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(Sorry about such a long post - just had to be this way)

Also worth reading, a message to Carlos Quintanilla, from a real parent.

You are who you sleep with. Carlos Quintanilla is in bed with a promoter of pornography. Some examples of the pornography promoted by Jerry McHale have been women defecating in each others mouth and pictures of naked women urinating. Accion America has referenced Jerry McHale’s blog as a place with accurate information. Just how desperate can Carlos Quintanilla be when he gets in bed with a high school teacher who promotes this smut. Carlos Quintanilla wants us to believe he is about the children. How about reporting the pornography to the TEA Carlos? Carlos Quintanilla is about Carlos Quintanilla.

I want to be clear about something, yes, the Board is corrupt, past and present - except Quintanilla has no problem with being in bed with past corrupt Board Members. Yes, we need an FBI investigation, which is why I formally made the request months ago. The difference between myself and Quintanilla is when I talk to FBI Director Mueller, I fax my complaint directly to the fax number in his personal office. The complaint has been there for some time. Same goes for US Attorney Holder. The problem with Carlos Quintanilla is he is using his position to coverup the incompetence and corruption of Gonzales and Rendon.

In his effort to do this he and his organization are posting one lie after another about the facts. First, the law requires that Gonzales can request a hearing before a TEA hearing officer. Gonzales and his attorney chose the hearing officer. The law requires that BISD pay for the hearing officer, chosen by Gonzales. Gonzales’ appeal before the TEA Commissioner Scott will not be a de novo review, it will be only on the record Gonzales put before the hearing officer.

Finally, Commissioner Scott did not overturn the recommendation of a TEA hearing office in the case of the Robstown Superintendent, the TEA Officer ruled in favor of the Superintendent. The following was posted by Quintanilla’s group in the Herald.

" we have also ready the Guerra Report and the extensive claims that you refer to, will allow attiorneys to attack that report and allow the Commissioner of Education to reject it as unsubstantiated.Corpus Christi was overturned by Commissioner Robert Scott.The report was bought and paid for by BISD."

When you have to lie as much as Carlos Quintanilla does, then people are allowed to believe he has not changed since his criminal conviction in 1991, not 30 years ago. His groups is either lying about the process or simply has no knowledge of the process. This is Healthsmart calling the shots, not a true advocate for the children.

Yea, my intro was hard hitting, but it has purpose. There is a lot to get to in this post. A lot has been made about the Overton Report. Well, here it is for your review. After I post this, I will post as an anony, comments by my source. Look people, "confidential report" blaming Dr. Burns my ass. These guys got caught fabricating one report, why not a second?

At times it is disjointed and at other times it is simply cut and paste. So who is Terry Overton, this great expert witness?

In October 2008 Terry P. Overton, Ed.D., Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (McAllen), was sanctioned. Complaint: Respondent provided supervision to a person without adequatedocumentation, and did not ensure that the supervisee identified himself as such.Sanction: Respondent was assessed an administrative penalty of $1,500.00 andmust obtain six (6) hours of continuing education in ethics. (See page 9)

The following is from an old BV report.

"What the following report shows is, BISD, Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are covering for the sanctioned Lead Licensed Special in School Psychology Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba. The story also shows that one of the three BISD licensed specialists who Rendon claims was deficient in his work was cleared by the same committee which sanctioned Rendon’s higher, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba.As to these failed psychologists he claims "this resulted in gross negligence of the needs of the children." He never names them. At the time he signed this statement he knew at least on of the three had been cleared of wrongdoing in October by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. He also knew his boy, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba, who he is defending was sanctioned for unethical conduct by the same committee which in October cleared the psychologist Rendon claims to be "grossly negligent in his duties."Here are the latest facts. In October 2008, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba. Lead Licensed Special in School Psychology under Art Rendon, BISD, (Page8)

received the following sanctions from the Texas State Board of Examiners.

Complaint: Respondent failed to properly identify himself as a supervisee andfailed to identify his supervisor in public statements.Sanction: Respondent was assessed an administrative penalty of $1,500.00 andmust obtain six (6) hours of continuing education in ethics.

He is tied to UTPA in addition to being employed by BISD.

He graduated Texas AM in 2006 with his PhD in School Psychology. A review of his resume will show he has published works with Dr. Terry P. Overton. He does not state the date he became licensed."Qualified Supervisor: Supervision of delivery of all school psychological services on behalf of a public school district to a public school student must be provided by anLSSP with at least three years experience (one of which may have been obtained while under supervision by another qualified supervisor) in a public school district. Noother individual, regardless of training or experience, may provide supervision. See Board rule §465.38(5)."

