Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In the continuing saga of my health, I had a caudal racz procedure done on my spine. The doctor inserted a catheter up my spine about 4 inches. He used chemicals to break up scare tissue around L4. I can say it was about 75% successful. I have more than cut the gabapentin use in half. The procedure itself was not too bad. In the beginning there was a bit of discomfort. When the catheter is being inserted you can feel every time it hits a nerve. It is not a real pain, it is more of a sensation. I strongly recommend the procedure.

So because it makes sense, now that I have made headway with the chronic burning pain, I would end up with the doctor with hypertension. After 6 days of very elevated blood pressure the decision was made to put me on high blood pressure medicine. After 6 months of no exercise because of the chronic pain my blood pressure has reached a dangerous point. I am hopeful the specialist will do a second caudal racz to finish the process and I can get back to my bicycle and bring the blood pressure back to a normal level.

I am actually embracing getting old. It is an interesting new adventure. But it is kind of like a used car, after you fix one problem and another one will pop up.


Well I was kind of frustrated that just days after getting the title to my truck it needed repairs. But I guess more than 80k miles in less than 4 years is a lot for a truck to handle. Every place I went wanted $99.99 for the part, Advance, Burtons, O’Reilly’s, and Auto Zone. On top of that none of them could get it for me on less than 3 days. I finally went to Car Quest. They had it for $51.95, and could get it for me by the next morning. I think Pep Boys charged me like $60.00 to install the part.


I love thunder and lightening because it is such a powerful display of nature. My dogs sat on my covered patio watching the storm. They seem to appreciate the power of nature.
Some days we just need something light.


Anonymous said...

Did your doctor recommend cutting the gabapentin? Is it safe to cut dosage by yourself?

Are there any drugs you can take to bring down the blood pressure? Your high blood pressure might explain your anger lately. I hope it comes down because some us hate seeing you like this.

When I looked earlier this morning I didn't see this. I did ask a question in the lastest one have about Quintanilla, and you haven't posted it through. Are you having problems with your blog? I asked what sanctions you secured? You have talked about this before but I don't know exactly what that means.

BobbyWC said...

Your feigned interest in my health is heart warming. You obviously have zero knowledge of physiology.

My blood pressure is up because I am not exercising like I use to.

And yes, I just sit around waiting for a anony to give me medical advice, because I am too stupid to consult my own doctor.

And no, nothing is wrong with my blog. You simply lie when you state you requested proof of this sanction.

If you have read the posts of the last week and clicked on the links you would find the original post related to the sanction. My regular readers, of whom I am sure you are one, have seen it many times.

Now stop listening to the voices in your head and get a life.

Bobby Wc