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Pay attention to the red highlight. Larry Brown is the key witness who places Pat Almighty at his bank depositing the subject check. Will Pat Almight be calling Larry Brown a liar?

From Chief Garcia"

The summary contained in this media release is based on facts and evidence gathered through the investigation.

On October 22, 2008 the City of Brownsville printed/issued a check in the amount of $26,139.00 to TARSA Technical Industries of New York for services provided to the city. This was the second payment of two scheduled payments.

On October 28, 2008 at about 9:15am, Mr. Larry Brown arrives at Mr. Ahumada’s residence, located at 53 Alan-A- Dale, to pick him up and transport Mr. Ahumada to the airport, later determined to be the Matamoros airport. Mr. Ahumada advises Mr. Brown that he needs to run an errand to the bank and that he will be right back. Mr. Brown waits for him. Mr. Ahumada is observed leaving his house, to the bank, in a black truck. At approximately 9:30am this check was deposited into Mr. Ahumada’s account at the BBVA Compass bank located at 3255 Boca Chica by Mr. Pat Ahumada himself through the drive thru window.

The bank teller, who handled this transaction, recognized Mr. Ahumada through previous bank transactions and positively identified Mr. Ahumada through a photo lineup. The bank teller provided a sworn statement to Brownsville Police Investigators recalling the events of this transaction. The teller remembers the transaction for several reasons. He knows Mr. Ahumada, since he has been a customer of BBVA Compass, formerly Texas State Bank, for numerous years; the amount of the check and such check not being made payable to him; the check was already endorsed and had an account number that was verified by the teller to be that of Mr. Ahumada; the teller proceeded with creating a deposit slip for Mr. Ahumada since he did not provide one at the time, a customer service provided by the bank; and he did not want to question Mr. Ahumada’s integrity as he feared that a complaint would be brought forth against him, since he knows Mr. Ahumada’s character as a person and his reactions.

The transaction was finalized. No other checks were submitted for deposit that were part of this transaction. Mr. Ahumada left the drive thru in his black Chevy Avalanche as sworn to by the bank teller. The bank video depicts a black Chevy Avalanche departing the drive thru at approximately 9:33am. The driver of such vehicle cannot be clearly identified thru the video; however the bank teller has provided a sworn statement that he knows Mr. Ahumada drives such vehicle and a motorcycle.At about 9:45am Mr. Ahumada arrives at his residence and departs with Mr. Larry Brown to the airport (Matamoros).

Mr. Brown transports Mr. Ahumada to the Matamoros airport and while on their way there, they stop at a pharmacy in Matamoros at the request of Mr. Ahumada. Mr. Brown has provided BPD investigators with a sworn statement of these events on that day.

On December 2, 2008 Grand Jury Subpoenas were issued and executed to BBVA Security Office in McAllen, Texas for bank records pertaining to Mr. Ahumada’s account.On December 15, 2008 late in the afternoon BPD investigators officially receive the bank records and video for Mr. Ahumada’s account from BBVA Compass.On December 16, 2007, late in the evening, I called Mr. Ahumada and advised him that BPD investigators were ready to interview him.

Arrangements were made for him to come in at 9:00am on December 17, 2008.On December 17, 2008 at 8:30am Mr. Ahumada calls me and advises me that he is running late and will be here by 9:30am. I advise him that this is not a problem and that the investigators will wait for him. Mr. Ahumada provided a sworn and signed statement which contradicted with the facts and evidence collected by BPD investigators.

He was advised of this and disagreed with the investigators. On December 17, 2008 late in the afternoon, we are notified by the finance department that on this date the city’s account has been credited with the amount of $26,139.00. This is contrary to what Mr. Ahumada had been stating, that the city had already been credited for the amount of the check.

We are still investigating the circumstances as to how the check resulted in the hands of Mr. Ahumada. We are still continuing this investigation and the final results will be forwarded to the Cameron County District Attorney for their review with a recommendation that the results be presented to a grand jury to determine what charges, if any will be brought forth against Mr. Ahumada. The local FBI office has been authorized to review this case and will be provided with a copy of the final investigation. Any final determination as to the jurisdiction for the prosecution, if any will be a matter for discussion and decision between the District Attorney and the United States Attorney’s Office. "


Anonymous said...

Bobby, didn't you already post this media release last year? I know you are reminding us, but why not provide us the link to the old article? It would offer the opportunity to read old comments to see if they still hold water. It's like a permanent time capsule.

BTW, there is at least one Herald blogger bringing up the same question. Will the mayor call Larry Brown a liar? What do you really think? I won't accuse you of being that anonymous blogger because I guess there are a lot of bloggers interested. What would happen to Larry Brown if he is called a liar and the mayor is found not guilty?

BobbyWC said...

I added the original link to this post.

I have no idea if Larry Brown is telling the truth. It is just compelling evidence.

I have blogged about this repeatedly in the Herald under my name.

Why is it such a stretch to believe other people have seen the same comments made by me under my name in the Herald?

A friend called me and reminded me about the evidence. On Sunday when I was working on the Accion America story. I saw my original post. I decided to run with it again.

If you check the original story in the Herald which should be around January 22, 2009, more or less I blogged on this issue under my name.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Based on Mr Brown's comments to the mayor both before and after he was interviewed by the chief (who told some damn big lies himself), it is more likely that Mr Brown's recollections were muddled by BPD investigators "leading the witness".