Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It is fair to say last night Zamora went home with Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s aguacates in her purse. We now have the facts on Zamora from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. She is a consultant who had a vendor with the city as a client. Poor judgment would be an understatement to describe her decision to represent a company who does business with the city. She has now dropped the client. Unfortunately for Ms. Zamora people now will be carefully watching all of her moves with her clients. Being labeled Lucio light is not a good thing. How she handles herself from here on out will decide her future. The willingness of the Herald to run cover on the story will not insure her political future. Now is the time to become very visible in her district as being proactive in looking for and addressing problems. A second mistake at this level would be disastrous for her political career. Poor judgment can be forgiven once, but not twice.

Last night’s performance between Pat Almighty and Sorry Charlie Atkinson was shameful. Sorry Charlie Atkinson is determined to disrupt the meetings with petty politics and score settling. The decision of Rick Longoria to come to his defense was yet another example for poor judgment. We know the mayor has alienated the commission. We know feelings are hurt - but grow up and move on.

No matter how bad the mayor may have treated any member of the commission or commission as a whole there is no defense to Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s conduct. MZ choose to put the issue of mayor pro tem on the agenda after receiving abusive e-mails from Sorry Charlie Atkinson. He did himself in. You cannot have an abusive low self esteem bully running the show. He needed to be removed as the mayor pro tem. While I understand Longoria’s frustration with the mayor, his frustration is not license to defend Atkinson when it has become clear his conduct is indefensible.

The big riddle for me is, what I going on between Atkinson and Il Duce Troiani? Il Duce is smart enough to know being too tied to Sorry Charlie could be a career ender, in terms of politics. So what is the scoop? I have no idea.


Reality check for everyone - when Troiani is doing a criminal defense case do you think he is concerned with alienating the police and losing their endorsement come election time? Do you think his advocacy for the developers of downtown was purely altruistic without any possible contract work to come out of that development?

Do you think when the city was negotiating the wall issue with Homeland Security that Sorry Charlie Atkinson was not influenced by his employment with Homeland Security? Do you not understand how politics work? Sorry Charlie Atkinson gets support for his projects from Troiani by supporting Troiani’s lawyer and developer friends on the downtown development projects.

Dr. Gowen, do you think her ties to the Farmers Market do not influence her votes on the issue? Do you think she is not prepared to trade votes with other commissioners in exchange for support for the Farmer’s market?

Life and politics is what it is. As observers we need to look for blatant corruption and expose it. But in that search for blatant corruption we need to be mindful of the fact that every politico has some level of conflict of interests when serving the public - so to speak. Does anyone believe that Camarillo will dare vote against something which promotes UTB or Juliet Garcia?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Friend,

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To think, I thought I would not have anything simple to write about today. My computer is still in the shop and I hate using my laptop. So a short piece is exactly what I needed.

"Dick see dandy,you are an idiot. I don’t want exposure. The Mayor is an idiot just like ernie Hernandez and anyone else who wants to take advantage od city taxpayer money. Screw all you all!!!! Ernie and Ahumada were both bad for brownsville. I hope he loses his case next week. He has no vision. Ernie is bad for the county. Please, someone, help me get rid of these idiots. Is this the best Brownsville can provide!!!!????"

The above is Sorry Charlie Atkinson in true form expressing his opinion to anyone who disagrees with him. First and foremost I thought the weir was dead for now. Second, isn’t it Sorry Charlie who has been pushing the desalination plant as an alternative for water.

My regular readers know that I am a huge advocate of the weir project. It is not just about development of downtown. It is about the development of Cameron County. Water is everything when it comes to development. Many factors go into the decision of a major manufacturing company to build a plant. One is water and the community’s long term plans for water.

My view is, Tony Garza, as our former Ambassador to Mexico, failed to push the project. This project is not going to happen until the State Department becomes its biggest advocate.

Everything is politics. Mexico will not get on board until Washington gives it something it wants. The economic development of Brownsville and Cameron county are not even on the radar of the Obama Administration. If anything, Obama is looking at policies which will hurt the border areas. NAFTA has become our bread and butter. Obama is not a supporter of NAFTA. He is beholden to protectionist unions, and not the poor people in the border areas.

If you want to see Mexico get on board to the weir project you have a major developer tell Mexico that until Mexico takes its water needs seriously no new factories will be build in this area on the Mexican side. Jobs and a demand for jobs have a way of making politicos see reality.

So if the weir is dead for now, why this proposal by Sorry Charlie Atkinson? It is petty politics. Not even Sorry Charlie can be so incompetent to not know the future of the weir is in the hands of diplomats far away from Brownsville.

The city commission needs to send a very clear message to Sorry Charlie Atkinson and not so much as provide him a second. My sources within the police department are telling me that he has become such an embarrassment to law enforcement, he can no longer rely on their loyalty come election time. Sorry Charlie Atkinson is a cancer which needs to be allowed to self-destruct. His fellow commissioners need to be careful not to be seen as being party to such petty politics on an issue which for now is dead.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Some of my older readers may remember the Marks' family interior decorating business on Boca Chica. The second oldest son, Rudy Marks, age 67, passed away today of a heart attack. He was living in North Texas at the time. He is survived by his mother, Olivia Marks, brothers Joe, Alex, and John, and sisters Grace and Marta. He is also survived by his wife, Martha and several children.

I do not know if the family will be posting a formal obit notice in the Herald.

My hard drive crashed. The warranty is worthless unless you want to wait two weeks for HP to return your computer. So instead of paying $50.00 to ship it to HP and waiting two weeks, my computer service is going to do the repairs for $155.00.

The hard drive was defective. HP notified me about a month ago, but offered no real solution.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am researching the problem at the library

Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Bush’s decision to try and place missiles in Russia’s backyard was stupid. His advisers either had no knowledge of Russia’s history, and the Cuban missile crisis, or they simply did not care. Russia’s decision to get on board with possible sanctions against Iran is not very complex. The US pulled the missile program which was allegedly a defensive program against Iran, and Russia is now on board with possible sanctions.


I have been wanting to mention this for some time. In the non-soda drink isle you will notice something called G2. These are 40 calories. I drink 1 or 2 a day. I mostly drink black coffee and water. These G2’s are awesome. I love the grape and fruit punch. There is nothing in the taste which has a diet flavor.


Buster has decided she prefer toilet paper over food. She goes into the hall bathroom and unrolls the toilet paper and starts to eat - just too weird.

