale, Juan Montoya, and Eduardo Paz-Martinez.

One only need look to the loyal listeners of Rush or Hannity or Beck to learn ignorant people will believe anything. This is destroying our democracy and taking away our freedom. It is a battle worth fighting.


Fred D said...

I have listened to Glen Beck, not always accepting the reports as absolute but as thought to be considered, especially as some has not been challenged and other items proven accurate.
Of interest mostly is what if it is true, where does it leave us?
The same with others, I happen to like Mr Montoya's articles on the history of local leaders.......
Fred D

Anonymous said...

People need to read the full report that Guerra wrote about Gonzales. I used to support him but not anymore. You are right. He never followed up on ANYTHING--he just inquired and dropped the ball


Thanks for update on student--keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

"Peter Zavaletta's client Jerry McHale prints every vicious rumor or lie he gets his hands on. I made a point that I had no desire to play that game although I was being fed dirt on Peter Zavaletta." Isn't this a back door way of slinging a little mud around? Not playing the "game", it seems to me, would be not to mention anyone by name. The statement "I get fed plenty of dirt on people that I don't print, unlike ----" would suffice. What you do is a little like damming with faint praise.

Anonymous said...

I think you really need to look up the word sanctioned. What the TEA did, from what you describe, is maybe mediate. There was no fine or threat of fine that you mentioned. That would have been a "sanction" if it had. I think what happened is a "finding". Is that what happened last year when you claim BISD was "sanctioned"?

I agree with Fred Drew. Montoya is a good journalist and much more enlightening in his blog. Mescalaro is on to something. You do a lot of false praising so you can hit them upside the head every chance you get. It's kind of perverted in a purely nonsexual kind of way. If you want to keep readers from going to Montoya's more informative blog, this kind of behavior needs to stop or else you will be seen as just a circus sideshow with people pointing and snickering. I would hate for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I believe that the requirement that diagnosticians applicants have 3 years of special ed experience is being reinstated. It was removed some time ago so certain people could be hired whether or not they were qualified.

Also, dirty politics had nothing to do with the moves on Gonzales or Rendon. It was just this sort of decision making that prompted looking into what has been transpiring. Anything may have been personal, but it was not needed if you know what has been happening and why like many of us know.