Monday, October 26, 2009


In April I told the story of corruption coming out of the court of former Judge Limas. The case involved Ford Motor Company and a misguided juror whose actions caused Ford to prematurely settle the case. Ford tried to seek to have the settlement agreement voided. Judge Limas chose to ignore long standing law concerning settlement agreements.

The case was sent back to the trial court by the Texas Supreme Court. The case has now been redone on the contract issue. A jury found for Ford. The trial judge who allowed for the law to govern the proceedings was Judge Cornejo-Lopez, Judge Lima’s replacement.

The following is from my original post.

“Yesterday's Herald had an article concerning former judge Limas, and Ford Motor Company. Over 10 years ago the Texas Supreme Court set up a procedure for parties to challenge settlement agreements. They are to be treated as contract cases. The court of appeals reversed Judge Limas's decision to not allow Ford to seek discovery in its contract case against the plaintiffs, as it related to the settlement agreement. Discovery is basic in any case.”

I do not know what is going on with the Herald. They seem to not care about judicial corruption and the impact it is having on our lives and liberty. They ignored this story update out of Judge Cornejo-Lopez’s court and the latest suit by the former Willacy County DA. The following is an excerpt from the Houston Chronicle on October 22, 2009, concerning the trial of the contract issue here in Brownsville.

“Ford's lawyers were stunned when jurors asked why they had settled. The jurors had quickly
determined that the Explorer's roof was not faulty and were nearing a consensus in favor of
Ford on the only other issue — whether a design issue caused the Explorer to be unstable.”

The fundamental problem with our courts is a lack of interest by the press and the people to carefully look into the corruption. Money has corrupted the process. Judges are too dependent on campaign money to truly be independent of influence peddling. In Texas, for now,, judges can actually be doing business with the lawyers at the same time the case is pending before the court. This is not justice. I have commented in the past about a Supreme Court case which tried to address the money issue.

Cameron County Courts are known throughout the world for their corruption. It is not going to end anytime soon. Our DA absolutely refuses to do his job. The US Attorney and FBI are too busy with the drug business to care about public corruption. This will only change once the people of Cameron County sue the Director over the FBI seeking a federal court order that he investigate.

I am sending via facsimile a formal criminal complaint against Judge Alejandro and his court reporter. They have been given multiple opportunities to allow for an independent court reporter to review the notes from the initial hearing in Judge Alejandro’s court concerning my defamation case. Judge Alejandro ordered the transcript altered. He did this after he recused himself from the case. This means he has no immunity for his actions. Unless Judge Alejandro has insurance to cover for his actions I will never collect a penny from him. While I will be suing him and his court reporter along with Sanchez and his lawyers in federal court in Washington DC, the issue is not the money. I am giving FBI Director Mueller one week to confirm he will order the Brownsville office to open a formal criminal investigation against Judge Alejandro and his court reporter, or I will file a suit against him in his official capacity seeking a federal court order compelling him to investigate all of the corruption in Cameron county. It has to end. I will tell you with 100% certainty the Obama Administration is against any investigation of Texas Democrats. For me Obama has become worse than Bush II. I had no expectations of Bush II. I did have expectations of Obama. My disappointment in him becomes greater by the day.

Until we bring an end to the corruption promoted by the Cameron County Bar Association and the Cameron County Democratic Party nothing in this town will change. Judge Limas was either this biggest idiot to ever graduate law school or he was a bought and paid for criminal to oversee the corruption. Having seen him in action in the courtroom as a lawyer I suspect it is the former. He is simply not very bright.

The Cameron County Bar Association has chosen to elect as its president a lawyer who celebrates his corruption as a birthright. James Hunter sought to suborn the aggravated perjury of Robert Sanchez before the Texas Ethics Commission. He conspired with Enrique Escobedo to illegally use money from his BISD campaign account to fund his announcement for Cameron County Commissioner. James Hunter seeks to have me held in contempt for discussion of the corruption. Enrique Escobedo does not get to use Hunter as a way to silence the truth about his corruption and misuse of campaign money. Enrique Escobedo will be a named party in the RICO civil rights lawsuit being filed in Washington DC.

For the record my defamation case remains pending before the Texas Supreme Court and the trial court. Peter Zavaletta has no use for the law and has made it clear he will never comply with the law in how you seek hearings. Unfortunately for Jerry McHale he is too stupid to understand Peter Zavaletta lies to him about the proceedings. This is why Jerry posted to his web page the stupid comment about vexatious litigant. I am curious if Peter has told Jerry I am asking the FBI to open a formal criminal investigation for pictures he has posted similar to those which got the Justice Department to indict a man by the name of Ira Isaacs. Further I am asking BISD to investigate whether or not Jerry is managing his porn site from a BISD computer. Approved comments are occurring, on occasion, during times he should be on campus. It is possible he has gone home for lunch or left campus and used his laptop at Burger King for example.

When your only defense to a lawsuit is to hire a sociopath like Peter Zavaletta, then you have no defense. And for those of you who believe I am obsessed with Zavaletta, you are wrong. Parishioners in his church have sworn to me that they have been told things by people who would know which make Peter look real bad. I have consistently told people I do not want the pictures or have interest in the story. What happens in his home is his business. The presumption is always the stories are not true. I assume if the stories were true someone in his home would have taken action by now. Based on this assumption I reject the claims. The facts are I am not obsessed with Zavaletta. I am obsessed with ending the corruption.


Anonymous said...

I do know that he leaves campus for lunch and that his web site has been blocked on BISD computers for years. Not sure that answers the question about when he approves posts.

BobbyWC said...

For the record the BV is also blocked. People would be surprised how much is actually blocked by the school district. Point Isabel blocks national geographic because it contains native nudity.

But does BISD block access to google e-amil. If it does then there would be no way for him to approve comments while at work. He would have to go home or out to lunch, which may be the explanation.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

lol students know how to go around block. Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

"I will tell you with 100% certainty the Obama Administration is against any investigation of Texas Democrats. For me Obama has become worse than Bush II. I had no expectations of Bush II. I did have expectations of Obama. My disappointment in him becomes greater by the day."

They are all a pack of crooks, whatever party they are from...did you really expect a crook born of crooks to investigate a bunch of crooks?

BobbyWC said...

I was the first out front to discuss how Obama abandoned the LRGV. You know sometimes you have to hope against hope. Like you said he was born from the corrupt Chicago politics and he will die (politically)their child.

For a very long time I have been pushing for a new and independent party. While I am personally on the true extreme left I could very easily support a party which is mostly fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

I think America wants the abortion debate to end not with barriers to abortion but to solutions for avoiding abortions.

I think America understands that you cannot endlessly spend money you do not have.

Here is where America would probably look cross eyed at me - I believe since we cannot tax our way out of the mess it is time the government go into business - oil refineries for oil from public lands - these companies need to be held in public trusts with the stockholders being the American people.

The problem is, people will call this communisism when it is not.

The question is not complex - how do we pay our bills? 100% taxes or a combination of taxes and profits from companies owned by the people?

Bobby WC