Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(Added note from original post. It has come to my attention someone has created a name of accionamerrica and is blogging in the Herald. I hate people who cannot argue on facts. The moron who created this name is making matters worse. Both Accion America and Accion Amerrica are posting false statements. But the latter crosses the line with defamatory statements)

I am being told Accion America is telling people I work for Otis Powers. Carlos Quintanilla is mad, and lies seem to come easy to him.

From the BV.

"Who believes that Otis Powers has never once traded a vote with another BISD Board Member in exchange for making sure his wife gets a big pay raise? Do you really believe Otis Powers is going to vote no on a pay raise for someone tied to another Board Member, when he needs that Board Member to support his own wife’s pay raise?"


"I have no expectations that Presas-Garcia will be any better - she may actually be worse. But if we do not hold elected officials accountable they will have no reason to hold BISD administrators accountable. I would prefer to have an incompetent Presas-Garcia on the Board, then an unpunished Otis Powers."


No one doubts that BISD through Special Services has violated the rights of endless disabled children. A lawsuit would be a good thing. This question remains, why is Quintanilla protecting the men who were in charge at the time of the latest civil rights violations, namely Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon? This is what makes the actions of Accion America and Quintanilla suspect.

Lawsuits will happen. I have been working for over a year to find a law firm to bring an action against BISD. But I do not have Healthsmart backing my efforts. I am hoping this latest complaint will finally bring the lawsuit needed to expose in court the mess which was under Art Rendon, and remains even until this day in Special Services. The BISD Board has no desire to fix the problem.


Anonymous said...


I thought that's why they got rid of Gonzales and Rendon.

I'm sorry you haven't been successful in your efforts to remedy the problem. I sense a bit of resentment on your part against ACCIONAMERICA and I can't understand it since I would imagine all of you would be on the same page.



BobbyWC said...

we are not on the same page - I want everyone held accountable. If you are new to BV then you would not know that long ago I agreed that the motivation against Gonzales and Rendon was anything but Special Services. It was political = no dispute there.

But the facts remain they have been in charge for some 3 years and things have gone down hill.

I want everyone held accountable - period. Unlike Accion America I am not being selective.

I want the lawsuit. I know how the courts work. The entire truth will come out and if people think Rendon looks bad now, it will be worse once a federal judge issues an order.

I continue to work to find an attorney to represent this one particular child. The evidence that Rendon and his team ignored the needs of this disabled child is clear. But I agree nothing has changed since Rendon was removed - nothing.

This Board has no interest in the issue other than to use it as a political issue. This is not acceptable.

I will push to have everyone on the Board, past and present, and Gonzales and Rendon held accountable.

Accion America will work to protect the guilty who are part of their political objectives as directed by Healthsmart.

This is the difference between the two groups.

How else do they explain their defense of Rendon - he sunk Gonzales and he will sink Accion America.

I remain - what about all of the disabled children who were denied an education under IDEA while Rendon was in charge?

Answer: Accion America will not answer.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A good start to fixing the problem at Special S. would be to convince our old director to come out of retirement. He could straighten things up in no time.

BobbyWC said...

I think that might just cause more accusations. I think BISD needs to search hard for a new super and new Director over Special Services with a lot of experience with Special Services.

These people need to be hired outside the district - way out side the district and the valley.

The Board needs to create a clear policy concerning how the new department will be remade and funded to address the needs of the children.

You want a good model - go to Northside School District in SA

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

I hope that the previous poster is not talking about anyone who has been director for the recent past and is male. There have been some good people but not male in a long long time.

Fred D said...

I wish anyone well that tries to force improvement in education.
What is really needed is for the parents to take an interest and go to PTA and Board meetings. Even just following what the kids are doing, read the text books several I saw (history) were inaccurate and convey specific political thought. In the US the most corrupt political organization is the School District. The taxes go up and the education gets worse. When my daughter was in public school I followed her classes, teachers, etc. discussed errors in her texts etc. and she got a great public education in Brownsville. Bringing light to the darkness in the back rooms is only good if something is done... Keep up the good work....