Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well done is the best way to describe this film. It is not for a wide audience. It is slow, very slow. At times I was bored. But remember I have a real hard time sitting through a movie anymore so this may impact my review. Matt Damon did an excellent job portraying Mark Whitacre, the informant.

Matt Damon plays a pathological liar who also happens to be a legitimate whistleblower. His unrelenting lying makes it difficult for the FBI to do its job. Even though Damon helps to secure the evidence to indict his boss, the FBI is left spinning over the endless lies.

While the story is true, rather than makes this into a serious drama a decision was made to make it into a comedy -it works. For those of you old enough to remember them, the Smothers brothers are in the film. Matt Damon’s wife is Rose from "Two and a half Men."

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