Friday, September 18, 2009


While I was proofing this post, the following anony post came through. I am including here because it relates to my suspicions that Healthsmart, formally AAG, is giving money to Accion America.

"A couple of links to show the Ted Parker(Healthsmart/AAG owner) and Mr. Quintainlla connections. They tried to pulled the same thing against political opponents in Lubbock they are doing down here.

And one more thing...How does an organization headed by a convicted felon get a home health license? "

i am trying to verify the Carlos Quintanilla in the above story is the same as the one with Accion America. I will certainly post any statement by Accion America that he is not.

Here is my original post before I received he above comment.

First, it is a good thing that the Board is going to request an audit concerning the insurance controversy. Those calling for Joe Colunga’s resignation over the mess gained credibility the moment Joe Colunga voted against the audit to determine if Healthsmart is a victim of Looney.

The BISD Board since before Zayas or Cortez were elected was a corrupt institution. To put what is happening into context I want to go back to what Pat Lehmann said after the Board got caught accepting an illegal dinner from a vender.

Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Cortez when Cortez sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

This was a very clear threat that if Cortez opened the door on the La Pampa affair, Lehmann would open other doors. Well Lehmann was thrown out of office and those doors have now been open. This is the source of BISD’s meltdown.

I was on record that replacing Lehmann would not fix the problem.

‘The following appeared in the BV on September 22, 2008.

"Let there be no mistake Rick Zayas is running to have control over the money, and not to help the children. But Pat Lehmann is responsible for the incompetence of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon. He must be held accountable for his actions. At the end of the day Zayas cronies will benefit from the changing of Board Members, wherein Lehmann’s cronies will find themselves on the street. Neither cares about the children. But at least we will send a message of accountability. "

For years I have been writing about the mismanagement in Special Services under the failed leadership of Art Rendon. MALDEF has rejected every request I have made that they look into the discriminatory policies towards the mentally ill children within BISD who are predominately Latino.

As my first quote shows, this is all about money on both sides. It is not about the children. It is not about fraud. If Accion America were truly about the fraud then why are they silent about the fraud BISD commits on the government by claiming as BISD children, children they know live in Matamoros? Answer - it is not about fraud. BISD needs to check to see if Healthsmart has offered Accion America money in exchange for starting up trouble for the BISD Board. If Healthsmart has in fact offered money to Accion America, or anyone else for that matter, then Accion America could and should loose their tax exempt status.

I can only deal in facts. Accion American has its people posting on the internet that its leader’s federal criminal conviction is 30 years old. He was convicted in 1991. When you have to lie, your credibility is put into question.

Accion America is only relevant because it was part of the protest against Farmers Branch. This city passed abusive ordinances to force undocumented workers to move out of the city. This was a honorable battle. But in terms of the courtroom, national legal and educational organizations came in and fought the battle, not Accion America. Accion America fought the battle in the streets and brought national attention to the issue. This is all good. Contrary to the reports on 710 am radio their leader is not a lawyer.

When you have to use deception to make yourself appear relevant, you are not honest. They attack the BV claiming I relied on a story by ALIPC, a racist organization. False - 100% false. The ALIPAC link contains the story from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. My quotes were from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I used the story because I needed a verification that in fact I had the same Quintanilla. At no time has Quintanilla denied his conviction for - here it comes - wait "fraud." Now, a felon convicted based on fraud seeks to charge BISD with fraud.

Well actually, I am certain the charges will be proven true. I have been talking about how children with limited English skills are put in special education classes for over 4 years. I have mentioned the same scam with athletes. To get around "no pass no play" they put athletes who refuse to study in special education classes.

So if I agree there is fraud, what is the problem? It is this mixing of issues. If this were about the children and the fraud, why not report the fraud on the children who live in Matamoros but who attend BISD? As to Gonzales, if it is about fraud and he is being fired for trying to expose it, why did Gonzales not go to the FBI over a year ago when he learned of the Board’s intent to fire him. Why now, after the big loss is he going public with this mess.

It is all politics.

The other issue, why is a Latino advocacy group getting involved with the potential fraud against Healthsmart. This has nothing to do with the mission of this group - nothing. This is why I suspect there has been a commitment of money by Healthsmart, or its executives to Accion America.

Back to the children. Accion America says it is about the children - total BS - what about all of the children who had their rights violated by Rendon? What about the millions BISD had to spend defending against the violations? The fact Accion American is point blank ignoring this reality should inform anyone of minimal intelligence, Accion America is acting on money or a promise for money. Accion America actually believes the TEA is going to ignore all of the successful complaints against Art Rendon. The TEA issued the sanctions against BISD because of Rendon’s incompetence, not some hearing officer.

It is sad when a so called advocacy group for Latino’s will throw Latino children under the bus for their own personal gain.

On that note, I have it on good authority BISD is now compiling the evidentiary record needed to justify the formal discharge of Art Rendon.

Back to the politics of its all. Lehmann lost - he needed to settle the score. It was at this time someone leak confidential information about Joe Colunga’s son. Coincidence - not - It was a shot over the bow of the ship to Colunga - get in line and protect Gonzales or else.

All of the Board Members past and present are guilty as sin when it comes to abandoning our children. I hope the Justice Department pays close attention to any donations Accion America has received in the last few weeks or during the coming hear. This smells rotten.

