Tuesday, September 15, 2009


City Attorney Sossi's refusal to present the settlement offer to the City Commission related to my free speech case, now has the parties entering depositions. Your tax money being well spent. Sorry Charlie Atkinson will be deposed. I have already issued the Notices of Deposition. An issue is, under the city ordinances, no one can go to the meetings and demand Atkinson apologize for his abuse of the people. We all remember "were is my comment faggot." Either the Herald pulled the following from its comment section, or Sorry Charlie Atkinson pulled it under advice of counsel.

"Elenne,You stink. get a life!!! Haters like you never allow a city to get better. You probably sit in your house and never have to make decisions or rally a group of people together. I feel sorry for you."


There is a growing consensus that Mark Sossi is out of line with his endless violating of the speaker's right to free speech based on the subject ordinances. We have seen how he invokes these ordinances falsely to control the content of the speaker's speech. Mr. Sossi is also being deposed, not as to his legal advice to the City Commission, but on the narrow issue of his conduct during the meetings.

So what do we think, did the Herald pull the comment, or did counsel demand that Sorry Charlie Atkinson pull is own comment?


Anonymous said...

This wouldn't the first time his comments get deleted or removed. Maybe there were enough people who felt it was abusive or a personal attack which would be quite ironic given the way Sossi controls people speech because it is a "personal attack".

Why aren't commissioners coming to the defense of the people? Why is it just Ahumada shrugging his shoulders accepting Sossi's ruling? You would think maybe one or more commissioners would speak up every time Sossi opens his mouth.

BobbyWC said...

I am so tired of this mentality that we can restrict speech. Sossi is incredibly unethical. He has no sense of the law or respect for the law. This is fine - the people will not allow the commission to say "hey Sossi misguided us." No morons - you are choosing to play the Hector Gonzales game "under advice of counsel."

The new commissioners have been there long enough to know what is happening is wrong - it is time they speak up or face the people. Can they possibly think that by silencing speech people will not notice the potholes, or stupid moves like using PUB money to fix the budget problems rather than eliminate the waste.

Do people just get stupid upon being elected to public office?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

fairness reminder - Longoria did take Sossi to task at least once. The new commissioners might want to take a lead from motorcylce man Longoria. I have missed the last two meetings because of travelling a lot. I am not sure what happened at the last two meetings.

Now I am not saying something nice about Longoria just because he looks cute on his motorcycle.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Another comment from your friendly city commissioner:

commish wrote:

you are a taxpayer and a ratepayer and nothing has changed regarding your taxes and rates so quit your little biatch whinning!!!!!!Be grateful!!!!
9/15/2009 11:31 PM CDT