Independent of the sanction against Mr. Garcia de Alba, under Texas law he was not a qualified Supervisor to supervise newly Licensed School Specialist Psychologists, at the time he was hired. But yet the man who was cleared, with years of experience and a qualified Supervisor under the rule, was not qualified. Does this sound like competent decision-making?A reasonable mind can conclude from this Art Rendon did in fact move around qualified people and replaced them with unqualified people."

The original link follows:

People need to understand just how dangerous people like Carlos Quintanilla really are. He is all deception which is consistent with his original criminal conviction in 1991, not 30 years ago. His supporters are about deception. "In September 1990, the grand jury issued a four count indictment listing Monreal and Quintanilla as defendants."

The fact he keeps lying about this should tell you something about the man.

Juan Montoya has no problem promoting the lie that Quintanilla’s conviction is 30 years old. Here is what Montoya is not telling you. He has been receiving free legal advice from Ben Neece in both mine and Colunga’s lawsuits against Montoya. Ben Neece prepared Montoya’s original answer to the lawsuits. Ben Neece represents - wait - here it comes - Art Rendon.

When Roman Perez played a similar unethical game, Jerry McHale, and Eduardo Paz Martinez all attacked him like lunatics with hate comments which crossed the line, and claims of unethical journalism. I can assure you on this one the silence will be deafening. There will be not a word of criticism.

On this story Juan Montoya is about as objective as Ben Neece’s free legal help can buy.

Carlos Quintanilla’s fame is the Farmers Branch civil rights litigation. The battle against Farmers Branch was a noble battle which had to be fought. The battle was won by the lawyers, not Carlos Quintanilla. Carlos Quintanilla was a voice in protest against Farmers Branch, that’s it. But he is a self promoter.

A review of my blog posts will show that long ago I called for a criminal investigation of BISD as it relates the all of these issues. This is the way it works - if the FBI announces an ongoing investigation Quintanilla will post on his web page he secured the investigation. How would he know this? Does not matter, self promoters take credit for the creation of mankind. Now to be fair, I will have no way of taking credit for the FBI investigations any more so than maybe someone who filed a similar complaint. We simply will not know why the FBI opened the investigation. The thing is though, we can all be rest assured Carlos Quintanilla will take all of the credit.

I simply do not trust someone who lies about their past criminal conviction, not 30 year ago, and takes money from someone who has a personal beef with BISD. It is becoming clear that Healthsmart is the money behind Carlos Quintanilla. If not why have they not denied the claim. Here are some additional interesting facts.

"The group (meaning Accion America) also has a Web site,, which calls for the ouster of the four trustees. In addition, it is distributing yard signs calling for termination of the "$four."

In my initial investigation of Accion America I assumed they were a nonprofit. They are an advocacy group. This was a reasonable assumption. I was wrong. According to their web page, which as of Sunday had a total number of visitors at 788, they are an LLC.

Under the name Action America either directly or indirectly as an assumed name, they are not registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

If they are a Limited Liability Corporation, what is their business? Where do they get their money? I suspect, that with Quintanilla being a convicted felon for actions related to non-profits, it would have been a challenge for him to raise money as a nonprofit. So again where does he get his money?

No one with Accion America has denied its association with the owner of Healthsmart. You know, it is possible that Healthsmart was a victim, but now I do not care. This is not how honorable honest businessmen do business, plain and simple.

Remember Accion America, sometimes filing an FBI complaint can result in the FBI looking at the complainant.

In the end, no one is saying the corruption is not real. The problem with Accion America is, they are covering for Gonzales and Rendon who oversaw endless neglect of the special needs children.
A word on the so called fraud -. Most children in Brownsville are covered by the SCHIP program, which is medicaid. With or without BISD intervention these children were already covered by medicaid. Further, not all disabled children get payments in the form of SSI. It is tied to the parent’s income. Every month the payment is adjusted based one the parent’s income. The facts will come out and Accion America will see it was played by Healthsmart. It is funny how easy it is to deceive someone with money.

In the end, we all hope the FBI gets involved. We hope they look into any payments to Accion America in exchange for covering up the neglect by Gonzales and Rendon. The TEA is not going to void all of the sanctions they issued against BISD while Rendon was in charge. The TEA knows Rendon’s record, and it is not good. We can all hope all of the corruption is exposed and the guilty fry.

It is a criminal act to take money in a scheme to extort money from BISD based on lies. Just something people might consider.

A word to Gonzales, Rendon, and Neece - run from these people, they will sink you. Maybe just maybe Gonzales and Rendon can still find work in education somewhere, but not if they do not distance themselves from Quintanilla. Do they really believe that any school district will ever hire them after being party to this three ring circus known as Carlos Quintanilla?


