Thursday, September 17, 2009


"A "joint trial on all three counts would require inconsistent defenses, the presentation of which would undercut defense credibility, violating due course and due process," one of the motions states."

The above is from the Herald.

I would like to say Ed Cyganiewicz knew the Herald would read his motion and report on it, but apparently not.

Judge Pate needs to seriously consider referring Cyganiewski for disciplinary action.
Rule 3.01 Meritorious Claims and Contentions

A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless
the lawyer reasonably believes that there is a basis for doing so that is not frivolous.
Cyganiewski has admitted in his pleadings his intent to defend based on conflicting positions, hence "inconsistent defenses."

This is why our legal system is broken. If Judge Pate will not refer Ed Cyganiwski to the Commission on Lawyer Discipline then DA Villalobos should take the lead. At a minimum I would hope DA Villalobos would respond with a motion for sanctions.

We can only hope everyone in the jury pool is aware of this moron's actions


Aghast said...

You want the jury pool to be aware? It is every defendant's right to be ajudged by an unbiased jury of their peers. And you would deny this, you hypocritical self-serving toad?

BobbyWC said...

yes i am trying to bias the jury pool becasue as we all know everyone reads BV and no one reads the Herald.

Get a life

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

"We can only hope everyone in the jury pool is aware of this moron's actions"

The actions didn't occur on your blog. It is his actions quoted in the Herald, which you admit is read more than your blog, that you hope will be brought out by the district attorney. Get a life? More like you should get a clue to your own hyperbolic posts. I think Aghast presented Mr. Wightman with a teachable moment. You so missed his point.