Friday, September 11, 2009


Let’s begin from Del Rio because I believe the story coming out of Del Rio reflects the stench of corruption which is Brownsville. The following is from the Herald. "Parents were handed a letter, warning that their children will be withdrawn from school unless they provide proof of residence in the United States immediately." This letter was handed out at the bridge coming from the Mexican side. I have been penning my opposition to BISD’s support for illegal enrollment of Mexican students for over 4 years.

It is not about the mere enrollment. It is what it represents. It represents the ability to buy our politicians. This con goes well beyond allowing non-BISD resident children enrolling in BISD. It involves defrauding the IRS and the American people. The people on the US side who allow the Mexican children to use their address do so at a price. They claim these children as dependents which earns them potentially thousands of dollars in child tax credits and refunds.

The old BISD Board and new Board are fully aware of the problem and actively encourage the criminal behavior. Like everything else, this Board simply refuses to do its job. By late afternoon we will know the fate of Hector Gonzales. He needs to go for his neglect of Special Services. But let’s be clear, the decision to get rid of Gonzales had nothing to do with Special Services - Special Services became a convenient excuse. Nothing is one bit better within Special Services because this Board could not care less about these children. The Board forms policy - what policy initiative have any of these Board Members brought forward to address the problems within Special Services? None.

Political office in Brownsville is big business. There is no excuse for Rene Oliveira and Eddie Lucio Jr, and the 3rd not seeking the needed approval to sell the Port of Brownsville. They will never act in the interests of the people. The Port of Brownsville is a cash cow for them and their supporters - plain and simple.

The BISD Board remains silent over the illegal enrollment of non-resident children because these children come from homes with the needed parental support to raise scores, improve athletics and keep the Board members friends flowing in illegal IRS refunds. The children be damn.

I stayed up last night until 3 a.m. watching movies in hopes I could think of one good thing to say about Brownsville - not a thing came to mind.

This rain is going to play havoc with the potholes. There will be no money to fix the problem. If I heard correctly, more than 300k is being taken out of the Public Works budget which had been used for wasteful overtime. Public works is a joke. How much is it costing the taxpayer in inefficiency to have incompetent people running the city at every level? By City Manager Cabler’s own admission - he failed to see the budget crisis coming.

This city commission is incredibly disconnected from the people if they think not raising taxes will save them on election day. I predict 2 of the 3 up for reelection in 2011 will loose. It will be a matter of finding 3 people who can run effective campaigns. This is highly unlikely.

This city commission actually believes that the people will not notice the potholes. Rain is the fertilizer of potholes. The projected long-term weather report is rain and a colder winter than last year. Fees from the international bridge are not going up soon. Between the hassles presented by the border agents, and the dangers in Mexico, people are just not going to cross anymore. I have stopped going across on a regular basis.

Those who think the failure of the weir project is a good thing better think twice. It is fair to say like everything else Pat Almighty touches he infected the weir project with his ignorance thereby causing it to fail.

Water is a future. Businesses which look to relocate to new areas actually look to the long term water plans of the community. I guess Brownsville has resolved to have no big time future. These small minded politicos only think of their wallets. They know the day big business comes to town they will be removed from office. Big business knows and understands you cannot run a city based on mordidas - but then this is all Brownsville knows.


Anonymous said...

I can think of one thing you might think is good about Brownsville: those potholed roads lead right out of town. It offends me when people make statements like "I couldn't think of one good thing about Brownsville." I can think of many otherwise I would not live here. Every time I hear that though, I gotta wonder why that person lives here. If it is such a terrible place for you, leave. Go where the medical care is all that you want and where the schools won't keep you searching for movies all night long. Please don't misunderstand, I am not making a "love it or leave it" comment. There is certainly plenty that stinks in the city and it is almost all political but if you hate it so much, why be here? Please don't say it is because Brownsville needs your voice because that's not true. Your vou have something to say and offer space for others and that is good but ultimately, I don't think it will mean much to the city as a whole. So tell me, tell us, why are you here?
I'll share just a few of the things that make Brownsville a place I have chosen to live in. The best beach in the state of Texas, Boca Chica Beach, the great beach drive up the Island to the Mansfield Cut. The proximity to the border (this could be a double edged sword but being on the frontier give the city what character it has). I love being in a city where people switch languages in the middle of a sentence, not because they are illiterate but because they use the language that best express what they are trying to say and if it takes two languages to get it done, we can do that. I love living in a city that is always in transition with people coming and going from a mixture of cultures and each culture leaving something for us. There's a bunch more stuff but you get the idea. Sure it could be better and sometimes when our Valley politicians commit some especially blatant dumbass move I get frustrated at their use and abuse of us all and think about leaving but if I think a little longer I remember why I am here. Plus, where would I go that would be much better? All across the country politicians are lying, cheating and stealing. I'm beginning to think there are two kinds of politicians, those that have been caught and those that haven't been caught yet. I'd have to move to a third world country where I could not vote and where my expectations would be lower. That would be fun, though.

BobbyWC said...

It is not that there is nothing good - but what good is a great bread pudding if the Bourbon sauce is sour?

