Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First, I found the below comment while researching another issue. I think it is 100 % accurate.

"Jane's Law: The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane" I believe the below link is the original author of this "Law"

This so describes all politicians - while looking at the Brownsville City Commission this law is so on point. I hate to say it, a lot of the blogs are the insane side of this law. Many of the those who post the comments are truly the insane.

A voice from the past - Rachel Benavidez. This weekend while in SA I got a copy of the San Antonio magazine. The editor is the former editor of the Brownsville Herald, Rachel Benavidez. This was the first thing which got me thinking about this hope issue. She has done well for herself. This magazine brings out what is good about San Antonio. It gives you a sense of something good and possible. It is about hope.

My second experience was with the Northside ISD. I am trying to help a friend make the move for his son. BISD is a complete and total joke. There is an evil in this town which keeps it down. There is no hope. The other day an 88 year old man said to me - Brownsville is hopeless. It will never change. He has lived here all of his life. He said today’s Brownsville would have collapsed during the great depression. We are a city of self-serving cowards who believe in nothing but ourselves. I believe the evil which envelopes Brownsville would crush god himself.

While looking at an apartment for my friend we drove by the middle school where the 8th graders were in football practice - we hope they were 8th graders because if they were 7th graders these guys are supper big.

These kids were the size of highschool students. They outsize anything I have ever seen in Brownsville. The other day this father watched his son’s team play Harlingen . When I asked him why his son’s team lost he said the Brownsville kids were just too small to compete. His son is more like the Northside kids. He is not fat and he wears a men’s medium shirt and a 32/30 pant.

This father who does not live in the Northside ISD was given an hour and a half meeting with top officials in the school (3 in all) to discuss what they can do for his mentally disabled son. This is professionalism. They have 3 levels of possible instruction for mentally disabled children. They have an entire campus for these students. When ready they are mainstreamed into a regular classrooms at their assigned campus. Northside oversees the educational needs of the children at Southwest Mental Health Center.

The school district has 90,000 students with 11,000 classified as special needs. 20,000 teachers applied for the 400 job openings at the district. This allowed them to only hire the cream of the crop. The Northside ISD offices are welcoming and warm - not cold and overseen by a security guard such as BISD.

In over two years I have not seen this father so hopeful for his son’s future. To understand BISD the events of the other day are proof of just how bad things are and nothing has changed under Springton or the gang of four when it comes to special needs children. We are hopeful to find a special education lawyer to represent this child in litigation.

The assistant principal and person in charge of behavior intervention were told to their faces - you cannot touch this child or he will have a melt down. This happened last year - it is part of an ongoing TEA complaint. The assistant principal was like "I want to be a principal soon so I will get this right." She had zero interest in listening to me or the parent as it related to the mental health needs of this child. We were summarily dismissed. The father demonstrated how a simple innocent touch of the child would be wrong.

The next day the father had to remove the child from school because the man in charge of behavior intervention touched the child in the exact manner he was told to not touch the child. The child had a melt down at school and an even bigger melt down at home. The TEA is investigating the matter. It is not that you cannot touch the child at all - you cannot touch the child while talking to him in a supervisory way. He has a biologically based mental health problem which will cause him to react violently and then have a melt down.

This assistant principal made clear that all of BISD’s classrooms are structured environments (she is either delusional, or just a complete and total liar) and that no special classroom was needed by this child, despite the written request by his pediatric psychiatrist.

Back to Northside ISD - I have never seen this father so hopeful for his child’s future. He is working on making the move. The first is to get his employer to agree to the transfer.

BISD does not provide families this type hope because Brownsville is a city without hope. It is run by cowards like Sorry Charlie Atkinson. It blows my mind how cowardly one man can be. He wants the people to vote on the tax increase so he does not have to step up to the plate and lead Brownsville. Sorry Charlie Atkinson is the evil and incompetence which is Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that a parent will displace his family in order to get the mandated laws afforded his child by the state of Texas. I would encourage the parent to continue the struggle for his child in BISD.

I am very familiar with San Antonio and it IS a good community--BUT-- it has MANY minuses(crime,corruption,poverty). These things can be VERY traumatic for any child--especially--a special needs child.

BISD needs to provide this child what he needs and his father should continue the fight. I'm sure the family pays taxes and are not moochers or troublemakers.


Martin J. Mooney said...

Whatever happened to your summer trip away from Brownsville? You never left.

Will you please go now?

BobbyWC said...

exactly how do you know I did not spent a large part of the Summer away from Brownsville?

As to post one - there is no real hardship for this parent - he has a lot of family living in SA.

His daughter is all exciting about attending community college in SA. His son is excited about getting help.

Moving is always scary - but when it means more for your family it becomes fine real fast.

As to crime SA is a big city. The area he is looking at has mostly Home Owner Associations running the enighborhoods - expensive homes - it is 5 minutes from the medical district going further north -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Settle down Bobby.

If you were fair and balanced I would share things with you like we are not raising taxes and we just migt have money to give the non-civil service city employees a raise. You have to trust your leaders. The Mayor fumbled by advocating for a tax increase and we, the commission, stepped up and scored a touchdown so chill baby, let the big dawgs handle the city. DOn't be so negative pal.


Anonymous said...

"exactly how do you know I did not spent a large part of the Summer away from Brownsville?"

I asked around.