Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A reader provided the BV a link to this story. Either the news reporter is confused or this group is headed by idiots. ""Injustice"! That’s what a statewide organization said is happening to Brownsville Superintendent Hector Gonzales"

"Accion America told Action 4 News the reports they obtain state " information contained in this document contains disturbing information regarding the psychological evaluation conducted by BISD" it goes on to further state that BISD conducted evaluations on English deficient students using defective instruments to assess students...some of the instruments used had limited reliability and validity especially for Hispanic populations with limited English.

Representatives for the group said during a news conference Tuesday morning " it was obvious that in the absence of appropriate instruments, district employees could not perform psychological and or autism evaluations...school psychology reports were indefensible...this resulted in gross negligence of the needs of children with special needs and their parents over a period of 10 years."


This group is referencing abuses by Special Services at BISD. I believe the abuses to be true. Are these abuses not all the more reason to fire Gonzales? Nope - according to this group Gonzales is suffering an injustice by being held accountable for these abuses.

I hope someone can verify for me that the reporter got the injustice part wrong. Can Accion America actually be headed up by people this stupid?


Anonymous said...

I don't know where these cats come from, but they're worthy of a special ed lable. J P D. Just Plain Dumb. I read the report today and was taken back, way back to Gengis Kahn. Rendon should be tarred and feathered and then stripped of all his teaching credentials. I hope an investigation is launched by the FBI to find the final money trail of millions of dollars that were squandered by this king of incompetence. I am curious to see who got the kick backs?

Anonymous said...

The answer to your last question.....Yes

Anonymous said...

The Special Services LSSPs referred to were cleared by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, TEA, and BISD.

The previous complaint was based on an "anonymous" complaint that I believe had pages of confidential student psychological reports included. Who but someone is Special Services would have had access to those reports?

Anonymous said...

Good points, these people must have some really inside information. Sounds like someone leaked some confidential information to them and I wonder who? Channel 5's web site had a really good point by point bullet of the TEA hearing officers results. Are these people really that dumb, yes. Sounds like one of the ladies involved is missing her special arrangement with Mr. Gonzales.

Anonymous said...

The reports were provided by parents and disgruntled employees fed up with the atrocities at BISD against Children with special needs.