Thursday, September 24, 2009



Bush’s decision to try and place missiles in Russia’s backyard was stupid. His advisers either had no knowledge of Russia’s history, and the Cuban missile crisis, or they simply did not care. Russia’s decision to get on board with possible sanctions against Iran is not very complex. The US pulled the missile program which was allegedly a defensive program against Iran, and Russia is now on board with possible sanctions.


I have been wanting to mention this for some time. In the non-soda drink isle you will notice something called G2. These are 40 calories. I drink 1 or 2 a day. I mostly drink black coffee and water. These G2’s are awesome. I love the grape and fruit punch. There is nothing in the taste which has a diet flavor.


Buster has decided she prefer toilet paper over food. She goes into the hall bathroom and unrolls the toilet paper and starts to eat - just too weird.

Keaton is just spoiled. Her water and food have to be refreshed several times a day. The bowls can actually be full, but if they have been there for a couple of hours she will not eat or drink unless I refresh the bowls.

The thing about dogs is, if they are very close to the family and watch TV with the family and sleep with the family (only way I’m going to get two bitches in my bed) they become more and more human. They have routines. When I get in bed Keaton sleeps at the foot of the bed and Buster puts her head down on one of the pillows next to mine. I will watch TV for about an hour. The moment I reach over for my CPAP mask the girls will switch positions. It is just too weird.
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Anonymous said...

Let me see if I can paraphrase your first point, so we understand correctly.

The United States made a mistake by working to place missle defense systems within close proximity to Russia. However, that exact same commitment was later used as leverage to obtain a concession, thus muting a much greater strategic problem.

Is this correct?

If so, Bush is inadvertantly much smarter than you have stated, Obama is pure genius or the government does often plan strategically beyond four year election cycles. Or maybe; all three.

BobbyWC said...

If that were the plan, then you would be correct. But the Republicans are all over the place claiming Obama is weak based on this decision with Russia.

Also during the Georgia War I spoke about this mess. Bush was real clear he had no strategy other than trying to bully the Russians into submission - which only cost the people of Georia a needless war, needless death, and needless destruction.

Sorry dude you cannot rewrite documented history - nice try.

Further, Russia under Bush pushed the issue over and over again. Bush made clear that the two would never be tied together.

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

I think you are now disagreeing with the thrust of your own posted point. We dropped the missle plan in exchange for Russian "assistance" on the Iranian issue.

You can believe what you want about how we got to that point, but do not mix domestic politics with geopolitical strategy. Based on your assertions, the arms race wasn't successful in bringing about the cold war / end of the Soviet Union.

Parties will criticize the party in powers choice of ties; that's what they do.

But I will say this much, I find it ironic that they very people who are facilitating Iran's nuclear ambitions are now promising to help mute it. We look very weak internationally on this issue and that is a fact.

Also ironic is that Bush haters screamed about how the US had isolated itself and everyone hated us because of Bush's policies. Well, some of our staunchest allies were literally just stabbed in the back by Obama / the US. In his European speeches he pointedly said that he would not rescind the missle plan so long as the Iranian missle threat existed. Two weeks ago, the United Nations and the US both admitted that Iran has advanced their capabilities (with much Russian assistance), yet we just killed the plan.

IF the Russians are sincere (and my Soviet studies friend, we both know they always have been "wink-wink"), then this is a tremendous victory for Obama.

If they are not, it is a physical sign of weakness on his part to coincide with a speech in which he vpoluntarily removed himself as the leader of the free world. He said "we can't do it alone" and took his seat next to the lesser positioned countries of the world. His philosophy seems to be that it is not fair that the US be in charge. I hope you eventually see this for the embarassingly Carteresque step bcakwards that it really is.