Keaton is just spoiled. Her water and food have to be refreshed several times a day. The bowls can actually be full, but if they have been there for a couple of hours she will not eat or drink unless I refresh the bowls.

The thing about dogs is, if they are very close to the family and watch TV with the family and sleep with the family (only way I’m going to get two bitches in my bed) they become more and more human. They have routines. When I get in bed Keaton sleeps at the foot of the bed and Buster puts her head down on one of the pillows next to mine. I will watch TV for about an hour. The moment I reach over for my CPAP mask the girls will switch positions. It is just too weird.
BV will be back tomorrow with a regular news story or commentary.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, I was mixing the oatmeal banana bread when the phone rang. A friend tells me that Quintanilla is implying to the readers at the Herald I am defending the so called gang of 4, which is now the gang of 5, if he could count.

I do not need to recount my endless criticisms of the BISD Board for my regular readers. No one, and I mean no one has called for Joe Colunga’s resignation more times than I have. Let’s deal in hard core facts. It has been the gang of 3 which Quintanilla seems to enjoy bedding down with who have sought to cover-up the abuses in Special Services. Presas-Garcia, Pena, and Escobedo have fought tooth and nail to protect Gonzales and Rendon on this issue. Someone needs to sue these three for abusing special needs children.

Here is a simple and true fact. I have secured sanctions against BISD for their violation federal and state law when it comes to special needs children. Carlos Quintanilla and his group have secured nothing, ziltch, nada. Facts matter - but not to a pathological liar.

Last night he filed a post with BV. He claims he has a law firm which has agreed to represent the children pro bono in a class action lawsuit. There are two major problems with this statement. First, if it is a class action then it is for money, which means the attorneys will be taking 40-50% of any award by court. This is not pro bono.

Second, a class action seems like an impossibility. They cannot identify the so called members of the class without violating both federal and state law as to the privacy rights of the children involved. This is not like finding out who bought bad brake pads.

Now, in education, a law firm can sue and ask that the federal courts take control of the school district based on a history of discrimination a class. But such a claim would involve exposing the role of Gonzales and Rendon. As we know Carlos Quintanilla is prepared to lie ad nauseam to protect those two.

In the continuing saga of my health, I had a caudal racz procedure done on my spine. The doctor inserted a catheter up my spine about 4 inches. He used chemicals to break up scare tissue around L4. I can say it was about 75% successful. I have more than cut the gabapentin use in half. The procedure itself was not too bad. In the beginning there was a bit of discomfort. When the catheter is being inserted you can feel every time it hits a nerve. It is not a real pain, it is more of a sensation. I strongly recommend the procedure.

So because it makes sense, now that I have made headway with the chronic burning pain, I would end up with the doctor with hypertension. After 6 days of very elevated blood pressure the decision was made to put me on high blood pressure medicine. After 6 months of no exercise because of the chronic pain my blood pressure has reached a dangerous point. I am hopeful the specialist will do a second caudal racz to finish the process and I can get back to my bicycle and bring the blood pressure back to a normal level.

I am actually embracing getting old. It is an interesting new adventure. But it is kind of like a used car, after you fix one problem and another one will pop up.


Well I was kind of frustrated that just days after getting the title to my truck it needed repairs. But I guess more than 80k miles in less than 4 years is a lot for a truck to handle. Every place I went wanted $99.99 for the part, Advance, Burtons, O’Reilly’s, and Auto Zone. On top of that none of them could get it for me on less than 3 days. I finally went to Car Quest. They had it for $51.95, and could get it for me by the next morning. I think Pep Boys charged me like $60.00 to install the part.


I love thunder and lightening because it is such a powerful display of nature. My dogs sat on my covered patio watching the storm. They seem to appreciate the power of nature.
Some days we just need something light.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"On the Brownsville Herald website this week, a user posted a comment to one of our articles.
In that blog, the commentor directed other readers to a link to a website that contains pornographic images. The Herald apologizes to anyone who may have been offended. The post and link have been removed."

(Added note from original post. It has come to my attention someone has created a name of accionamerrica and is blogging in the Herald. I hate people who cannot argue on facts. The moron who created this name is making matters worse. Both Accion America and Accion Amerrica are posting false statements. But the latter crosses the line with defamatory statements)

I am being told Accion America is telling people I work for Otis Powers. Carlos Quintanilla is mad, and lies seem to come easy to him.

From the BV.

"Who believes that Otis Powers has never once traded a vote with another BISD Board Member in exchange for making sure his wife gets a big pay raise? Do you really believe Otis Powers is going to vote no on a pay raise for someone tied to another Board Member, when he needs that Board Member to support his own wife’s pay raise?"

"I have no expectations that Presas-Garcia will be any better - she may actually be worse. But if we do not hold elected officials accountable they will have no reason to hold BISD administrators accountable. I would prefer to have an incompetent Presas-Garcia on the Board, then an unpunished Otis Powers."

No one doubts that BISD through Special Services has violated the rights of endless disabled children. A lawsuit would be a good thing. This question remains, why is Quintanilla protecting the men who were in charge at the time of the latest civil rights violations, namely Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon? This is what makes the actions of Accion America and Quintanilla suspect.

Lawsuits will happen. I have been working for over a year to find a law firm to bring an action against BISD. But I do not have Healthsmart backing my efforts. I am hoping this latest complaint will finally bring the lawsuit needed to expose in court the mess which was under Art Rendon, and remains even until this day in Special Services. The BISD Board has no desire to fix the problem.

(A reader requested the original post in order to eb able to review the comments.)

Pay attention to the red highlight. Larry Brown is the key witness who places Pat Almighty at his bank depositing the subject check. Will Pat Almight be calling Larry Brown a liar?

From Chief Garcia"

The summary contained in this media release is based on facts and evidence gathered through the investigation.

On October 22, 2008 the City of Brownsville printed/issued a check in the amount of $26,139.00 to TARSA Technical Industries of New York for services provided to the city. This was the second payment of two scheduled payments.

On October 28, 2008 at about 9:15am, Mr. Larry Brown arrives at Mr. Ahumada’s residence, located at 53 Alan-A- Dale, to pick him up and transport Mr. Ahumada to the airport, later determined to be the Matamoros airport. Mr. Ahumada advises Mr. Brown that he needs to run an errand to the bank and that he will be right back. Mr. Brown waits for him. Mr. Ahumada is observed leaving his house, to the bank, in a black truck. At approximately 9:30am this check was deposited into Mr. Ahumada’s account at the BBVA Compass bank located at 3255 Boca Chica by Mr. Pat Ahumada himself through the drive thru window.

