Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"In her complaint, Farnsworth alleges that during a Jan. 16, 2008, city council meeting Mulvane Mayor James Ford found her comments about the casino taking money out of the local economy to be out of order.

The mayor told her the council was only taking questions at that time about the project, and that Farnsworth was addressing a social issue over which the casino had no control, according to the court documents.

When Farnsworth persisted in her comments, she was escorted out of the public meeting by two police officers."

I hope a local law firm will take up the cause of Resendez and sue the mayor and city attorney Sossi. I tis time this nonsense stops.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you suing the city for the same reason? Can't he join your lawsuit already in progress?

Anonymous said...

Bobby, could you please fix your blog so that it can hold more than five blog posts in the first page? You have posts from yesterday as older posts. It's a waste of good posts to have them as older posts the next day. What is the basis of your lawsuit against the other bloggers? As a simpleton, I've never understood it.

Anonymous said...

Well, can he? That's a good question.

What is the basis of your lawsuit is also a good question, yet no response from you. Why are you depriving your readership of a response to good questions?