Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, I was mixing the oatmeal banana bread when the phone rang. A friend tells me that Quintanilla is implying to the readers at the Herald I am defending the so called gang of 4, which is now the gang of 5, if he could count.

I do not need to recount my endless criticisms of the BISD Board for my regular readers. No one, and I mean no one has called for Joe Colunga’s resignation more times than I have. Let’s deal in hard core facts. It has been the gang of 3 which Quintanilla seems to enjoy bedding down with who have sought to cover-up the abuses in Special Services. Presas-Garcia, Pena, and Escobedo have fought tooth and nail to protect Gonzales and Rendon on this issue. Someone needs to sue these three for abusing special needs children.

Here is a simple and true fact. I have secured sanctions against BISD for their violation federal and state law when it comes to special needs children. Carlos Quintanilla and his group have secured nothing, ziltch, nada. Facts matter - but not to a pathological liar.

Last night he filed a post with BV. He claims he has a law firm which has agreed to represent the children pro bono in a class action lawsuit. There are two major problems with this statement. First, if it is a class action then it is for money, which means the attorneys will be taking 40-50% of any award by court. This is not pro bono.

Second, a class action seems like an impossibility. They cannot identify the so called members of the class without violating both federal and state law as to the privacy rights of the children involved. This is not like finding out who bought bad brake pads.

Now, in education, a law firm can sue and ask that the federal courts take control of the school district based on a history of discrimination a class. But such a claim would involve exposing the role of Gonzales and Rendon. As we know Carlos Quintanilla is prepared to lie ad nauseam to protect those two.

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