The bank teller, who handled this transaction, recognized Mr. Ahumada through previous bank transactions and positively identified Mr. Ahumada through a photo lineup. The bank teller provided a sworn statement to Brownsville Police Investigators recalling the events of this transaction. The teller remembers the transaction for several reasons. He knows Mr. Ahumada, since he has been a customer of BBVA Compass, formerly Texas State Bank, for numerous years; the amount of the check and such check not being made payable to him; the check was already endorsed and had an account number that was verified by the teller to be that of Mr. Ahumada; the teller proceeded with creating a deposit slip for Mr. Ahumada since he did not provide one at the time, a customer service provided by the bank; and he did not want to question Mr. Ahumada’s integrity as he feared that a complaint would be brought forth against him, since he knows Mr. Ahumada’s character as a person and his reactions.

The transaction was finalized. No other checks were submitted for deposit that were part of this transaction. Mr. Ahumada left the drive thru in his black Chevy Avalanche as sworn to by the bank teller. The bank video depicts a black Chevy Avalanche departing the drive thru at approximately 9:33am. The driver of such vehicle cannot be clearly identified thru the video; however the bank teller has provided a sworn statement that he knows Mr. Ahumada drives such vehicle and a motorcycle.At about 9:45am Mr. Ahumada arrives at his residence and departs with Mr. Larry Brown to the airport (Matamoros).

Mr. Brown transports Mr. Ahumada to the Matamoros airport and while on their way there, they stop at a pharmacy in Matamoros at the request of Mr. Ahumada. Mr. Brown has provided BPD investigators with a sworn statement of these events on that day.

On December 2, 2008 Grand Jury Subpoenas were issued and executed to BBVA Security Office in McAllen, Texas for bank records pertaining to Mr. Ahumada’s account.On December 15, 2008 late in the afternoon BPD investigators officially receive the bank records and video for Mr. Ahumada’s account from BBVA Compass.On December 16, 2007, late in the evening, I called Mr. Ahumada and advised him that BPD investigators were ready to interview him.

Arrangements were made for him to come in at 9:00am on December 17, 2008.On December 17, 2008 at 8:30am Mr. Ahumada calls me and advises me that he is running late and will be here by 9:30am. I advise him that this is not a problem and that the investigators will wait for him. Mr. Ahumada provided a sworn and signed statement which contradicted with the facts and evidence collected by BPD investigators.

He was advised of this and disagreed with the investigators. On December 17, 2008 late in the afternoon, we are notified by the finance department that on this date the city’s account has been credited with the amount of $26,139.00. This is contrary to what Mr. Ahumada had been stating, that the city had already been credited for the amount of the check.

We are still investigating the circumstances as to how the check resulted in the hands of Mr. Ahumada. We are still continuing this investigation and the final results will be forwarded to the Cameron County District Attorney for their review with a recommendation that the results be presented to a grand jury to determine what charges, if any will be brought forth against Mr. Ahumada. The local FBI office has been authorized to review this case and will be provided with a copy of the final investigation. Any final determination as to the jurisdiction for the prosecution, if any will be a matter for discussion and decision between the District Attorney and the United States Attorney’s Office. "

Monday, September 21, 2009


From Accion American:

"We have met with attorneys they have agreed to file suit and you will get our response soon.FYI, Lawyers have signed several Plaintiffs, have reviewed medical records with the consent and authorization of these Plaintiffs. As a matter of fact they flew into to Dallas this morning and should be back in Brownsville this evening.Your TrulyAccion America "

No one is saying there is no corruption. No one is saying BISD did not violate the civil rights of children. We are saying Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are part of the problem, along with the entire corrupt Board.

You can file suit for the children who serve your political agenda. The children who have been denied services for mental health disabilities will continue their battle against BISD and Art Rendon. A new ruling is expected any time now for violations which occurred under Art Rendon. Tell us, why do these children not matter? Answer, because they do not serve the agenda of Healthsmart.

Shame on you Accion America.

(Sorry about such a long post - just had to be this way)

Also worth reading, a message to Carlos Quintanilla, from a real parent.

You are who you sleep with. Carlos Quintanilla is in bed with a promoter of pornography. Some examples of the pornography promoted by Jerry McHale have been women defecating in each others mouth and pictures of naked women urinating. Accion America has referenced Jerry McHale’s blog as a place with accurate information. Just how desperate can Carlos Quintanilla be when he gets in bed with a high school teacher who promotes this smut. Carlos Quintanilla wants us to believe he is about the children. How about reporting the pornography to the TEA Carlos? Carlos Quintanilla is about Carlos Quintanilla.

I want to be clear about something, yes, the Board is corrupt, past and present - except Quintanilla has no problem with being in bed with past corrupt Board Members. Yes, we need an FBI investigation, which is why I formally made the request months ago. The difference between myself and Quintanilla is when I talk to FBI Director Mueller, I fax my complaint directly to the fax number in his personal office. The complaint has been there for some time. Same goes for US Attorney Holder. The problem with Carlos Quintanilla is he is using his position to coverup the incompetence and corruption of Gonzales and Rendon.

In his effort to do this he and his organization are posting one lie after another about the facts. First, the law requires that Gonzales can request a hearing before a TEA hearing officer. Gonzales and his attorney chose the hearing officer. The law requires that BISD pay for the hearing officer, chosen by Gonzales. Gonzales’ appeal before the TEA Commissioner Scott will not be a de novo review, it will be only on the record Gonzales put before the hearing officer.

Finally, Commissioner Scott did not overturn the recommendation of a TEA hearing office in the case of the Robstown Superintendent, the TEA Officer ruled in favor of the Superintendent. The following was posted by Quintanilla’s group in the Herald.

" we have also ready the Guerra Report and the extensive claims that you refer to, will allow attiorneys to attack that report and allow the Commissioner of Education to reject it as unsubstantiated.Corpus Christi was overturned by Commissioner Robert Scott.The report was bought and paid for by BISD."

When you have to lie as much as Carlos Quintanilla does, then people are allowed to believe he has not changed since his criminal conviction in 1991, not 30 years ago. His groups is either lying about the process or simply has no knowledge of the process. This is Healthsmart calling the shots, not a true advocate for the children.