BobbyWC said...

Bobby, I will say that the Overton report used or hand picked several reports and found exception with the way they were written. To begin they used standards of the National Association of School Psychologist that Texas is a part of but does not subcribe to the testing criteria and cumbersome report writing. Much of what NASP asks for in a report speaks the reliability, validity, standard error of measurement etc, that is of no use to the parent. essentially it makes a report about 24+ pages long. Texas standards focus on the student's test behavior. I can only go with conclusions of the texas board of psy. examiners and their conclusions in finding no fault with the work of the 3 in question. They were cleared of any wrong doing. We know that the Board received the reports annonymously and believe either Rendon, Dealba,or Overton, or all three sent it the the state board. We also know that both De Alba and Overton were sanctioned and fined for not identifying themselves as having the proper credentials to do testing and supervision. Even then Rendon continued to say they did. Somebody gave the report to Quintanilla who ran with it and the local Carebrownsville group are using it. Let me say this, if at any time there is a problem or question an with an evaluation, an independent can be requested. those are the rules under IDEA. To say that all the tests were done incorrectly is ludicrous. At the worse case, if a psychological triggered a due process hearing, all the hearing examiner would do is order a retest.

BobbyWC said...

The following came through in an older post. Because it is relevant I am copying here.

"The testing for ESL students is done with instruments that are developed for students who do not speak English. These tests are administered by diagnosticians who are fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Asina los tichers/diagnosticians les alludan a los estudents pa que el principal los suporte y los pongan en clases especiales pa que puedan garrar mejor grados. y cuando venga el testing la escuela no pague con escores bajas. y los parents very happy."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to connect all the dots and crossing all the t's. I hope this gets to all the other blogs.

Anonymous said...

Some more thruth....

Quintanilla was indicted in 1990 convicted in 1991 and the conviction was upheld on appeal in 1993. Where does Accion America get "30 years ago"from?

The following is straight off their Website.

"Where it counts, Accion America has formed a political action committee, Accion America PAC, to encourage political involvement with the VOTE."

Yet no record of this PAC exists with the Texas Ethics Commission.

When one has to lie to prop oneself up, one has no credibility or integrity. The most important thing about what anyone says are not the words themselves but the credibility of the one who says them.


Anonymous said...

"Carlos Quintanilla, who had met Monreal in 1982, was the founder and executive director of Operation Search, a not-for-profit community organization providing employment services to low and moderate income residents in the Westtown and Humboldt Park communities of Chicago. Quintanilla joined Monreal's scheme; in return for favorable recommendations on proposals submitted on behalf of Operation Search, Quintanilla would give Monreal a cut of the award.

From 1983 to 1987, in addition to the Operation Search proposals, Monreal and Gutierrez drafted and submitted fraudulent funding requests for seven other community organizations in the Chicago area. Some proposals inflated the amount requested; others sought funding for nonexistent events. As a result of Monreal's scheme, Heileman authorized expenditures totalling $693,964. Of this amount, Monreal pocketed $295,054. Through Operation Search, which he controlled, Quintanilla received $175,000. Gutierrez received $38,000, and obtained another $12,400 for certain friends of hers.
In September 1990, the grand jury issued a four count indictment listing Monreal and Quintanilla as defendants. The next month, the grand jury returned a forty count superseding indictment that added Gutierrez as a defendant. Monreal pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy and eventually testified against Quintanilla and Gutierrez. Gutierrez filed a pre-trial motion to dismiss the indictment or, in the alternative, for a hearing under Kastigar v. United States, 406 U.S. 441, 92 S.Ct. 1653, 32 L.Ed.2d 212 (1972), to determine whether the indictment was tainted by the improper use of statements she believed should be immunized. The district court denied the motion. United States v. Quintanilla, 760 F.Supp. 687, 694-96 (N.D.Ill.1991).

The case proceeded to trial, and the jury convicted Quintanilla and Gutierrez of the aforementioned crimes. The district court sentenced each defendant to six months in prison on the RICO conspiracy count, and five years of probation on each remaining count.2 Both defendants timely appealed their convictions."

The above is straight off the text of
following Appeal Docket.
United States of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Carlos Quintanilla and Leticia Gutierrez, Defendants-Appellants., 2 F.3d 1469 (7th Cir. 1993)

Referencing 1980 is a blatant lie and what I have done lately is witness an individual and his organization roll into town an attempt to hold others to a standard they won't/can't hold themselves to.

Anonymous said...

Good JOB Bobby, thank you so much. We will be praying for the children and hoping that those who have misdiagnosed, mistreated, or scared kids for the rest of their lives pay for it. Come on FBI.

