Saturday, September 12, 2009


The following passage from the TEA report is telling and very accurate. I know there will be those who will claim the TEA officer was bought etc - but it is time to move one. The following finding is clearly supported by the evidence and in particular evidence I posted nearly a year ago.

""Mr. Gonzales filed his lawsuit ‘on advice of counsel’ and thus has not accepted responsibility for the consequences of filing a lawsuit," Guerra writes in her findings of fact. "Mr. Gonzales utilizes the same ‘pass the buck’ excuse when acting as chief executive officer for BISD when he acted or failed to act in connection with a series of other incidences pertinent to his oversight of the Special Services Department and its issues of personnel, budget and finance."

Before I get into my previous posts I want to say this. Yes I agree the gang of four used the Special Needs issue to get rid of Hector Gonzales, although there were probably nefarious real reasons for getting rid of Hector Gonzales. This so called gang of four has proposed nothing to deal with the problems associated with mentally disabled children. BISD has no meaningful policy on this issue.

This is from my September 22, 2008, post. It shows how Gonzales just moved things around from one person to another never accomplishing a thing.

Dr. Montoya,Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.Thanks,H GonzalesThe parents involved had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya allegedly did to resolve the problem. The administrators at Oliveira had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya had done to resolve the problem. Otis will you hold Dr. Montoya accountable? No - so please stop lying to the people that you hold people accountable."

Those new to BV can read the entire post. The child referenced has a pending complaint with the TEA. I am floating the complaint all over the country in search of a law firm to sue BISD in federal court claiming discrimination and seeking the remedy of federal court take over. It is time. Between the evil mongers who supported Gonzales regardless of his incompetence when it came to the special needs children, and those who opposed him not because of his incompetence but because of contract deals, the special needs children have no hope in BISD. I advocate for them and no one else.

If Joe Colunga had an ounce of integrity, which he does not, he would resign for his neglect of the special needs children. His policy for far too long has been to ignore the problems so long as his kid and wife got the best out of BISD. This is a disgrace. This is a real issue with real evidence. The parent of every special needs child needs to demand Joe Colunga’s resignation.

So now it is over - not really - it is about to get nasty. Look Gonzales was a political hire to begin with. When Dr. Z quit the district had far too many political problems to be able to go out and hire a competent Superintendent. They had no choice but to hire a George Bush II yes man with no managerial skills to take care of the big deals. When they decided he could no longer be trusted to act as he was told, they dumped him. That decision was made last summer. Gonzales knew he had messed up which is why he recruited Presas-Garcia to run against Otis Powers.
Had Otis won the vote would have been 5-2. The question people need to start asking is, who is Dr. Escobedo protecting? Who is funding his new campaign. It is time we follow that money.

Under the corrupt legal advice of James Hunter he placed a political ad in the Herald wherein he claimed James Hunter paid for the ad. Both James Hunter and Enrique Escobedo knew it was a lie. They both knew that Escobedo illegally used BISD campaign money for his county campaign announcement. I exposed it and Escobedo paid a fine. It is time to follow Enrique Escobedo’s campaign money.

You can read the Texas Ethics findings here. What is amazing is, even after getting caught Escobedo continues to use James Hunter as his treasurer. Yes sir - very trustworthy with county money.

The biggest scoundrels in this story are Gary Long and the Brownsville Herald. They covered for Gonzales and Art Rendon. The children continue to suffer because their stories will not be told. This Board will continue to do nothing for the special needs children. Joe Colunga, you are a man without one ounce of integrity. Resign

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, I predict that the next super will be someone who has worked for the district but is working elsewhere biting his time to cash in at the expense of ALL bisd children. Nothing will change and the status quo will continue. This board will continue to bury this district further in the gutter with their special agendas and compadrismo(snakes).

TEA will never sanction BISD as they all are in bed together. TEA will continue to provide lip service to the wonderful and caring citizens of Brownsville.

I admire all the special people who try to make a difference by being involved. I have felt the frustration and isolation when one goes out on a limb and believe me it can be very stressful and evetually can wear a person down. The bisd mafia will stop at nothing to discourage involvement.