Yea, my intro was hard hitting, but it has purpose. There is a lot to get to in this post. A lot has been made about the Overton Report. Well, here it is for your review. After I post this, I will post as an anony, comments by my source. Look people, "confidential report" blaming Dr. Burns my ass. These guys got caught fabricating one report, why not a second?

At times it is disjointed and at other times it is simply cut and paste. So who is Terry Overton, this great expert witness?

In October 2008 Terry P. Overton, Ed.D., Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (McAllen), was sanctioned. Complaint: Respondent provided supervision to a person without adequatedocumentation, and did not ensure that the supervisee identified himself as such.Sanction: Respondent was assessed an administrative penalty of $1,500.00 andmust obtain six (6) hours of continuing education in ethics. (See page 9)

The following is from an old BV report.

"What the following report shows is, BISD, Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are covering for the sanctioned Lead Licensed Special in School Psychology Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba. The story also shows that one of the three BISD licensed specialists who Rendon claims was deficient in his work was cleared by the same committee which sanctioned Rendon’s higher, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba.As to these failed psychologists he claims "this resulted in gross negligence of the needs of the children." He never names them. At the time he signed this statement he knew at least on of the three had been cleared of wrongdoing in October by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. He also knew his boy, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba, who he is defending was sanctioned for unethical conduct by the same committee which in October cleared the psychologist Rendon claims to be "grossly negligent in his duties."Here are the latest facts. In October 2008, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba. Lead Licensed Special in School Psychology under Art Rendon, BISD, (Page8)

received the following sanctions from the Texas State Board of Examiners.

Complaint: Respondent failed to properly identify himself as a supervisee andfailed to identify his supervisor in public statements.Sanction: Respondent was assessed an administrative penalty of $1,500.00 andmust obtain six (6) hours of continuing education in ethics.

He is tied to UTPA in addition to being employed by BISD.

He graduated Texas AM in 2006 with his PhD in School Psychology. A review of his resume will show he has published works with Dr. Terry P. Overton. He does not state the date he became licensed."Qualified Supervisor: Supervision of delivery of all school psychological services on behalf of a public school district to a public school student must be provided by anLSSP with at least three years experience (one of which may have been obtained while under supervision by another qualified supervisor) in a public school district. Noother individual, regardless of training or experience, may provide supervision. See Board rule §465.38(5)."

Independent of the sanction against Mr. Garcia de Alba, under Texas law he was not a qualified Supervisor to supervise newly Licensed School Specialist Psychologists, at the time he was hired. But yet the man who was cleared, with years of experience and a qualified Supervisor under the rule, was not qualified. Does this sound like competent decision-making?A reasonable mind can conclude from this Art Rendon did in fact move around qualified people and replaced them with unqualified people."

The original link follows:

People need to understand just how dangerous people like Carlos Quintanilla really are. He is all deception which is consistent with his original criminal conviction in 1991, not 30 years ago. His supporters are about deception. "In September 1990, the grand jury issued a four count indictment listing Monreal and Quintanilla as defendants."

The fact he keeps lying about this should tell you something about the man.

Juan Montoya has no problem promoting the lie that Quintanilla’s conviction is 30 years old. Here is what Montoya is not telling you. He has been receiving free legal advice from Ben Neece in both mine and Colunga’s lawsuits against Montoya. Ben Neece prepared Montoya’s original answer to the lawsuits. Ben Neece represents - wait - here it comes - Art Rendon.

When Roman Perez played a similar unethical game, Jerry McHale, and Eduardo Paz Martinez all attacked him like lunatics with hate comments which crossed the line, and claims of unethical journalism. I can assure you on this one the silence will be deafening. There will be not a word of criticism.

On this story Juan Montoya is about as objective as Ben Neece’s free legal help can buy.

Carlos Quintanilla’s fame is the Farmers Branch civil rights litigation. The battle against Farmers Branch was a noble battle which had to be fought. The battle was won by the lawyers, not Carlos Quintanilla. Carlos Quintanilla was a voice in protest against Farmers Branch, that’s it. But he is a self promoter.

A review of my blog posts will show that long ago I called for a criminal investigation of BISD as it relates the all of these issues. This is the way it works - if the FBI announces an ongoing investigation Quintanilla will post on his web page he secured the investigation. How would he know this? Does not matter, self promoters take credit for the creation of mankind. Now to be fair, I will have no way of taking credit for the FBI investigations any more so than maybe someone who filed a similar complaint. We simply will not know why the FBI opened the investigation. The thing is though, we can all be rest assured Carlos Quintanilla will take all of the credit.

I simply do not trust someone who lies about their past criminal conviction, not 30 year ago, and takes money from someone who has a personal beef with BISD. It is becoming clear that Healthsmart is the money behind Carlos Quintanilla. If not why have they not denied the claim. Here are some additional interesting facts.

"The group (meaning Accion America) also has a Web site,, which calls for the ouster of the four trustees. In addition, it is distributing yard signs calling for termination of the "$four."

In my initial investigation of Accion America I assumed they were a nonprofit. They are an advocacy group. This was a reasonable assumption. I was wrong. According to their web page, which as of Sunday had a total number of visitors at 788, they are an LLC.

Under the name Action America either directly or indirectly as an assumed name, they are not registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

If they are a Limited Liability Corporation, what is their business? Where do they get their money? I suspect, that with Quintanilla being a convicted felon for actions related to non-profits, it would have been a challenge for him to raise money as a nonprofit. So again where does he get his money?

No one with Accion America has denied its association with the owner of Healthsmart. You know, it is possible that Healthsmart was a victim, but now I do not care. This is not how honorable honest businessmen do business, plain and simple.

Remember Accion America, sometimes filing an FBI complaint can result in the FBI looking at the complainant.

In the end, no one is saying the corruption is not real. The problem with Accion America is, they are covering for Gonzales and Rendon who oversaw endless neglect of the special needs children.
A word on the so called fraud -. Most children in Brownsville are covered by the SCHIP program, which is medicaid. With or without BISD intervention these children were already covered by medicaid. Further, not all disabled children get payments in the form of SSI. It is tied to the parent’s income. Every month the payment is adjusted based one the parent’s income. The facts will come out and Accion America will see it was played by Healthsmart. It is funny how easy it is to deceive someone with money.

In the end, we all hope the FBI gets involved. We hope they look into any payments to Accion America in exchange for covering up the neglect by Gonzales and Rendon. The TEA is not going to void all of the sanctions they issued against BISD while Rendon was in charge. The TEA knows Rendon’s record, and it is not good. We can all hope all of the corruption is exposed and the guilty fry.

