Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have received e-mails in both support and against removing Healthsmart as the overseer of BISD’s health plan. I have been given lots of names with claims of cronyism and insider dealing- on both sides. So what is the truth? I do not know. What I do know are the known facts.

This claim that the so called gang of four were elected to carry out this insurance conspiracy is the ranting of people who hate reality. Had Otis Powers been reelected it would be a gang of 5. The behind the scenes discussion before the election was securing the votes to remove Hector Gonzales. Hector Gonzales encouraged Presas-Garcia to run so as to remove Otis Powers as a vote against him. It was politics. You people remind me of the whiners on Big Brother. Its politics - you win when you play it as politics - and not as some shocked child who learns Santa Claus is doing mommy.

I have said since before the election - it is about politics and contracts. No one on the BISD Board cares one bit about the children. Last night I was watching a small portion of the BISD meeting. Presas-Garcia has decided that she is going to bring up endless problems, some of which only exist in her vindictive puny little mind, and throw them at Springston as his fault. Last night I learned she has no idea how the bidding process works. In the process of proving herself a fool for who ever fed her this disinformation, she caused AD Rodriguez to humiliate himself. I now understand why our football teams cannot win. This guy cannot form an intelligent concept when he speaks. It is all gobbledygook.

Back to Healthsmart - I am not saying they were not screwed. This bogus organization carebrownsville, which obviously has money, is not helping,. I have heard their stupid ads on 710 am. I have read their web page. There is no information other than stupid vitriolics with unsubstantiated claims. Exactly how does this help the public understand the issues? It does not. Intelligent people will see it as an organization being pushed by Hector Gonzales or his supporters as a distraction from Hector Gonzales’ failures. Where is their transparency? Who are the officers? Who sits on their Board? Where did the money come from to buy the ads? carebrownsvilles' motto on transparency is - "We lead fools - who needs transparency?"

Here is the real problem. Healthsmart claims that the BISD consultant misrepresented its work. If the consultant is in fact guilty of this then the people need to know. This is how you educate the people. Release the report Healthsmart prepared in its defense. This is where you find facts. The BV will certainly post the report prepared by Healthsmart. It will then be up to the BISD Board to refute the charges. This is how you bring out facts which inform people. if Healthsmart is in fact a victim, then heads need to roll.

As of now the endless vitriolics from carebrownsville and elsewhere are in fact hurting Healthsmart. Smart people can see carebrownsville is about disinformation and not facts. They present not one fact on their web page - just claims and conclusory statements.

In closing, I am not saying the deal against Healthsmart was not political. I am saying Healthsmart, carebrownsvill and others are only putting out unsubstantiated conclusory statements - which help no one. This tells me it is not about the district - it is about their political side loosing.

Now how about some real journalism - time to get Healthsmart’s claims and investigate. If I can get a copy of their claims I will investigate and push the Board hard. It seems to me Presas-Garcia has in hand all of the evidence to prove Healthsmart was screwed. Let’s have it Presas-Garcia. I will print your claims verbatim, so long as there is no defamation. It is time we look at the claims from a factual perspective and not on the fears of the people who rightfully so will believe the contract award was 100% about kickbacks.


Anonymous said...

How could you say "some of which only exist in her vindictive puny little mind" and expect her to forward you any information which you seek. It is not a respectable strategy to get sources or information. It is, however, a means to get sued.

BobbyWC said...

Okay it was a joke - i tis called sarcasm - I have no expectations of Presas-garcia providing me or anyone else anything.

It will not shock me to learn Healthsmart got screwed - that part is easy.

My issue is - why is Presas-garcia and her gang of morons not disclosing facts.

Why did Gonzales not provide a copy of the complaint against him to the Herald for immediate posting.

This is transparency.

If Healthsmart was screwed they need to come forward with their detailed rebuttal of the claims made against them.

I will then do an open records request seeking documentation which supports each and every claim against healthsmart.

If BISD cannot produce the evidence then I will have a story -

BISD claims xyz against Healthcare - when asked to produce the evidence in an open records request they produced abc or none

This is how to investigate this mess.

Once it can be shown the claims against Healthsmart were false then the next step is to look into specific relationships between who got the contract and Board Members and or their family members

This is how you investigate.

If Presas-garcia believes she has the evidence then she needs to release it to the Herald.

She has nothing - she is a fool being guided by fools.

The tragedy is, the claims may be valid but people will never know because fools are leading what might be a legitimate battle

As to BISD and Specal Services - yesterday I had a conversation with an insider at the TEA - they have come to the conclusiion that BISD will never comply with the law - its staff across the Board from Special Services to principals, assistant principals are so poorly trained short of a major shake-up beyond what has already happened BISD will not deal with its problems.

This Board - all the Board Members have no interest in the children or fixing special services. Presas-Garcia is too busy trying to settle scores while the children suffer.

The biggest con is Colunga - he is a complete and total disgrace - he has a special needs child - what is clear is so long as his child is getting what he wants for his child - screw every other child in BISD -

As to be sued - your are an idiot - you obvious cannot interpret sarcasm and have zero knowledge of the law.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(your are an idiot)

It's "you're an idiot" or "you are an idiot". So who's the idiot now? Hmmmmm?

Sarcasm, I'll have to alert Jerry.

Anonymous said...

I believe BISD is the biggest employer in Brownsville. Therefore no one really gets involved in outing their defeciences because everyone is connected to each other either by blood or compadrismo. God help the person who goes against the grain because he/she will get tarred and run out of town in the blink of an eye.

TEA will NEVER do anything against BISD because they know they can't win so they end up giving only lip service.





BobbyWC said...

My readers know I know the difference between you're and your - I am trying to allow people to have their say - but I am also busy trying to get the TEA to take emergency action agsinst BISD - we now have the proof Special Services remains a joke and the principals and assistant principals are not properly trained to deal with special needs children.

What my readers know is - the best you have is a stupid distraction

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

they have come to the conclusiion that BISD will never comply with the law - its staff across the Board from Special Services to principals, assistant principals are so poorly trained,,:

so what is TEA going to do about it?

BobbyWC said...

I suspect the TEA will issue more sanctions - it is going to take a major court order. This Board simply has zero interest in the problem

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is sad that people degrade themselves by calling attention to word usage(you/you're) when they have nothing valid to contribute.

PLEASE stop insulting the reader by assuming we need a spelling lesson from you.(POST #3).

Just stick to the issue.


Anonymous said...

"It's "you're an idiot" or "you are an idiot". So who's the idiot now? Hmmmmm?"

It's classic Spin 101: If you are unable or unwilling to respond to the issue(s) presented, attack the messenger or better yet attack his typing skills.