Friday, September 4, 2009

One of the criminal charges in Cornejo-Lopez's court involves bigamy. The government has no place in marriage beyond the issue of capacity to consent. Conservatives are full of BS on this issue. For nearly 6 thousand years of recorded law the government had no place in marriage - it was a matter for the churches or simply a recognized common law union. In the last 150 years the government has increasingly encroached on marriage and divorce has gone up. I say get the government out of marriage and let people be people.

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Fred D said...

I think you are right on point. Perhaps the ony places in it for the government is as you say whether a person can legally enter into such a partnership. I might go one step further as to record the fact of the partnership and any conditions that the parties want to make a part of the agreement and in the event of dissolution assist in enforcing any conditions of the original agreement.
Whwn the partnership proceeds to solemnity indicated by the word marriage it is a provence of religion.
Sorry, I wish I could sound more libertarian... Fred D