It is a criminal act to take money in a scheme to extort money from BISD based on lies. Just something people might consider.

A word to Gonzales, Rendon, and Neece - run from these people, they will sink you. Maybe just maybe Gonzales and Rendon can still find work in education somewhere, but not if they do not distance themselves from Quintanilla. Do they really believe that any school district will ever hire them after being party to this three ring circus known as Carlos Quintanilla?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This originally appeared as a comment in the Herald.

"krazyvegas wrote:

Si vas a hablar de Cortez, porque no tambien como pusieron a Rendon en Special Services. Te olvidas que el Sr. Rendon fue puesto en este departamento por el Sr. Lehmann. Y ahora que el Sr. Lehmann perdio, esta en la audiencia portandoce como un payaso. No importanta que lado tomes en esta situacion, el comportamiento de la audiencia en estas juntas de la mesa directiva es una verguenza. Ciertos miembros de la mesa directiva invitan a padres a las juntas para que hablen sobre el superintendente, pero lo que no saben es que solamente los estan usando para su conveniencia. Como padre yo espero una investigacion en el departamento de Special Services especialmente en las escuelas preparatorias."

This so applies today to Accion America and Carlos Quintanilla. The difference between this woman and Carlos Quintanilla is, she speaks from the heart as to what Art Rendon did to her child, Quintanilla speaks from the wallet of Healthsmart.

The above quote first appeared in the BV on January 10, 2009.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well done is the best way to describe this film. It is not for a wide audience. It is slow, very slow. At times I was bored. But remember I have a real hard time sitting through a movie anymore so this may impact my review. Matt Damon did an excellent job portraying Mark Whitacre, the informant.

Matt Damon plays a pathological liar who also happens to be a legitimate whistleblower. His unrelenting lying makes it difficult for the FBI to do its job. Even though Damon helps to secure the evidence to indict his boss, the FBI is left spinning over the endless lies.

While the story is true, rather than makes this into a serious drama a decision was made to make it into a comedy -it works. For those of you old enough to remember them, the Smothers brothers are in the film. Matt Damon’s wife is Rose from "Two and a half Men."

Friday, September 18, 2009


(Note: I have verified the below story. The original post was apparently copied from the online 5 News stories.)

"BROWNSVILLE - With a 5-1 vote, the Brownsville ISD trustees have voted to terminate the superintendent.School board members made their decision at a meeting this morning. Hector Gonzales had been on administrative leave since January.This was after allegations of misuse of funds in the Special Services Department and allegations he released confidential information. Last week, a hearing examiner with the Texas Education Agency recommended BISD terminate Gonzales' contract.The examiner listed numerous findings in a 48-page report that ultimately finds the superintendent responsible for wrongdoings in the district. "

The above is from a reader. I am trying to verify the story. if it is accurate the story is really Escobedo changing sides. Pena is out of town and could not vote. This would leave me guessing that Presas-Garcia was the lone vote for keeping Gonzales.


This city and its children have suffered enough. It is time to tell the story of this corrupt Board and previous corrupt Board. People will understand a father's need to protect his son. But if you wait too long and allow the suffering to continue, the sympathy will go away. Timing is everything and your time is short.

This is from America's Got Talent. She sings at 2.58 if you want to fast forward.

While I was proofing this post, the following anony post came through. I am including here because it relates to my suspicions that Healthsmart, formally AAG, is giving money to Accion America.

"A couple of links to show the Ted Parker(Healthsmart/AAG owner) and Mr. Quintainlla connections. They tried to pulled the same thing against political opponents in Lubbock they are doing down here.

And one more thing...How does an organization headed by a convicted felon get a home health license? "

i am trying to verify the Carlos Quintanilla in the above story is the same as the one with Accion America. I will certainly post any statement by Accion America that he is not.

Here is my original post before I received he above comment.

First, it is a good thing that the Board is going to request an audit concerning the insurance controversy. Those calling for Joe Colunga’s resignation over the mess gained credibility the moment Joe Colunga voted against the audit to determine if Healthsmart is a victim of Looney.

The BISD Board since before Zayas or Cortez were elected was a corrupt institution. To put what is happening into context I want to go back to what Pat Lehmann said after the Board got caught accepting an illegal dinner from a vender.

Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Cortez when Cortez sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

This was a very clear threat that if Cortez opened the door on the La Pampa affair, Lehmann would open other doors. Well Lehmann was thrown out of office and those doors have now been open. This is the source of BISD’s meltdown.

I was on record that replacing Lehmann would not fix the problem.

‘The following appeared in the BV on September 22, 2008.

"Let there be no mistake Rick Zayas is running to have control over the money, and not to help the children. But Pat Lehmann is responsible for the incompetence of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon. He must be held accountable for his actions. At the end of the day Zayas cronies will benefit from the changing of Board Members, wherein Lehmann’s cronies will find themselves on the street. Neither cares about the children. But at least we will send a message of accountability. "

For years I have been writing about the mismanagement in Special Services under the failed leadership of Art Rendon. MALDEF has rejected every request I have made that they look into the discriminatory policies towards the mentally ill children within BISD who are predominately Latino.

As my first quote shows, this is all about money on both sides. It is not about the children. It is not about fraud. If Accion America were truly about the fraud then why are they silent about the fraud BISD commits on the government by claiming as BISD children, children they know live in Matamoros? Answer - it is not about fraud. BISD needs to check to see if Healthsmart has offered Accion America money in exchange for starting up trouble for the BISD Board. If Healthsmart has in fact offered money to Accion America, or anyone else for that matter, then Accion America could and should loose their tax exempt status.

I can only deal in facts. Accion American has its people posting on the internet that its leader’s federal criminal conviction is 30 years old. He was convicted in 1991. When you have to lie, your credibility is put into question.

Accion America is only relevant because it was part of the protest against Farmers Branch. This city passed abusive ordinances to force undocumented workers to move out of the city. This was a honorable battle. But in terms of the courtroom, national legal and educational organizations came in and fought the battle, not Accion America. Accion America fought the battle in the streets and brought national attention to the issue. This is all good. Contrary to the reports on 710 am radio their leader is not a lawyer.

