Thursday, September 17, 2009


I trust no one. I have zero proof that Hector Gonzales has asked Carlos Quintanilla for help. Based on what I am about to report I would not be shocked to learn Quintanilla as not even met Gonzales.

"Carlos Quintanilla, who had met Monreal in 1982, was the founder and executive director of Operation Search, a not-for-profit community organization providing employment services to low and moderate income residents in the Westtown and Humboldt Park communities of Chicago. Quintanilla joined Monreal's scheme; in return for favorable recommendations on proposals submitted on behalf of Operation Search, Quintanilla would give Monreal a cut of the award."

The federal appeals court upheld Quintanilla’s conviction. Because I was unwilling to trust the anonymous source on this I did additional research to insure this is the same Quintanilla. He is the same. The following is from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

"Quintanilla said Thursday that he doesn't feel that conviction hurts his credibility because the Irving issue is about immigrant rights. "

"Carlos Quintanilla was arrested on seven outstanding warrants for fines totaling more than $3,000 shortly after holding a news conference in Irving with Spanish-language media. The arrest came several hours before his rally was scheduled to begin. Quintanilla was released about 9:30 p.m."

The above is from the same article. Rich just rich, convicted criminal on federal charges asks the FBI to investigate BISD. If Gonzales is in bed with this guy, he needs to just quit BISD today and leave Texas for maybe - Bedlam, USA. He seems fit for such a place.

Yes, an impressive record indeed. Without the ACLU taking the lead in the Farmers' Branch litigation Quintanilla's only major accomplishment in life would have been discovering the proper use of toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

Healthsmart is the money behind this clown.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I don't care who is in bed together as long as these special needs children are All treated equally. Seems that this has been going on foe a LONG time. It doesn't matter to me who gets it fixed as long as these children get what they deserve.

You state that this Quintanilla chararcter has a record. I guess he got caught as opposed to elected thugs who hide behind lawyers paid for with our tax dollars.

I also understand that a signed petition submitted to TEA by a local state politician was totally ignored. I understand people DO listen to this guy so hopefully something will get done.

I'm also hoping that ALL parents are on the same page on this and not fighting each other as in "UNITED WE STAND...DIVIDED WE FALL".

BobbyWC said...

Id it were simply a matter of them coming in for the children I would be 100%, but as the facts are developing they are hear for Gonzales and Rendon, the guilty parties, Healthsmart who has a beef with the Board (possible legit beef I concede) and then the children.

It smells to me Healthsmart brought in this Dallas group to stir trouble for its benefit and not the children.

The battle for these children have been ongoing since before this guy came to town. The issue that special services is broken is now well documented.

The TEA has multiple complaints pending against BISD. I myself have been seeking out a national law firm to come in sue BISD asking that the federal courts take control of the District.

I have been to MALDEF many times and their staff refuses to even consider the complaint.

Something is rotten here with this group.

I do not want anyone on the Board to be able to use this group as an excuse to coverup what has happened in special services.

When you mix the issues, Gonzales, Healthsmart, and the kids, it smells like they are using the kids to nring attention to Healthsmart. Given the fact this guy has taken money in the past it is plausible Healthsmart offered his group money to start trouble in BISD. This would be wrong.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know if ALL the parents ARE on the same page. It would seem that they would be in order to show a united front in support of these children. I just hope egos don't get in the way of this struggle.

BISD already has enough trouble without outside agitators having to be given money. I think this group is in it for the exposure but that doesn't bother me as long as all this corruption is exposed once and for all.

Time to think about term limits for board members. They do too much harm when they are there for years and years.

Thank you for ALL that you do. Hope you don't burn out.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you really think that the Fed. gives out millions to B.I.S.D. Special Services Dept. and never check or maintain any oversight with respect to the funds, programs, and the qualifications of the staff??? That dept. was solid before this idiot was put in there as a political favor to Pat Lehman. The current asst. director for Special Serv. was Rendon's asst. principal at Faulk Middle School. Rendon brought him along. Rendon got rid of Dr. Burns and his staff so that he could sub. contract out the evals. and hearings, so they could invoice B.I.S.D and the money could flow. If Rendon had followed proper procedure thru the Bi-Tech. system in place, too many people would have to sign off for this money, and eyes would have openned up. You don't go over budget 3 mil. and then lie to the board to get it approved when the money has already been spent. Come on people what's up with all this intrigue? Most of the rats have been caught. The big one will get his, when the money trail is followed by the fed.

Anonymous said...


The work of Mr. Quintanilla is significant, he led a major Anti Cheese Heroin Campaign that saved thousands of lives (PUBLIC RECORD), he led marches that led to the eventual lawsuit against Irving for Single Member Districts (Public Record), he was the catalyst in Farmers Branch against the anti immigration ordinance in that City that was rejected by a federal court (Public Record) and he has led marches and rallies with thousands of Hispanic defending their rights.

As you will note Mr. Quintanilla was selected as a Newsmaker along with Tony Romo and Dirk Nowitzki. He has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Cristina, National Univision, Fox national News debating the racist group wewanta fence against the building of the Brownsville Border Fence (Public Record)

with live footage and videos.
That speaks for his record not what happened thirty years ago.

Racist in farmers branch used that same garbage and went Bankrupt.

Anonymous said...


you quote alipac, the anti immigrant hate group that Quintanilla been fighting. FYI, ACLU was one of five groups of lawyers that filed suit, Accion America lawyers filed suit on behalf of 67 Hispanic Businesses in farmers Branch. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...


Rest assure that we will have a law firm suing BISD and ver soon.

Accion America

Anonymous said...

A couple of links to show the Ted Parker(Healthsmart/AAG owner) and Mr. Quintainlla connections. They tried to pulled the same thing against political opponents in Lubbock they are doing down here.

And one more thing...How does an organization headed by a convicted felon get a home health license?

BobbyWC said...

thanks, I am actually about to post today's story with my speculation about this which you now have proven for me

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

I will be curious about the "Dream Team" of lawyers considering that the groups website is a "myspace".

BobbyWC said...

My big frustration with this group is that a law firm will not help because he is including Gonzales and Rendon as victims.

I have complained in the past that Brownsville does not have an advocacy type law firm to help in these type matters. there are several law firms in Dallas with lawyers who donate time and money to these causes under the leadership of the ACLU MALDEF Advocacy Inc, etc.

They may smell something based on the reports but these lawyers are smart and actually know the law. They will hesitate with the mixed issues of Healthsmart and Gonzales. They are not stupid.

Further in Texas you can fire someone who reports fraud if you can find a legitimate reason to fire them otherwise. Because I have been highly involved for years I know Gonzales and Rendon are the problem.

I will be producing for BISD the affidavit of a parent wherein Rendon called the parent and demand he drop the complaint. The TEA ended up sanctioning BISD over the complaint.

Quintanilla is not very smart.

If a law firm indicates an interest I will copy to them the successful complaints I have done for children. each one shows Rendon's and Gonzales'incompetence.

If they choose to not include these children, although I think I have a lawyer for one, then the legitimacy of their complaint will be brought into question.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

we are waiting for your reply to BWC's last comment Accion America.....

Anonymous said...

We have met with attorneys they have agreed to file suit and you will get our response soon.

FYI, Lawyers have signed several Plaintiffs, have reviewed medical records with the consent and authorization of these Plaintiffs.

As a matter of fact they flew into to Dallas this morning and should be back in Brownsville this evening.

Your Truly

Accion America