Tuesday, September 29, 2009


To think, I thought I would not have anything simple to write about today. My computer is still in the shop and I hate using my laptop. So a short piece is exactly what I needed.

"Dick see dandy,you are an idiot. I don’t want exposure. The Mayor is an idiot just like ernie Hernandez and anyone else who wants to take advantage od city taxpayer money. Screw all you all!!!! Ernie and Ahumada were both bad for brownsville. I hope he loses his case next week. He has no vision. Ernie is bad for the county. Please, someone, help me get rid of these idiots. Is this the best Brownsville can provide!!!!????" http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/news/weir-102991-city-mulls.html

The above is Sorry Charlie Atkinson in true form expressing his opinion to anyone who disagrees with him. First and foremost I thought the weir was dead for now. Second, isn’t it Sorry Charlie who has been pushing the desalination plant as an alternative for water.

My regular readers know that I am a huge advocate of the weir project. It is not just about development of downtown. It is about the development of Cameron County. Water is everything when it comes to development. Many factors go into the decision of a major manufacturing company to build a plant. One is water and the community’s long term plans for water.

My view is, Tony Garza, as our former Ambassador to Mexico, failed to push the project. This project is not going to happen until the State Department becomes its biggest advocate.

Everything is politics. Mexico will not get on board until Washington gives it something it wants. The economic development of Brownsville and Cameron county are not even on the radar of the Obama Administration. If anything, Obama is looking at policies which will hurt the border areas. NAFTA has become our bread and butter. Obama is not a supporter of NAFTA. He is beholden to protectionist unions, and not the poor people in the border areas.

If you want to see Mexico get on board to the weir project you have a major developer tell Mexico that until Mexico takes its water needs seriously no new factories will be build in this area on the Mexican side. Jobs and a demand for jobs have a way of making politicos see reality.

So if the weir is dead for now, why this proposal by Sorry Charlie Atkinson? It is petty politics. Not even Sorry Charlie can be so incompetent to not know the future of the weir is in the hands of diplomats far away from Brownsville.

The city commission needs to send a very clear message to Sorry Charlie Atkinson and not so much as provide him a second. My sources within the police department are telling me that he has become such an embarrassment to law enforcement, he can no longer rely on their loyalty come election time. Sorry Charlie Atkinson is a cancer which needs to be allowed to self-destruct. His fellow commissioners need to be careful not to be seen as being party to such petty politics on an issue which for now is dead.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor posted a viewpoint in the herald that made me so angry the other day saying that Brownsville wasn't living up to its potential but in his viewpoint, rather than taking ownership he just passed blame.
This was my response. Please publish it with my comment. I'm getting so frustrated with these people but I feel that there isn't much more that can be done though I want to believe otherwise.......my response is the following....

Mr. Mayor....quit passing the blame...you are no saint nor are you leading the city alone....you are part of a team. If the city is lacking leadership you are equally to blame. Own up to it and help to move the city forward. If the studies aren't being addressed, get rid of the department heads that aren't pulling their weight. You mentioned lots of unfulfilled issues coming out of the planning office. How long will it be before someone gets rid of Ben Medina? Isn't he responsible for implementing some of the studies you speak of? Is it any wonder why the strongest people in the department have left the City or left for other departments? Isn't any wonder why the other departments have similar issues with little or no accountability? If it is the responsibility of Cabler the City Manager and you and the Commission are serious about changing things then why isn't a strong City Manager being put in place? I don't under stand all the rules that the city must follow but these things just don't follow common sense. The city is broken and it will take brain transplant to get it fixed again. If you and the other Commissioners are unwilling to work together to get this done than you need to step aside and allow someone else in who will. Until that moment this community will continue to under perform in all areas, repel newcomers and hemorrhage out our best and brightest who can't wait to get the hell out of Brownsville for better opportunities elsewhere, leaving behind a majority of people that don't drive innovation but promote stagnation and by their sheer numbers and lack of opportunity and options drive an economy downwards........and just for the record......while Brownsville has a good zoo for a City of its size....which it should be very proud of....it isn't world class. If you want world class, go to San Diego. By saying that we have a world class zoo, it just says that you don't get out very often.

M.R. Ramirez

Anonymous said...

M.R. hit several nails on their heads. mainly why the city commission doesn't insist that mr. cabler hold his dept. heads accountable and then seek out the best and brightest to replace them!!!

Anonymous said...

"mainly why the city commission doesn't insist that mr. cabler hold his dept. heads accountable and then seek out the best and brightest to replace them!!!"

It's sort of like training a mule: the first thing you have to know is more than the mule.