When you have to use deception to make yourself appear relevant, you are not honest. They attack the BV claiming I relied on a story by ALIPC, a racist organization. False - 100% false. The ALIPAC link contains the story from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. My quotes were from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I used the story because I needed a verification that in fact I had the same Quintanilla. At no time has Quintanilla denied his conviction for - here it comes - wait "fraud." Now, a felon convicted based on fraud seeks to charge BISD with fraud.

Well actually, I am certain the charges will be proven true. I have been talking about how children with limited English skills are put in special education classes for over 4 years. I have mentioned the same scam with athletes. To get around "no pass no play" they put athletes who refuse to study in special education classes.

So if I agree there is fraud, what is the problem? It is this mixing of issues. If this were about the children and the fraud, why not report the fraud on the children who live in Matamoros but who attend BISD? As to Gonzales, if it is about fraud and he is being fired for trying to expose it, why did Gonzales not go to the FBI over a year ago when he learned of the Board’s intent to fire him. Why now, after the big loss is he going public with this mess.

It is all politics.

The other issue, why is a Latino advocacy group getting involved with the potential fraud against Healthsmart. This has nothing to do with the mission of this group - nothing. This is why I suspect there has been a commitment of money by Healthsmart, or its executives to Accion America.

Back to the children. Accion America says it is about the children - total BS - what about all of the children who had their rights violated by Rendon? What about the millions BISD had to spend defending against the violations? The fact Accion American is point blank ignoring this reality should inform anyone of minimal intelligence, Accion America is acting on money or a promise for money. Accion America actually believes the TEA is going to ignore all of the successful complaints against Art Rendon. The TEA issued the sanctions against BISD because of Rendon’s incompetence, not some hearing officer.

It is sad when a so called advocacy group for Latino’s will throw Latino children under the bus for their own personal gain.

On that note, I have it on good authority BISD is now compiling the evidentiary record needed to justify the formal discharge of Art Rendon.

Back to the politics of its all. Lehmann lost - he needed to settle the score. It was at this time someone leak confidential information about Joe Colunga’s son. Coincidence - not - It was a shot over the bow of the ship to Colunga - get in line and protect Gonzales or else.

All of the Board Members past and present are guilty as sin when it comes to abandoning our children. I hope the Justice Department pays close attention to any donations Accion America has received in the last few weeks or during the coming hear. This smells rotten.

Those of us who are determined to protect the special needs children will continue to fight. I am certain that if the TEA choose to investigate they will find, this Board, the past Board, Hector Gonzales, and Art Rendon did significant injury to the special needs children of BISD. With such a finding maybe, just maybe we can then elect a Board which will put the children first.

I do hope if the government does get involved it will expose the truth, namely for money parties on both sides are destroying BISD and its children.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"A "joint trial on all three counts would require inconsistent defenses, the presentation of which would undercut defense credibility, violating due course and due process," one of the motions states."

The above is from the Herald.

I would like to say Ed Cyganiewicz knew the Herald would read his motion and report on it, but apparently not.

Judge Pate needs to seriously consider referring Cyganiewski for disciplinary action.
Rule 3.01 Meritorious Claims and Contentions

A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless
the lawyer reasonably believes that there is a basis for doing so that is not frivolous.
Cyganiewski has admitted in his pleadings his intent to defend based on conflicting positions, hence "inconsistent defenses."

This is why our legal system is broken. If Judge Pate will not refer Ed Cyganiwski to the Commission on Lawyer Discipline then DA Villalobos should take the lead. At a minimum I would hope DA Villalobos would respond with a motion for sanctions.

We can only hope everyone in the jury pool is aware of this moron's actions

I trust no one. I have zero proof that Hector Gonzales has asked Carlos Quintanilla for help. Based on what I am about to report I would not be shocked to learn Quintanilla as not even met Gonzales.

"Carlos Quintanilla, who had met Monreal in 1982, was the founder and executive director of Operation Search, a not-for-profit community organization providing employment services to low and moderate income residents in the Westtown and Humboldt Park communities of Chicago. Quintanilla joined Monreal's scheme; in return for favorable recommendations on proposals submitted on behalf of Operation Search, Quintanilla would give Monreal a cut of the award."

The federal appeals court upheld Quintanilla’s conviction. Because I was unwilling to trust the anonymous source on this I did additional research to insure this is the same Quintanilla. He is the same. The following is from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

"Quintanilla said Thursday that he doesn't feel that conviction hurts his credibility because the Irving issue is about immigrant rights. "

"Carlos Quintanilla was arrested on seven outstanding warrants for fines totaling more than $3,000 shortly after holding a news conference in Irving with Spanish-language media. The arrest came several hours before his rally was scheduled to begin. Quintanilla was released about 9:30 p.m."

The above is from the same article. Rich just rich, convicted criminal on federal charges asks the FBI to investigate BISD. If Gonzales is in bed with this guy, he needs to just quit BISD today and leave Texas for maybe - Bedlam, USA. He seems fit for such a place.

Yes, an impressive record indeed. Without the ACLU taking the lead in the Farmers' Branch litigation Quintanilla's only major accomplishment in life would have been discovering the proper use of toilet paper.

The best friend Cameron County Democrats have is the Chair of the Cameron County Republican Party. This man is sitting on a gold mine and is doing nothing. The web page is a joke. They have no organization. They have no leadership. This is sad because Cameron County Judge Cascos did a good job in working through a difficult budget.

You win campaigns by starting early. If I were running the Cameron County Republican Party I would place a full page ad in the Herald with David Sanchez’s and DA Villalobos’ comments about taxes not being their problem. I would then invite the people of Cameron County to an informational pachanga on why the Republicans are better for Cameron County.

While it cannot be mentioned, the racial overtones in Brownsville concerning President Obama are clear. The mere mention of the President’s name will get a rallying cry from many in attendance. The tax issue is a big one. They can also mention President Obama’s promise to the unions to curtail NAFTA. NAFTA has been good for Cameron County.

But life is what it is and no one will step forward and lead the Cameron County Republican Party.
Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson seem to think they are safe. I predict Troiani and Atkinson will be thrown from office. Community groups and business groups will be hard pressed to find 3 qualified candidates to run against these three. If they can find 2, it will be a good day. The anti-wall people want Troiani out. He will be blamed for the wall. He will be blamed for putting Brownsville is the position of having to rebuild the wall at a later date with Brownsville tax dollars.