BobbyWC said...

I am not going to post through comments which asks questions about the merits of the lawsuit I have aganist certain people - I am not going to buy into that crap.

I have never posted to my own blog as an anony - ever. yea, i am afraid to let people know who I am - idiot - my blog since day one has included my name.

This morning's anony from a source came as an e-mail before the post -I simply posted it as a comment, without information which would have identified the source redacted. It helps people to understand the Overton Report

No one faults Ben Neece for representing anyone - I have been very supportive of his representation of Joe Rubio.

The issue was - Juan Montoya should have disclosed the conflict.

As to my clients, no one's business - but I will say this - I have never taken a penny from anyone in Cameron County - period. Well, Drew bought me lunch once, and that was a mistake on my part.

I have been told lawyers who are not favorable to Gonzales or Rendon have downloaded many of my posts over the last two years to help them piece together the story. I have not been paid.

Anony, you want to post elsewhere I have been paid locally for what I write - go ahead.

As to Chris Davis, he has never had a kind word to say about me - your claims we are in bed together are just stupid. He does not even list my blog.

And for the record I did go after BISD for its blocking of the OPen records request related to Joe Rodriguez. In fact just several weeks ago I made a negative statement against Mr. Rodriguez not being able to speak in a coherant fashion. So get your facts straight.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorry to find you so agitated today. I don't care what happens to Rendon,Gonzales etc. I only care what happens to ALL our children because they are our future and we will depend on them some day.

I really don't care who gets credit for exposing the corruption that has been going on for a long time so long as it is stopped. I know you have been very deligent in this effort and I thank you for that. This shows that you have a kind heart.

I don't understand why you refuse to acknowledge that some people,like Quintanilla, can become law abiding citizens after they made a mistake especially as a lawyer. Maybe he is trying to pay his debt to society by helping those who are not heard.


Anonymous said...

Great work, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Can you give a brief description of RICO ? Isn't that an organized crime type statute? Sounds serious.
Any limits on convicted felons forming or working for PACS?

BobbyWC said...


I believe in Redemption 100%. I do believe Carlos Quintanilla can start with a clean slate and should be given that opportunity.

But I can only go with what I see -endless lies, and deception.

He got duped by Healthsmart and is now in a mess. He can still redeam himself by taking a new approach and simply asking that the TEA investigate special services and BISD and let the axe fall where it may. He would find a lot more support with such an approach

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

TEA should do a thourough investigation ALL corruption at BISD beginning with board members.

I'm tired of my tax dollars going to crooked lawyers,businessmen,etc.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, Mr. Quintanilla met with Laura Walsh, associate Director of TEA along with other top level administartors at TEA.

Today he received a letter than we can share with you from the Office of the Attorney General, indicating that Mr. Quintanill's concerns have been fowarded to the Criminal Review Section of the Attorney General.

The AG suggested that Mr. Quintanilla also contact the OIG(Office of Inspector General), Accion America has hired a former Undersecreatary of Education in Washington to assist in filing the formal complaint with OIG.

Things will move very quickly.

What aamazes Accion America is the refusal, even after seeing a great storm, that Mr. Colunga has not YET RESIGNED.

BobbyWC said...

You are getting way ahead of yourself. You seem to have a habit of proving you do not know what you are talking about.

Let's begin with the class action lawsuit being filed pro bono - false - 100% false.

If it is a class action then it is for damages - I am certain the attorneys will be asking for 40-50% of any damages - this is not pro bono.

As to having a letter - with all due repect BFD - these letters issue almost as form letters - they are worthless.

When you get a result you have something, until then all you have are endless complaints with form response letters.

All of these issues have been brought to people's attention in the past.

What I do know is the TEA has issued sanctions against BISD while Special Services was under Rendon's leadership.

So here is an example of a real result and you ignore it and defend the wrongdoer.

You need to stop speaking. You need to sit tight and say nothing else, because as the cops say "everything you say will and can be used against you."

If a lawsuit is filed, then send it to me. I will post it for everyone to read.

When you get a result - send it to me I will post it for everyone to read.

But for now, every time you speak people point out your mistakes - do your cause a favor and remain silent and allow the attorneys to speak.

I will be shocked if they file a lawsuit right away. I would imagine they will write to BISD first.

I met with someone today who I know I can trust on the issue and he told me that this report stating the wrong type testing material was used on LEP students is some 10 years old. I do not see a lawyer going with a 10 year old report.

But I know the children's rights were violated which is why I will continue to float the material I have with agencies and lawyers I know who do pro bono work in the area of mental health.

Bobby Wc