Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I do not know the answer. The answer could range from BISD has admitted it wronged him and has agreed to settle the case to: The answer could be BISD released him of his judgment for attorney's fees in exchange for dropping the appeal. The answer could be BISD offered him a low level position to drop the claims. The answer could be he can no longer afford to pay his costs and attorneys fees. It is any one's guess.


What carebrownsville will not tell you is BISD has incurred attorneys fees because of lawsuits filed by Rendon and Gonzales which have gone nowhere. Not that facts or reality matters to this group.

Now if BISD has settled with Rendon and intends to restore him to his original position, then it is fair to say BISD wasted a lot of attorney's fees. But for now BISD has incurred a lot of attorneys fees for lawsuits which for the most part have been dismissed. I have not checked the status of the Juarez suit for some time so I have no idea what is happening in that lawsuit. I will check later this week.

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Very, very interesting we will have to put our feelers out to find the rest of the story. Keep up the good work Bobby.