The PUB money transfer was simply stupid at its best. People like headlines and sound bites, not complex explanations. It is true the price of oil continues to drop. I predict by the end of October or sooner we will be paying less than $2.00 a gallon. But that is now. Once the recession is over and China, India, and the US are consuming oil at record levels again, the price is going to jump big time. Unless the Dems pass a law regulating the oil speculators we could easily see oil at over $100.00 a barrel again. This will mean our PUB bills will go up. We all remember the extra fuel surcharge we were paying last time oil went over $100.00 a barrel.

In the minds of the people the increase in their bill will be because of a rate increase and the funds transfer to the City of Brownsville. Any attempt to explain reality will be dismissed. People will be mad, and they will vote at least 2 of the 3 commissioners out of office.

Why is Atkinson an easier target than Longoria? Really, you need to ask that question?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



"The Supreme Court of California released this statement, "Due to the unprecedented statewide fiscal crisis, the Supreme Court of California, the Courts Appeal, and all superior courts will be closed the third Wednesday of every month, beginning September 16, 2009."

The California Judicial Council stated, " The closures of all courts one day a month, starting in September, will result in savings of about $94.3 million on a statewide basis. The court closures are part of several Judicial Council actions to mitigate an unprecedented $414 million in budget reductions for the entire judicial branch."

I spoke with Kyle Henley (California Resident) who had not heard about the court closure and had taken off work, traveled 30 minutes, and paid for parking to do business with the courts. And then I spoke with restaurant owner Miguel Diaz. His restaurant is connected to the San Diego courts and has no business. Check out what they have to say."

How much could Cameron County save if they were to do this? Our courts are so inefficient. They could still get just as much work done if they tried.

"In her complaint, Farnsworth alleges that during a Jan. 16, 2008, city council meeting Mulvane Mayor James Ford found her comments about the casino taking money out of the local economy to be out of order.

The mayor told her the council was only taking questions at that time about the project, and that Farnsworth was addressing a social issue over which the casino had no control, according to the court documents.

When Farnsworth persisted in her comments, she was escorted out of the public meeting by two police officers."

I hope a local law firm will take up the cause of Resendez and sue the mayor and city attorney Sossi. I tis time this nonsense stops.

My source in the court house informs me that Pat Almighty has cut a deal in principle with the DA. Today's hearing was delayed to allow his attorney to confirm the impact the plea would have on Ahumada's ability to remain as mayor. If his attorney confirms the mayor can remain in office after pleading no contest, then the deal will become official.

My source is close enough to the insiders to be trusted. But reality teaches me that the conversation could have changed 2 seconds after my source learned of the deal. So take this report with a grain of salt.


(Sorry for the late post. On Friday last I got the title to my truck. This morning I had to go to Pep Boys to have a new oxygen sensor put in. Yep, I'm done with the payments to GMAC, just in time to start making payments to the mechanic)

Yesterday in one of those things which happens to 14 year old boys playing football, this child suffered a second degree fracture. No one is to blame for what happened - just life. But here is the problem. The father learned of what happened after the child’s regular doctor had gone home for the day. He took the child to one of these 24 hour clinics. The doctor did an x-ray. The doctor claimed the x-ray was normal and wrapped the ankle as a sprain. Then the staff gave the child the wrong size crutches.

This morning the child woke up in a lot of pain. The father took the child to his regular doctor. He did another x-ray. The doctor showed the father the second degree fracture and proceeded to put a cast on the foot.

This would appear to be a simple case of malpractice. The incompetent doctor will bill medicaid for the x-ray and his services, although he committed malpractice. The parent, child and medicaid all have no remedy against the doctor. The child has no real damages, other that a delay in getting a cast, and a little pain. The doctor will get away with his incompetence. Think about this, if this doctor cannot read a simple x-ray for a second degree fracture, what other mistakes is he making?

Texas medical malpractice reform makes it impossible for the father to seek an remedy against the doctor, even for nuisance damages. The doctor will not be held accountable. The doctor will be allowed to commit malpractice with impunity, while billing the taxpayers.

The taxpayers will pay his bill and for the second x-ray. One thing President Obama has been seeking in his reform is the putting of medical records on computers. The other day I had a caudal racz procedure on my spine. I got about 50% relief. Tomorrow I can fly off to DC and collapse from the pain. I would be taken to the VA. The doctor in DC would get on the computer and be able to see the entire caudal racz procedure and MRI done in San Antonio. This is a good thing. To the Republicans it is a communist conspiracy to suspend the constitution.

If President Obama were to win on this issue, this child’s original x-ray would have been immediately uploaded to a computer data base. His regular doctor this morning simply would have brought up the x-ray instead performing and billing for a second x-ray. This basic ineffective process of duplicate x-rays and testing occurs everyday in the medicaid and medicare system. Why are the Republicans truly opposed to the cost savings reforms? They want to derail President Obama and they know they can do it by scaring seniors with lies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A reader provided the BV a link to this story. Either the news reporter is confused or this group is headed by idiots. ""Injustice"! That’s what a statewide organization said is happening to Brownsville Superintendent Hector Gonzales"

"Accion America told Action 4 News the reports they obtain state " information contained in this document contains disturbing information regarding the psychological evaluation conducted by BISD" it goes on to further state that BISD conducted evaluations on English deficient students using defective instruments to assess students...some of the instruments used had limited reliability and validity especially for Hispanic populations with limited English.

Representatives for the group said during a news conference Tuesday morning " it was obvious that in the absence of appropriate instruments, district employees could not perform psychological and or autism psychology reports were indefensible...this resulted in gross negligence of the needs of children with special needs and their parents over a period of 10 years."

This group is referencing abuses by Special Services at BISD. I believe the abuses to be true. Are these abuses not all the more reason to fire Gonzales? Nope - according to this group Gonzales is suffering an injustice by being held accountable for these abuses.

I hope someone can verify for me that the reporter got the injustice part wrong. Can Accion America actually be headed up by people this stupid?


From the Herald,

"Citing recent indictments handed down against him, the legislator said in a statement that he must concentrate on clearing his name and spending time with his family."

Really, spend time with his family? How original.

City Attorney Sossi's refusal to present the settlement offer to the City Commission related to my free speech case, now has the parties entering depositions. Your tax money being well spent. Sorry Charlie Atkinson will be deposed. I have already issued the Notices of Deposition. An issue is, under the city ordinances, no one can go to the meetings and demand Atkinson apologize for his abuse of the people. We all remember "were is my comment faggot." Either the Herald pulled the following from its comment section, or Sorry Charlie Atkinson pulled it under advice of counsel.

