Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As my long term readers know, about a year ago I filed a lawsuit against the city alleging two city ordinances are unconstitutional and constitute prior restraint. I gave the city time to do discovery and prepare for trial. I then filed a request for trial setting. When the court failed to set the matter for trial I made repeated phone calls to the court to find out what the problem is. Judge Euresti's staff refuses to return any of my phone calls. I then e-mailed Judge Euresti's court coordinator who is responsible for setting cases for trial, on order of Judge Euresti. She refused to respond to my e-mails.

Judge Euresti's petty and unprofessional conduct in this matter in retaliation for my commentary on his willingness to sign his own death warrant because he does not read what unethical lawyers put before him is needlessly costing the taxpayers money. I have taken certain action to have Judge Euresti handled for his conduct.

The trial attorney for the city contacted me to see if we could settle the lawsuit rather than go down this costly road which has been caused solely by Judge Euresti's conduct. We decided on a settlement which would have the city commission amend one ordinance while leaving the other in place. I would be paid my costs.

The City Commission is always free to ignore the advice of counsel. The trial counsel forwarded the proposed settlement agreement to the city attorneys office. The city attorneys office responded with - "hell no I will not allow my client to vote on this settlement." Well this is not his decision. Every attorney has a legal duty to forward onto their client every settlement offer.

Mark Sossi's office has clearly violated the rules of professional conduct for lawyers by withholding the offer from his client, the City Commission. The City Commission needs to demand an immediate explanation from Mark Sossi. In fact he should be fired.

The defense of this lawsuit is being paid for by the taxpayers of Brownsville. There is no insurance policy.

This is just further proof that when it comes to reducing the budget this city commission takes the people for fools. Why is money being spent on defending a lawsuit when settlement has been offered. The request was made by their trial counsel, not me. I simply agreed. This is Sossi wasting the taxpayers money to settle a personal score with me.

How much taxpayers money is being spent in litigation so that Mark Sossi can settle personal scores with everyone who has ever crossed his path? Shame on the Brownsville City Commission for condoning this conduct. Shame on the Brownsville City Commission for lying to the people when they say they are doing their best to save money.

Liars - you are not saving money so long as Mark Sossi is allowed to run the City Attorney's office in this manner. The issue at this point is no settlement - the issue is Mark Sossi being allowed to withhold settlement offers from the City Commission when he has a personal score to settle. How much is this policy by Sossi going to cost the taxpayers of Brownsville?

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