Wednesday, September 2, 2009


There can be very little doubt that Pat Almighty and Sossi the Weasel have nothing but contempt for freedom of speech. At least last night Commissioner Longoria was willing to take on the two for their actions against Roman Perez. Now to be fair, I did not see the entire exchange. I was going back and forth between two channels. There was some woman going on and on and on without any substance to her offerings. It was just too much to watch.

Anyway when I flipped back over Pat Almighty was interrupting Roman Perez. It was at that moment Sossi the Weasel directed Roman Perez to stay on topic. Commissioner Longoria immediately interjected that Sossi the Weasel remained silent when multiple other speakers spoke off topic.

Sossi the Weasel is going to get this commission sued over and over and over again. The Boyz II Men mess was a consequence of his incompetence. It is his job to oversee contracts. He did not. This will cost the city in the end.

I do not know what this City Commission was thinking when it hired Sossi the Weasel. How can they expect him to take legal advice from his former law firm which sued him and got him sanctioned by the Court of Appeals for unethical conduct. The law firm of Willette & Guerra represent the City of Brownsville. From the Herald

"Sossi, who the city frequently calls upon for legal work, was sued in state district court by his former law firm, Willette & Guerra, in 2002 for failing to disclose $150,000 he allegedly received from two attorneys not employed by the firm and converting the funds for his own use, court records allege. Willette & Guerra and Sossi entered an agreed judgment in October 2004 against Sossi for $167,363."The appellate court ordered Sossi to pay $4,600 in attorney fees to Willette & Guerra after Sossi filed an interlocutory appeal. The appellate court said that Sossi "mischaracterized the nature of the appeal" that was filed before the case was resolved in district court."

This is the man in charge of overseeing city contracts and potentially millions of dollars of city funds. Do you trust him? I do not. This is not the man in a position to throw stones at the alleged wrongdoer in the Boyz II Men mess.

He has now needlessly cost the taxpayers more attorneys fees to be paid to Willette & Guerra for no better reason than his failure to refer a settlement proposal entered into between myself and their lawyer at Willette & Guerra . Now understand, this was only a proposal. Counsel at Willette & Guerra and I both understood it wold be subject to approval by the City Commission.
Sossi the Weasel decided the City Commission would never be allowed to reject or accept the offer. He had a score to settle - at the expense of the taxpayers.

FIRE HIM or the people will fire the City Commission for the tax increase. What will be clear to the taxpayers come election day 2011, is, the City Commission simply turned a blind eye to endless mismanagement of taxpayers money by Sossi. The voters will be allowed to compare the legal fees bill on the day Sossi the Weasel breached his professional duties to his client, the people of Brownsville, and the final bill. Will Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson have an explanation? If they do not the people just might when they enter the voting booth.


Anonymous said...

"It was at that moment Sossi the Weasel directed Roman Perez to stay on topic."

Bobby, for the record, Roman Perez was never off the tax topic. Last week he was way too careful not to bleed his budget comments into the tax hearing to end up doing it this week. Sossi butted in only because Roman Perez upset him for bring up the his surrendering the fight against the police union, which is the cause the "4 million dollar deficit" Ahumada keeps yammering about. Those 2.5 million spent last year came out of the general fund last year which is causing a hole in the fund balance.

The mayor was attacking Roman Perez personally and going off topic. Roman Perez doesn't even sweat when he's ruffling their feathers to admit the truth. He nailed the mayor for misleading the public about tax raises to pay for a pay raise for city employees.

Roman Perez got Pete Gonzalez to correct Pat Ahumada's recorded statements that Brownsville property values decreased from last year to this year. Values grew by 1.5 percent. It was the growth rate that decreased.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Longoria has my vote. I don't know Mr. Perez, but noone interrupted the woman who has no idea what she is talking about and kept repeating herself. She was awful. That's when I got up and left, so I didn't see the rest, but my hat is off to Ricardo Longoria for being fair. Oh yeah, I remember, the lady grew up with the check thief that's why he was nice to her.

BobbyWC said...

alleged check thief

Bobby WC