Monday, September 7, 2009


Some of you may remember that several months ago the Brownsville City Commission was extolling the benefit of some type chemical which would extend the life of our roads. Public Works Director Santana Torres was going to save the City of Brownsville millions by extending the life of our roads with this chemical. Well I can tell you it did not work. The streets in my neighborhood were the first to be treated. The streets are collapsing into disrepair.

The potholes are reemerging because as is always the case the pothole repairs done by public works are a joke. The gravel on the street is loose. What ever it is which holds the gravel together has dissolved . It would not surprise me to learn that the chemical put down by the city is causing the compound which holds the gravel together to dissolve. It was either bad to begin with, or they applied it wrong. Oh yes, the pothole in front of my house which they chose to not repair is now twice as deep. If the rain continues as expected before long our streets will look those is a bombed out city. The months without rain were a god sent to our potholes. Let’s keep on investing in the Sports Park - avoiding potholes is a sport you know - maybe Brownsville can submit it as the newest game at the Olympics.

It does not end there. This past summer I had two groups of family come to spend a week on SPI. Both groups commented about their disbelief that Iowa is still not repaired. I have been speaking to this issue for 4 years. When people leave the airport this is the first impression they have of Brownsville. Business people must think that the city is run by back water people who are the product of inbreeding. Image matters to people who seek to bring in new business. In Brownsville they tell business people visiting Brownsville and SPI, "we are a city of potholes - live with it."

Ah yes, Labor Day, the day retail people get to work harder so the handful of people who actually get the day off can go spend money they do not have. Labor Day - truly a holiday for the workers -

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