Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Let’s begin with BISD. Yes it is true, this morning over breakfast at Big Daddy’s Kathleen Jimenez, interim-director over special services, lead a very successful mediation concerning this child I have been writing about. The mediation was conducted in a very professional manner. It was clear everyone involved was focused on the child and finding a meaningful solution.

A properly conducted mediation will almost always work. In law they rarely work anymore because they have become about money. Money was not an issue at this mediation so we were able to focus on a solution. Someone mentioned as a comment the use of colored cards to help this child with when he has to leave the classroom. I took the idea to the mediation and BISD is going to try and give it a go.

Anyway, I would like to thank Ms. Jimenez and Mr. Wilhite for taking the time to meet with this child and finding a solution. Professionalism guided them at every turn. Hurt feelings never appeared during the course of the mediation. For me this is a good sign.

BISD needs to set up some type mediation system between the parents and special services. A lot of knowledge was obtained by all sides in this successful mediation. The child was made a very important player in the mediation. BISD needs to find a better way to get the knowledge from the parents, teachers, principals, and special services officials all working together as one game plan. I think we did this this morning in the case of this child.


What I am about to write is not original. I got the idea from a movie. In the movie a group of people who chose to go to crucifixion of Joshua (aka Jesus) as observers and who did nothing to help Joshua were condemned to spend eternity observing tragic death. Fast forward 2000 years later Ricci who played the female lead realizes these same people are present in her town and about to observe another tragedy. A man who was sexually abused as a child is about to settle the score with his abusers and those who covered up for his abusers. Ricci is determined to protect a child who for reasons I never understood is about to be one of his victims.

As it turns out Ricci is one of these people condemned to spend eternity experiencing these tragedies. For reasons which are not clear she has forgotten who she is. In the end she changes the child’s destiny and saves the child. God rewards her by releasing her from this eternity of observing tragedy. You see this time she just did not sit back and observe. She saw an opportunity to protect this child and she took it.

Civil Disobedience comes in many forms. I can go back to practicing law tomorrow with clients, but why? The State Bar of Texas and our courts are criminal enterprises determined to destroy our liberty. They have zero tolerance for dissent against the criminal enterprise. Why would I put myself under their control if I know it means I must be party to the criminal enterprise? You see I took a stand, a stand I am proud of. The State Bar was square in the middle of the sexual abuse cases by the priests against our children. I went after their corrupt lawyers and in particular the lawyer who was representing the State Bar pro bono before the United States Supreme Court. Would I do it again? - you bet I would. I chose to not just be an observer. I chose to fight. I continue to spend a large portion of my resources to fight the corruption within the courts and State Bar. Why? Because when history looks at my actions I want people to know I was just not an observer. I fought back and tried to make a difference. While in the Army I was willing to take a bullet in defense of our liberty. What I do now is no different.
People can simply be observers who never do anything good with their lives or who never put themselves and careers on the line for what is right, or they can smile every morning when they look in the mirror because although they may have many failures in their lives, they at least tried to be something more than an observer.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad your mediation was a success....however, there are so many folks who are simply trying to abuse the system. Congratulations on the success of yours...however, it was a success because Ms. KJ and Mr. W were receptive...AND you were receptive. In the end this type of system does work. BUT, only when both sides try to make it work.

Anonymous said...

I just wish good sense prevailed. It seems discrimination is rampant with the acting Superintendent. Last two Board meetings he fails to listen to the Board. G
Palmer Drug Abuse Program asked that voluntary contributions be allowed by payroll deductions and instead he gets United Way to say that they should be the only ones. What about the kids that need help with drugs.

Anonymous said...

Does United Way give to PDAP? Maybe its' time we dump United Way.

Anonymous said...

They aren't serving people in Brownsville that's for sure. No Good Neighbor Settlement or PDAP. Maybe they don't see the need.

Anonymous said...

There are many chance for anyone who works at BISD to contribute to any agency that they choose. Payroll deduction should not be for just anyone who is having trouble raising money. In the past BISD has given money to PDAP but as they started their own program for drug abuse with designated counselors they dropped the assistance. BISD is not the cahs cow for Cameron County.

Anonymous said...

Non-profits can't even go into the schools to present, and garner contributions, let alone payroll deductions. It's not from BISD, it's from the teachers and counselor who see the need. Obviously they serve our Brownsville youth.