Monday, September 14, 2009


This whole teabagger movement has been interesting for me to watch. As we are hooked up to all sorts of machines in intensive care because of our fifth heart attack, that bucket of fried chicken would certainly put a smile on our face, but is it good for us?

As I have said "you gotta have a gimmick." The entire point behind this famous line is, it is not enough to be a stripper, you "gotta have a gimmick. At the end of this post I will post the video of the song. Listen to it carefully. Yes I know it is over 5 minutes, but listen to it and think of the teabagger movement. It will be clear to you the followers are just addicted to the gimmick without regard for who is leading them.

What is the gimmick - taxes and budget deficit. There are very few people who will argue that lower taxes and a lower budget deficit are not legitimate issues. This is what draws them in. What they do not realize is, they are being used to promote the immoral agenda of the corporatists, who are the biggest advocates of corporate welfare - or restated the use of tax dollars to keep corporate America going.

We are not Nazi Germany wherein you had a dictatorship pushing these simple minded lemmings who do not realize they are being used. We also have a strong and independent press. My view is, we need to encourage their behavior. The more they act out the more the opposition will respond. The Teabaggers will remain a small and insignificant group who will eventually disappear into the history books.

Okay, what about Washington DC? What about it? - while their numbers were large, estimated in excess of 75,000, (WSJ) the 1987 gay march on Washington had in excess of 200,000 with the police estimating the number at closer to 500,000. (Wikipedia) When you cannot out perform a protest by gays and lesbians in 1987, it is fair to say your numbers are small.

So what is the problem? Lower taxes and balancing the budget are good issues probably supported by a super majority of Americans. The people who are appearing at these protests are carrying signs which indicate extreme positions on other issues. What we have is a really good blend of whisky, mixed with really bad hillbilly mash. This is why they will fail.

While it is possible President Obama has been misleading on some of the issues related to healthcare, it does not matter when you have Joe Wilson calling out liar during the president’s speech. Now, I support Joe Wilson in his acts 100%. I hope President Obama has the good sense to tell Pelosi to back down from the apology. If Pelosi holds and the House takes action against Wilson, I hope he sues the House. If you cannot yell liar at the president of the United States, in a non disruptive manner, then freedom is dead.

Independent of same, so what? Joe Wilson has so made the left mad and discredited his side, what exactly is the downside of Joe Wilson’s act? I say encourage the teabaggers and Joe Wilson because the more they speak the more the right loses. Freedom of speech works in a democracy like the US with an independent press. Remember sometimes when you allow people to speak they hurt their cause. The more we encourage the teabaggers, and Joe Wilson to speak the more the right will be pushed into the annals of history.

What I would really love to see happen is a legitimate group form which limits its issues to lower taxes, a balanced budget, and a complete and total ban on corporate welfare. Such a group would go a long way in bringing about meaningful reform in these areas. Just keep the Glenn Peckers out.

Now, view this video - think about the message about a gimmick and the nature of politics. The song has a lot of meaning.

Oh, to you nut jobs who think stupid threats and childish antics are going to make me go away - stop listening to the voices in your head. My credibility with my readership is solid. They know I love a good discourse and it is not about me being right, it is about getting people to think. You know guys, I can go away tomorrow and the blogs will remain non-existent in the eyes of most people in Brownsville, such as they are now. The key to a successful blog is working your audience.

I have worked my audience by going to various type functions. The business community knows me. They read BV. No matter what I may think of corporate America, I understand in a place like Brownsville they call the shots. They understand a successful Brownsville means more money for them. The problem is, they keep on picking small minded local yokels to run for office who cannot understand a successful Brownsville must include successful large corporations.


Anonymous said...

i need to take a grunt

Stan said...

Now, I support Joe Wilson in his acts 100%. I hope President Obama has the good sense to tell Pelosi to back down from the apology."

But haven't you advocated that the dignity of a court of law as an institution be upheld? And haven't you argued that a judge is at least sometimes citing an individual for contempt? I seem to recall that was your position with Juan Guerra when he declined to answer questions put directly by the judge? My point is that the Congress is an institution that deserves respect and maintaining a level of decorum. While one might agree with Joe Wilson's comment, it was the wrong place and the wrong time to make it.