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(This is today's second post.)

¶ 9. On September 23, 2008, the Board voted to not extend Gonzales’ contract. This fact is important because this was before Rick Zayas was elected to the Board. The votes were already there to get rid of Gonzales.

¶12. On September 23, 2008, unhappy with not having his contract extended Gonzales marched out of the Board meeting. Yes, this is an educator teaching children how best to react to bad news - professionalism at its best.

¶ 20. Gonzales conducted a survey of 48 BISD principals. Gonzales’ survey showed 44 of the 48 had no confidence in Special Services. (Yes a Rick Zayas conspiracy)

The following 2 paragraphs are the key to understanding why Gonzales is now gone.

¶ 61 "It is unheard of that a Superintendent would sue a Board for damages. When a damages lawsuit is filed, it is impossible for a Board-Superintendent relationship to continue."

¶ 62 "The parties cannot overcome the damaging effects of a lawsuit because the filing of a lawsuit by Mr. Gonzales was a self inflicted catalyst of conflict."

¶ 73. In order for Gonzales to hire Art Rendon to oversee Special Services, he ordered that the requirement the Administrator be certified in special education be removed from the job description.

¶ 81 There is too much to summarize here, but it is killer stuff. The speculation has always been that the Board Member who pushed Art Rendon was Pat Lehman.

¶ 83 The hearing office found that Gonzales knew or should have know Art Rendon was not in the best interests of the District as Administrator of Special Services. Now to be fair, several ¶¶ back it is noted the Board approved the hiring of Rendon. Reasonable minds can conclude the Board cut some type deal with Gonzales - other promotions or hiring. The Board which agreed to the hiring of Rendon is just as responsible as Gonzales.

¶ 89 Another killer ¶. Note the finding of a lack of training of staff. I have made this point over and over again for over a year.

¶ 140. This one kills big time. " Shortly after a confrontation between Mr. Rendon and Dr. Burns when Mr. Rendon demanded that Dr. Burns and Ms. Trevi o change the diagnosis on that student file, in early January 2007, Mr. Rendon moved the LSSP staff out of the Special Services building on short notice, thereby separating the LSSP’s from their working files."

¶¶ 148-159 are real killers. I broke the story on the Overton mess in January 2009. Thank you to the many sources who worked with me on the story.


Does anyone know if Rendon is still on administrative leave?. These findings should be enough to send him packing from humanity, let alone BISD.

¶ 160 In April of 2008 BISD received notice from the TEA it was in violation of federal law when it came to Special Services. This was not the first time. I secured a similar sanction in April of 2008. Why was nothing done? Gonzales was simply on cloud 9 when it came to Special Services, or acted willfully in doing injury to the special needs children.

Here is my original post.


Page 37-38. In response to those who claim a conspiracy by Rick Zayas the hearing officer made two important findings. One - the Broad Award was based on 3 years of review. Two of those years were under Dr. Zolkowski. She further noted that the praise the Board put on Gonzales came before the audits which revealed the problems which now have formed the basis of his recommended discharge. This latter finding is someone bogus. Before the audit and before Zayas’ election the Board voted not to extend Gonzales’ contract. The reality is, the Board tried to create a bogus record, by saying nice things, to make it easier for Gonzales to find another job.
¶ 25 (page 41) of the Conclusions of Law is very telling. Lawyers will always hang their client. When you are the plaintiff, your lawyer should always be willing to represent you for a percentage. It is a measure of the lawyer’s confidence in the case. Lawyers make money by billing their clients. Insurance defense lawyers have no incentive to settle lawsuits. The longer they drag the lawsuit out the more money they make. This paragraph demonstrates why hiring a lawyer is not always smart. So long as you have money in your hand, the lawyer will take the case. - shocker - lawyers lie to get your money.

"By having filed a lawsuit seeking damages against the four Board members in their individual and official capacities, Mr. Gonzales breached the confidential relationship and close working relationship he must hold with the Board. Further, Mr. Gonzales breached the duty of trust that exists between a Superintendent and the Board of Trustees. Mr. Gonzales’ breach of trust that he holds between himself and the Board constitutes good cause for termination."
You can find the complete report here.


I have more to say on the issue, but that will be tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Now that the truth is public,it is time to do your thing in regards to the real conspirators; Lehmann, Gonzales, Rendon, Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, HealthSmart...


BobbyWC said...

