Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make a donation before September 30 and I'll match it dollar-for-dollar! A couple years ago Senator Ted Kennedy asked me, "Why doesn't Texas elect Senators like Lyndon Johnson and Lloyd Bentsen, who both represented Texas values and helped move our country forward?"Soon Texans will have an opportunity to answer that question with, "We do," by electing a Senator who will do what is right for Texas, not just one wing of one party.If you join our team, already thousands strong, by contributing between now and September 30, I will match your donation.Pitch in $5 or more today, and my dollar-for-dollar match will double your impact and make sure we have the resources we need to win this Senate seat.Sen. Hutchison says she will resign her Senate seat by year's end, creating a special election next spring to select our next Senator.We have mobilized a statewide organization, raised more money from donors than all of the other candidates (Democratic or Republican) combined, and earned more endorsements from state legislators than anyone else in this race.But it takes a lot of resources to win a statewide campaign in Texas, and I need your help to spread the word to every voter in our state.That's why I'll match your donation of any amount between now and the September 30 campaign finance reporting deadline.It's time for our campaign to double down, so please act now. Pitch in $5 or more today so that I can match your donation dollar-for-dollar before the critical September 30 deadline!As President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of Energy and a nationally-recognized energy expert for decades, I know how to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and ensure a secure, sustainable, and affordable energy future.As Houston's Mayor I've been tested in crises -- Hurricanes Katrina and Ike -- mobilizing thousands of volunteers to get things done with competence and compassion. With disciplined budgets we prepared to weather financial storms -- building up surpluses in good times to avoid massive debt in bad times.As Mayor I used my business experience to attract new companies to the area, leading the nation in job growth, with more jobs added than 16 states combined. We made government more efficient, allowing us to provide more needed services while cutting property tax rates five years in a row. We fought crime and cut crime rates. And we confronted polluters to clean our air.Don't we need this kind of experience in Washington now? Please join the team today.Pitch in $5 or more before September 30 and I'll match your donation dollar-for-dollar and bring a strong voice for all Texans to Washington.We'll never forget you and others who help us turn the page with new leadership for the future of Texas.Sincerely,

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