Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Republican meltdown was clearly seen by two events. First the moron who yelled out liar to President Obama during his speech and who then later called the White House to apologize - I am certain under extreme pressure from the House Republican leadership. The second was the Republican response which was a point blank lie in terms of what President Obama stated in his speech. I saw several Republican talking heads even state their reaction to the stupidity of the Republican response.

It is not enough the Republicans did themselves injury. It is not enough President Obama gave a great speech. The part wherein he invoked Senator Kennedy was awesome. And to you people who still hate reality because it does not serve your ignorance - while helping my friend find a way to move to SA we looked at homes. A typical homeowner in SA with a 200k home pays about $500.00 a year in property taxes to support the community hospital. In big cities they are already paying for the uninsured. If the uninsured could secure insurance it is probable this tax would go down. I would be curious to know how much annually the American people pay to support their community hospitals, for the uninsured..

Anyway the speech is not enough. President Obama now needs to call to the White House the Blue Dog Democrats and give it to them straight - get on board or loose the support of the DNC. What is the point of having the majority power when your own people are seeking to destroy the policy objectives of the President?

These Blue Dog Democrats are so stupid. If President Obama loses on this one, they will be the first voted out of office. President Obama’s loss will bring out the Republicans and conservative Independents against the Blue Dogs. It is time President Obama threatens neutering of these Blue Dogs.


Anonymous said...

A typical homeowner in SA with a 200k home pays about $500.00 a year in property taxes to support the community hospital.

Can we drop the BND tax and add a hospital/community Tax?

BobbyWC said...

While I believe it is time to sell the Port - this would be good for brownsville - the BND tax is significantly less than the hospital tax in major cities -

Also the City and COunty would immediately raise taxes to absorb the BND tax the day it goes away.

It is truly time the people demand that the Port be sold - if it can be sold for enough to pay the debt owed by the people - or for an amount wherein taxes will pay off the debt in a couple of years - why not sell it - answer - it is a cash cow for every corrupt politico in Cameron COunty.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How many people are uninsured in this country?

How many people will be eliminated from the uninsured list because of any of the plans for Health Care reform?

Anonymous said...

Do you know that in Texas History classes and textbooks across the State of Texas, the Port of Brownsville is NOT acknowleged as an industrial/commercial port? Texas industrial ports listed are Galveston, Houston, and Corpus Christi.

What a sad state of affairs! After so many years of existence, the Port of Brownsville has no status. It is always embroiled in politics, kickbacks, and bribes. SELL IT TO THE BIDDER. Maybe Cowen would want to make it a resort for his "used" cruise ships!!