On this Healthsmart thing I am curious - someone was going to get the 10% - so why is it criminal when the person is not tied to Healthsmart, but not criminal when the person is tied to Healthsmart?

The laws make investigating CareBrownsville nearly impossible. Someone funded this con organization - the laws just make learning the truth impossible.

Did not Healthsmart say it was going to go public with its specifics and then claim it could not get a fair review so instead it was going to file a lawsuit in Dallas?

I do not know the truth here. But there is a truth - Healthsmart is refusing to make public its specific allegations - a reasonable mind could find this suspect.

As to Escobedo, I exposed his fraud concerning his campaign for County COmmissioner. I am not done with this issue - Escobedo will be explaining his support for Gonzalez and Rendon's incompetence - I will also be following the money - there is something there - unfortunately I will not be able to tie it to CareBrownsville because they are legally protected from disclosing their membership or source of revenue - unless they are tax exempt - whomever the business person may be who is the front for CareBrownsville.

Also escobedo hired one completely unethical lawyer to be his treasurer - what Escobedo did in terms of lying about using BISD campaign money for his County race is a legitimate political issue.

His moron lawyer has filed motions with the court that say since I am mentioning him, even in a political context in political issues which have nothing to do with the Sanchez litigation, I should be put in jail.

Something is profoundly wrong with James Hunter if he thinks he can use the court to stop political reporting just because it involves him and his clients.

I am nearly ready to move into federal court on this issue. I wonder if James Hunter will be representing Escobedo for free in the federal litigation?

This is what Escobedo will be facing before the election - lying about misuse of campaign money, submitting a fraudlent ad to the Herald, coving up incompetence at BISD to the injury of disabled children, and then hiring James Hunter to use a bogus court order to insure the BV cannot cover the corruption.

If Escobedo's opponents play their cards correctly, they can shut down Escobedo's ability to raise money and thereby end his campaign yesterday.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"His moron lawyer has filed motions with the court that say since I am mentioning him, even in a political context in political issues which have nothing to do with the Sanchez litigation, I should be put in jail."

Gag. Why not play it safe and just don't talk about him or anybody you are suing? You will leave him no wiggle room to ask the court to send you to jail.

BobbyWC said...

First of all - the Texas Supreme Court took the issue on an immediate basis - I have been there before - if you allow unethical lawyers to use corrupt judges to prohibit the reporting of corruption then we are no longer a free nation.

Further, Sanchez and his lawyers lie because the concept of the truth elude them. Mchale broke the order on the first day. Sanchez lawyers broke the order repeatedly by using e-mails - yes e-mails - their idea not mine.

I am certain I will win - I am using their motions as a basis to sue Sanchez in federal court. Sanchez thinks he can silence people who speak out against his corruption and his aggravated perjury.

These are legitimate news issues. I am 100% certain the State of Texas in representing the dishonorable Alejandro will argue the order if void or too vague to be enforceable.

It gets even more bizarre. Sanchez is before the trial court demanding that the court enforce its order - fine with me - Jerry Mchale goes to jail. His lawyers go ot jail for sending e-mails in violation of the court order. We can all sit in jail together.

These same unethical lawyers appear to be arguing before the Texas Supreme Court that the mandamus should be denied because the order is not an order, but a mere agreement.

there is no honor among theives or lawyers. Playing this type double speak with the Texas Supreme court is stupid. I will be moving for sanctions.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

When this guy was hired Zayas and Cortez were not on the board. Nobody has said anything about Powers, how come?
Bobby, thanks for the information. We really appreciate you fighting this through.

BobbyWC said...

This goes back to the basic problem with local commissions and boards - they all exchange votes for political favors - I hire your son, you hire my wife - plain and simple

When Rendon was hired it was political in the same way Gonzales was political - BISD had too many bad things going to be able to hire outside the district so they hired Gonzales - my understanding at Lehmann's insistence - Lehmann's gone and the walls came tumbling down.

But nothing will change believe me - this board has no desire to fix anything

I wonder if Lehmann will hire Rendon to fix mopeds?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

question? so do successful cities, like mcallen or dallas have smarter political cronies? is that why they are more successful? here, in browntown, it seems like all of these political hacks are TOTALLY unqualified morons!!! they have no reason to be put in the positions they achieve...rendon at special services, or carlos ayala as assistant city manager, or drainage district manager for that matter. do other more successful cities just not have political hacks? or are their hacks just smart and advance the city while they line their pockets. here, they just line their pockets and sacrifice the city in the process.