Monday, September 21, 2009


From Accion American:

"We have met with attorneys they have agreed to file suit and you will get our response soon.FYI, Lawyers have signed several Plaintiffs, have reviewed medical records with the consent and authorization of these Plaintiffs. As a matter of fact they flew into to Dallas this morning and should be back in Brownsville this evening.Your TrulyAccion America "

No one is saying there is no corruption. No one is saying BISD did not violate the civil rights of children. We are saying Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are part of the problem, along with the entire corrupt Board.

You can file suit for the children who serve your political agenda. The children who have been denied services for mental health disabilities will continue their battle against BISD and Art Rendon. A new ruling is expected any time now for violations which occurred under Art Rendon. Tell us, why do these children not matter? Answer, because they do not serve the agenda of Healthsmart.

Shame on you Accion America.


Anonymous said...

The following is a response from a very respected journalist in Dallas to my email inquiring about Carlos Quintanilla and his antics.

"I have to laugh when I see Carlos’ name.

He has tried many times to leverage influence in Dallas and is seen mainly as a guy who gets on tv a lot but has little or no power.

He is seen mostly as a gad fly who shows up to protest public policy but without much, if any, of a public mandate.

Obviously his actions in Brownsville are not of much interest to our viewers since most of them could care less about what he has to say up here."

More food for thought for those who can.


Anonymous said...

Accion America gets it,

You fail to mention all the work that Accion America and Mr. Quintanilla has done, not only in Farmers Branch, but in other cities, he was the lead voice in Farmers Branch, all media reports and rallies will comfirm that.

He was the organizer of massiive rallies in Irving against racial profiling of Hispanics.

He was the only voice that spoke out in defense of children who were dying from Cheese Heroin.

His record speaks for itself.

I do not know what you have accomplished in your life, we know what Mr. Quintanilla has done not for a few but for many who have been impacted by his work and his very forceful voice.

Had it not been for Mr. Quintanilla children's lives would have been ignored and immigrants would be living in greater fear here in the Dallas Metroplex, there are no raids in Dallas, no border patrols, no overt racist anti immigranst he decimated them.

The Irving Single Member lawsuit would not have happened if Quintanilla did not mobilize over 5,000 people to march, you can see those picture in rrun rrun or in various videos, massive number of people.

Can you mobilize those number, if you can, our hats off to you and our deepest respect.

The lawyers who have agreed to represent the BISD Children with Special Needs and their parents, whose rights were grossly violated in the most despicable manner, have no relationship to Healthsmart.

You seem as concerned with the abuse as is Mr. Quintanilla, he will be in Brownsville very soon to announce the lawsuit with the lawyers who have agreed to take on the case of these children.

Instead of attacking Mr. Quintanilla, let him do what he does best, be an advocate for our community.

If you see no action, no results, attack him, publicly ridicule him, stone him if you like.

Lets see what he can do and then lets comment.

Meet him face to face, he welcomes any direct communication and discussion.

Anonymous said...

Our agenda is to defend those children and we will.

BobbyWC said...

You will not defend those children. You have made this clear. Their rights were violated because of the incompetence of Art Rendon, and Hector Gonzales' refusal to take action.

You cannot claim you are defending the children when you are defending the very people who violated their rights. I have no problem with anyone suing BISD - it is about time. I hope it happens.

As to what a reporter may think of you, see previous post, I tend to laugh. I never met a reporter who is not a one man three ring circus - restated I have zero interest in the opinion of reporters - they are a complete and total joke as a profession.

As to my history - I spent years working in the area of mental health. Judges appointed me to investigate abuses at state facilities.

I worked hard to shut down pediatric psychiatric facilites when it became known they were engaged in fraud and actually kidnapping children who had insurance. Many of these people went to jail.

I took the story of Gary Zauspin to the Dallas Morning news. His story was the first about Gulf War Syndrome and the cover-up Ed Timms and Steve McGongle won national awards for the story.

On gay rights, I lead the battle cry against bullying gay children after the study on gay youth suicide was published - the gay leadership ignored the report until I forced the issue.

My advocacy work was rewarded with an interview by Ed Bradley when he had is program "Street Stories."

If I wanted to I too could post a ton of TV videos - but to want end - self promototion.

What matters are the events on the ground this moment and how I am responding to them.

Anyone who knows my history on BISD knows I have gone after all of the board members equally.

No blogger anywhere has called for the resignation of Joe Colunga more times than I have.

Hector Gonzales willfully ignored the mess in special services. he ignored complaint after complaint against Art Rendon. I have secured previous sanctions against BISD because of Art Rendon.

After more than a year of intentional abuse and discrimination against a mentally ill child the parent filed the complaint against BISD. We are waiting for the result.

So you keep on defending the wrong doers. the difference between the two of us, I am holding everyone accountable including the Board members. I am not being selective for political purposes.

I am not being paid by anyone - in fact it is costing me personally to insure these parents get the help they need.

I have used my money to get a parent to San Antonio so his child who was neglected by BISD could get the help he needs. I have paid for the hotel so the father could stay in SA while the child was in the hospital for a week. I have done this twice now.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


I donr know who that reporter without a name is, but he must not be in Dallas.

Accion America is ver public and massive with what it does.

We thank you for pointing out the defamatory hate statements being posted by amerrica, that is the kind of ignorance that we have had to deal with.

Mr. Quintanilla, is very respected by the common people, those who do not have a voice. Come visit Dallas, go to the barrio, knock on doors and ask about Mr. Quintanilla, they will tell you a much different story.

Accion America is finalizing plans to file the class action lawsuit, with lawyers in place, Plaintiff's ready to fight and we hope browsnvillevoice will the support the efforts of Accion America when the lawsuit is filed.

For the record the lawyers are taking the case Pro Bono.