I love Boca Chica, although far too many people treat it as the city dump. No city is perfect - but this city is well on its way of being bad at every level.

the measure of a city is not its corruption, but its future - corruption will always be there.

SA is a growing city with a lot of people pushing for a vision which makes it a place with a nice quality of life, crime an all. Some of their school districts are good - some are bad.

But in spite of the politicians looking for handouts, the city moves forward - you cannot say the same about Brownsville.

So it is not that there are not good things in Brownsville, but they all stink because of the bad. Boca Chica is beautiful an raw - but an unauthorized city dump because of the people.

As to healthcare - Mescalero you have not been reading my posts - I have repeatedly stated the New VA clinic is the top of the line. In this regards it surpasses the VA in SA - but then it is in Harligen.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Rolando Aguilar will get the report today this does not mean and shouldn't that it will be made public. That will come from a board meeting.

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is, Gonzales supporters will not be all over the place declaring his victory if he wins?

Enough said.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, Brownsville has many minuses but it also has many pluses. Sometimes we need to focus on the good in order to deal with the bad.

The problem with the students from Mexico attending school here is not new. The reason is that BISD gets compensated for this illegal activity. Others have tried to put a stop to this and have failed many times. Seems to me that you are trying to fight too many battles.(two cents worth)

You keep mentioning SA. Do you read their paper? It is VERY corrupt and run by a group of people who want to further their careers and their amigos. Have you ever been to the westside and eastside of that city? Have you read about the gang activity and the daily drive-bys? I wish you would spend a year there and I assure you that you would return to Brownsville with a new perspective.

I am not trying to offend you.
Well,God bless you and all who read your blog.

BobbyWC said...

You are still missing the bigger picture - there is no hope or future for this town - it is currently going no where.

As to crime - I will take Brownsville's crime rate over SA's any day- where I live in Brownsville I have heard of no crime from my neighbors. (5 years)

I said, SA has corrupt politicos - but the difference is the city is moving forward - Brownsville is not - every city has corrupt politicos - the measure is - is the city moving forward? -

can you honestly say Brownsville is moving forward compared to SA?

Further, I have always been a strong supporter of our police. I am glad they are out slowing people down- First rains after a long spell means oil on the roads - the police are doing an A+ job in slowing people down - this makes for safer roads.

But you know what - the good is so overwhelmed by the bad - it is hard to see the good any more

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court decision was made in 1982 to educate everyone regardless their resident status. It is Plyler vs Doe.

BobbyWC said...

A reader sent this to me in an e-mail. I am assuming it is an attempt to explain why BISD educates Mexican nationals who are not residents of the district.

The Plyler decision holds that if they are residents of your district you must educate them regardless of their legal status - it does not say you must educate people who are not residents of your district - big difference

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There is a terrible flooding problem in some areas of SA because they forgot(!) to install drainage gutters!!!!!

It is run by a minority of WASP.

Racism is at all time high.

Schools are a mess'

Child abuse is prevalent.

You should see homeless problem.

Gang members run certain areas of city.

Some police officers have had to be suspended for rape.

I could go on and on. You get the picture.

I do see Brownsville moving forward. Maybe at a snail's pace but hey nothing is perfect. I agree that we have a good police force and our school district is also good compared to other districts our size. I try to see the grass greener on my side of the fence and not my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

(So what you are saying is, Gonzales supporters will not be all over the place declaring his victory if he wins?

Enough said."

No not quite. You don't think Gonzales opponents will be all over the place declaring his defeat if he loses?

Now it's enough said.

Anonymous said...

When the likes of Sossi is restraining a citizen's right to address the commission as they see fit, I don't blame you for your negative opinion of Brownsville. Any thoughts on Sossi and his determination to shut down speech at commission meetings?

In Sossi's legal opinion, not only can you not mention a commissioner by name, you can't mention them "by reference." So if you say something bad against the commission, he will prevent you from speaking and take up all of your three minutes because he will claim it's a personal attack. He might as well a black robe with rapid rabid judicial edicts.

Alex Resendiz was very clear he was directing his comments to the chair and offering something for a future agenda item. That is not enough for Sossi who is now apparently playing the role bull dog gestapo.

What say you?

BobbyWC said...

I have to see the tape - a decision has been made by the state judges the people will not have their day in court to secure a ruling on the constitutionality of these provisions.

I will do my best to prepare the paperwork this weekend and move my lawsuit into federal court under the futility doctrine and seek a TRO -

It is time the people be allowed to speak - Sossi is about to cost the taxpayers a pretty penny - the commission will probably declare a national holiday in his name as teh reward.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

First time responder, really enjoy reading your thoughts. I work for B.I.S.D. and if you think Brownsville stinks, you haven't smelled crap like what we smell here. We have village idiots running departments that are clueless of what they are doing. Gonzales was costing us peanuts compared to the millions being wasted by the maintenance and facilities depts. They build a school and then figure out they didn't have enough water coming to the property. You request a repair by the maintenance dept. and a year later they show up. You drive around town, and you see maintenance vehicles parked, running, with the guys on the cell phones. Brownsville is not that bad, it's the people that run it that are bad.