Monday, September 14, 2009


We are well into the 2010 Primary season. Everyone knows Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff of the following year's Primary elections. So I decided to go to Cameron County Election Administrators web page. As you can see from below, Rogelio has not seen fit to even post which offices are up for reelection in 2010. Rogelio keeps his job because he serves the elected politicos and not the people. They want the people in the dark, so Rogelio does his best to keep the people in the dark.

The Democrats are also doing their best to keep us in the dark.

The Republicans are apparently headed up by an idiot. Browse what?

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Anonymous said...

During the democratic primary, then candidate Obama delivered many rousing speeches throughout the rust belt, promising protectionist policies if elected.

He was elected and he has implemented his first protectionist policy, as promised.
Big labor delivered the vote for him and he is returning the favor.
When he and Hillary visited the border region, they both delivered far different speeches from the one in Ohio when Obama stated that he would work to repeal NAFTA. What had been promised for decades, NAFTA delivered!

Despite this dire threat against the one act of law that brought real prosperity to the border region, the heavily Democratic voters of these regions supported him.

On Friday, President Obama launched his first salvo in the war on free trade with a cascading tariff against the Chinese. This follows on the heels of a hard-fought, 7 year ruling by the World Trade Organization where the Chinese were ordered to open up their markets. Why he would chose to act unilaterally when the courts are now on our side is beyond me, but I do know one thing.

China today, NAFTA tomorrow.

You in the border region who so desperately need the flow of trade will reap what you have sewn by electing this man. Granted, there was no viable alternative, but you should have secured assurances as big labor did. But you did not. You offered yourselves up for a taste of the real opiate of the masses; political ideology and party identification.