Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Without paranoia and personal agendas, reporters, bloggers etc would denounce the events of our days which seem to be pushing integrity and honor into the heap of historical trash. One of the greatest enemies of what is left of humanity is when one paranoid person beds down with another. They tend to become the loudest voices, unless they are just overtly corrupt.

Reputrican talk radio is a great example of the paranoid joining with the paranoid to destroy everything which defines civilized society. I cannot believe because of the rantings of these lunatics school districts are not going to allow children to watch the education speech of President Obama.

While it is sad that Reputrican talk radio is so effective in undermining the election results, it is not sad that blogs are going by the way side. There are a handful of national blogs which have become successful. The blogosphere remains a place where some will succeed and go national. One can hope successful blogs will become a counter voice to Reputrican talk radio.

Blogs are a more effective form of communication because the readers can get in and out while monitoring posts as the day goes on. No blog unwilling to take a meaningful stand will ever be anything more than a place where a handful of shut ins go to appear to be relevant.

We need to hope that the blogs of the paranoid and lunatics do not turn people away from blogs which seek to promote discussion and news. The key to taking down Reputrican talk radio is meaningful and effective blogs.


J. Madison said...

While I do not disagree with your point, I alos want to point out two things.

First, talk radio is, was and has always been intended to be entertainment. The audience has lost sight of this fact.

Secondly, let's look no further that Garafalo, Olbermann or Ed Schultz to demonstarte that the right wing by no means has the market cornered on extreme views and vitrolic speech. In fact, the left was so incensed at the way that the right had dominated the rhetoric on radio, that the righteously opened Air America and tried to replicate the same tactics.

BobbyWC said...

J. Madison, thank you for your post - it is the kind of post I love most because it extends the discussion.

I am sorry about the late approval - I was in SA having a caudal racz procedure - I did not get in until after midnight.

You may find this interesting - I think is 100% on the mark.

"Jane's Law: The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane."

I totally agree with everything you said.

The guy who made these comments below I believe was a Bush speech writer - Last night I saw him on MSNBC - he was challenging someone on the left to bring the same level of critism of the left as he is bringing to the right - I think he is correct.


here is another great post by the same guy.


I would love to see the left produce someone like this - it would make the true left more credible.

Again thanks for your comment - I hope my added posts further extended your comments.

Bobby WC