Friday, September 4, 2009


Now, given the incompetence of the Herald’s staff one would hope they have the story all wrong - but who knows. This is from the Herald.

"People with outstanding warrants in the state's 404th District Court have until Feb. 1 to resolve issues or face being held without bond, said Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez.
"If they come voluntarily to the court I will work with them and give them a bond," Cornejo said. "If we have to come get you I will hold you with no bond."

The implication of this statement is, the court will not be looking for these people for 6 months. If this is not the implication then what is the amnesty period?

So who are these people who innocently forgot to go to court?

The crimes I list as I understand them are alleged only.

Hugo Torres Murder
Jose Silva Indecency with a child
Juan Trevino Indecency with a child
Javier Soto Murder
Danny tracy Indecency with a child
Sergio Vera Indecency with a child
Samuel Reyes Indecency with a child
Simon Gonzalez Indecency with a child
Juan Sanchez Indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault

This is only a partial list. These same type charges go on and on and on. So my questions is, assuming these people are guilty, although they have not been found guilty, do they just keep on engaging in murder, indecency with children, and aggravated sexual assault until the end of the six month period and then get to say to Judge Cornejo-Lopez - "see I turned myself in?"

These people should be on a priority list to be arrested yesterday. Providing a 6 month amnesty to people who are charged with these type crimes is the work of a mentally deranged person.

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