Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Friend,

Make a donation before September 30 and Bill will match it dollar-for-dollar!
As you can probably imagine, I hold one seat in the United States Senate very dear to my heart. It is the one from which my husband served for nearly a quarter of a century.Throughout his service in the Senate, Lloyd held a deep sense of our nation's special responsibilities in the world and worked tirelessly to see them fulfilled. He proudly heeded the call to public service and felt fortunate to represent the people of Texas.As you know, I do not endorse many candidates, my nephew Ken Bentsen being the notable exception. I am making another exception for Bill White. I strongly support Bill for the U.S. Senate, and I ask you to join me in working for his cause in whatever way you can.Right now that means making a contribution to Bill White's campaign before September 30, which he'll match dollar-for-dollar to double your impact.I have known Bill for many years and know firsthand his call to public service. He has earned my respect as a person and a leader. He is a visionary with the drive to succeed. He is the right man, at the right time, to serve our state as Lloyd once did.Bill is a nationally recognized leader on energy policy. He served as Deputy U.S. Secretary of Energy when Lloyd was Secretary of the Treasury. They were two of the most senior Texans in the Clinton Administration, and Lloyd thought that Bill did an outstanding job.Bill has been a strong mayor, making government more open, diverse, responsible, and accountable. He led Houstonians in meeting the challenge of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, winning national recognition from the John F. Kennedy Foundation which presented him with a Profile in Courage Award.We need more leaders of Bill White's talent in Washington today. I hope you will support him for the United States Senate.Make a contribution to Bill White's campaign before September 30, and he'll match it dollar-for-dollar to double your impact.Thank you for joining me to support his campaign today.

With warm regards, B. A. Bentsen, Wife of Former Senator Lloyd Bentsen

Paid for by Bill White for Texas

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Dear Friend...why do I feel you are being suckered in by a Nigerian con artist? Dear Friend, that's a laugh. I'm so glad you stopped opening with My dear readers.