Those of us who are determined to protect the special needs children will continue to fight. I am certain that if the TEA choose to investigate they will find, this Board, the past Board, Hector Gonzales, and Art Rendon did significant injury to the special needs children of BISD. With such a finding maybe, just maybe we can then elect a Board which will put the children first.

I do hope if the government does get involved it will expose the truth, namely for money parties on both sides are destroying BISD and its children.


Anonymous said...

All of the Board Members past and present are guilty as sin when it comes to abandoning our children.

didn't you have a big 'beef' with powers about this?

Anonymous said...

why not report the fraud on the children who live in Matamoros but who attend BISD"
Because they are place on ESL and Spl. ED. so they generate money twice!

Anonymous said...

I am very confused. I don't understand why you seem to not welcome the actions of AA if it seems to me that they have the same goals that you protect these children from all the corruption that has been going on for a LONG time.

I don't really care if someone put them up to it as long as the corruption is exposed and ALL involved are sent packing.

As for students from across...this is nothing new. It is the responsibility of BISD to monitor but they won't because they will lose money. THAT I find criminal.

TEA has not been listening....maybe they will listen to AA and ALL children will benefit.

Some egos may be bruised but that too shall pass.

Thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

BROWNSVILLE - With a 5-1 vote, the Brownsville ISD trustees have voted to terminate the superintendent.

School board members made their decision at a meeting this morning. Hector Gonzales had been on administrative leave since January.

This was after allegations of misuse of funds in the Special Services Department and allegations he released confidential information.

Last week, a hearing examiner with the Texas Education Agency recommended BISD terminate Gonzales' contract.

The examiner listed numerous findings in a 48-page report that ultimately finds the superintendent responsible for wrongdoings in the district.

BobbyWC said...

the problem with Accion America is their bogus protection of Gonzales and Rendon - this makes their entire case suspect.

Further the goals are not really the same - if I understand they are saying Spanish speaking students are being labled special ed when they are not. I believe this is happening and it is wrong, but the bigger issue and this is where Accion America is covering up what has happened is, GOnzales and Rendon failing to provide services to special ed needs children.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I beg to differ with you.
I think AA is using GONZALEZ AND RENDON as a means to get to the REAL problem of corruption that exist at BISD in regards to these children.

Remember that this problem has existed long before Gonzalez and Rendon. Especially in regards to a board members son.

I hope AA exposes ALL the corruption once and for all and heads start to roll.



BobbyWC said...

Dude, it is a peace thing,'

You are 100% correct. My problem with protecting Gonzales and Rendon is Healthsmart is punishing the children because they may have gotten screwed in a contract.

Sorry I do not play that game.

And yes problems existed before Rendon - he just made them a lot worse. I have seen many of the documents. The retaliation was real.

I have filed complaints - I know just how bad the training is. I do blame the Board for allowing the Special Services budget to beome a cash cow for corrupt and incompetent forces.

I do hope an investigation brings out the entire story. I think all of the Board Members all 7 will fall.

I think Gonzales and Rendon will find finding a job in education a near impossibility.

And I hope to god someone goes to jail.

Finally, I hope if it can be shown Healthsmart is giving money to Accion American the Justice Department investigates.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Simply, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The testing for ESL students is done with instruments that are developed for students who do not speak English. These tests are administered by diagnosticians who are fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Anonymous said...

Mr. C. You've got a lot of spices in the soup and most of them are right on. I think you could be right on with AA and Healthsmart. AA is making alot of false claims about SS. The children have never been neglected and B.I.S.D. has always had the right instruments and qaulity personnel. Rendon is the one that came in and brought his stooges to rip-off the millions that were ripe for the pickens. I think that everybody needs to get of this "Children" crap. The teachers are doing a great job and the children have never been in better hands as they are today. We need to look at all departments so that the public can see that SS is not the only department that is squandering money. They can start with Maintenance, facilities, and transportation. We're talking about millions of dollars leaking out of these departments. Why, because these departments are being run by people with inproper credentials. Latest screw-up, the land for Veterans H.S. was purchased, school built, oops! We don't have enough water. That should have been discovered, considered, and negotiated for the final purchase price. Did any heads role? Nope!

BobbyWC said...

This issue of whetehr or not Rendon brought in his own people is being investigated by lawyers. A report will issue. At that time we will know if evidence existence to support these claims gainst Rendon.

But to be fair, the Board should have been paying attention to these budget issues all along. As you mention, other departments ar ein the same mess.

the Board is as guilty as Gonzales and Rendon.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Presas-Garcia, if whistle blowers don't turn them on to internal details, the board can be manipulated by the super, with respect to what information they get. The exception mentioned above, thinks she was voted in as a sales rep. for the district. She has no idea what protocol is, she wants to pick up where Lehman left off. I wonder who is coaching her???

Anonymous said...

The testing for ESL students is done with instruments that are developed for students who do not speak English. These tests are administered by diagnosticians who are fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Asina los tichers/diagnosticians les alludan a los estudents pa que el principal los suporte y los pongan en clases especiales pa que puedan garrar mejor grados. y cuando venga el testing la escuela no pague con escores bajas. y los parents very happy.