"Elenne,You stink. get a life!!! Haters like you never allow a city to get better. You probably sit in your house and never have to make decisions or rally a group of people together. I feel sorry for you."

There is a growing consensus that Mark Sossi is out of line with his endless violating of the speaker's right to free speech based on the subject ordinances. We have seen how he invokes these ordinances falsely to control the content of the speaker's speech. Mr. Sossi is also being deposed, not as to his legal advice to the City Commission, but on the narrow issue of his conduct during the meetings.

So what do we think, did the Herald pull the comment, or did counsel demand that Sorry Charlie Atkinson pull is own comment?

(This is today's second post.)

¶ 9. On September 23, 2008, the Board voted to not extend Gonzales’ contract. This fact is important because this was before Rick Zayas was elected to the Board. The votes were already there to get rid of Gonzales.

¶12. On September 23, 2008, unhappy with not having his contract extended Gonzales marched out of the Board meeting. Yes, this is an educator teaching children how best to react to bad news - professionalism at its best.

¶ 20. Gonzales conducted a survey of 48 BISD principals. Gonzales’ survey showed 44 of the 48 had no confidence in Special Services. (Yes a Rick Zayas conspiracy)

The following 2 paragraphs are the key to understanding why Gonzales is now gone.

¶ 61 "It is unheard of that a Superintendent would sue a Board for damages. When a damages lawsuit is filed, it is impossible for a Board-Superintendent relationship to continue."

¶ 62 "The parties cannot overcome the damaging effects of a lawsuit because the filing of a lawsuit by Mr. Gonzales was a self inflicted catalyst of conflict."

¶ 73. In order for Gonzales to hire Art Rendon to oversee Special Services, he ordered that the requirement the Administrator be certified in special education be removed from the job description.

¶ 81 There is too much to summarize here, but it is killer stuff. The speculation has always been that the Board Member who pushed Art Rendon was Pat Lehman.

¶ 83 The hearing office found that Gonzales knew or should have know Art Rendon was not in the best interests of the District as Administrator of Special Services. Now to be fair, several ¶¶ back it is noted the Board approved the hiring of Rendon. Reasonable minds can conclude the Board cut some type deal with Gonzales - other promotions or hiring. The Board which agreed to the hiring of Rendon is just as responsible as Gonzales.

¶ 89 Another killer ¶. Note the finding of a lack of training of staff. I have made this point over and over again for over a year.

¶ 140. This one kills big time. " Shortly after a confrontation between Mr. Rendon and Dr. Burns when Mr. Rendon demanded that Dr. Burns and Ms. Trevi o change the diagnosis on that student file, in early January 2007, Mr. Rendon moved the LSSP staff out of the Special Services building on short notice, thereby separating the LSSP’s from their working files."

¶¶ 148-159 are real killers. I broke the story on the Overton mess in January 2009. Thank you to the many sources who worked with me on the story.

Does anyone know if Rendon is still on administrative leave?. These findings should be enough to send him packing from humanity, let alone BISD.

¶ 160 In April of 2008 BISD received notice from the TEA it was in violation of federal law when it came to Special Services. This was not the first time. I secured a similar sanction in April of 2008. Why was nothing done? Gonzales was simply on cloud 9 when it came to Special Services, or acted willfully in doing injury to the special needs children.

Here is my original post.

Page 37-38. In response to those who claim a conspiracy by Rick Zayas the hearing officer made two important findings. One - the Broad Award was based on 3 years of review. Two of those years were under Dr. Zolkowski. She further noted that the praise the Board put on Gonzales came before the audits which revealed the problems which now have formed the basis of his recommended discharge. This latter finding is someone bogus. Before the audit and before Zayas’ election the Board voted not to extend Gonzales’ contract. The reality is, the Board tried to create a bogus record, by saying nice things, to make it easier for Gonzales to find another job.
¶ 25 (page 41) of the Conclusions of Law is very telling. Lawyers will always hang their client. When you are the plaintiff, your lawyer should always be willing to represent you for a percentage. It is a measure of the lawyer’s confidence in the case. Lawyers make money by billing their clients. Insurance defense lawyers have no incentive to settle lawsuits. The longer they drag the lawsuit out the more money they make. This paragraph demonstrates why hiring a lawyer is not always smart. So long as you have money in your hand, the lawyer will take the case. - shocker - lawyers lie to get your money.

"By having filed a lawsuit seeking damages against the four Board members in their individual and official capacities, Mr. Gonzales breached the confidential relationship and close working relationship he must hold with the Board. Further, Mr. Gonzales breached the duty of trust that exists between a Superintendent and the Board of Trustees. Mr. Gonzales’ breach of trust that he holds between himself and the Board constitutes good cause for termination."
You can find the complete report here.

I have more to say on the issue, but that will be tomorrow.

Lets begin here - understanding the brilliance of Sorry Charlie Atkinson. This is from a post he made in the Herald.


You stink. get a life!!! Haters like you never allow a city to get better. You probably sit in your house and never have to make decisions or rally a group of people together. I feel sorry for you."

Sorry Charlie Atkinson - we do not feel sorry for you.

I am not even going to try to understand the PUB and its budget, reserves and operations. But here is the bottom line - the PUB is going to provide the city a 3 million dollar bailout. If the PUB has 3 million dollars to use as a bailout for the city then the PUB has too much money in its reserves. In the end, the PUB is funded by the people through what the people pay in their bills.

No matter how you look at this, the people are paying for it. If the PUB has an extra 3 million just waiting to be used for a bailout of the city, then the PUB needs to lower its rates. Keeping the rates high so that the PUB can bailout the city is not how honest and transparent government works.

Further, Atkinson who cannot keep his mouth shut announced this deal before the PUB met to make the offer. This smells of a violation of the open meetings act. It would be nice if a local law firm would bring an open meetings act lawsuit to stop this fiasco. This is not how you manage government. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is never good.

Monday, September 14, 2009


During the democratic primary, then candidate Obama delivered many rousing speeches throughout the rust belt, promising protectionist policies if elected. He was elected and he has implemented his first protectionist policy, as promised. Big labor delivered the vote for him and he is returning the favor. When he and Hillary visited the border region, they both delivered far different speeches from the one in Ohio when Obama stated that he would work to repeal NAFTA. What had been promised for decades, NAFTA delivered!Despite this dire threat against the one act of law that brought real prosperity to the border region, the heavily Democratic voters of these regions supported him. On Friday, President Obama launched his first salvo in the war on free trade with a cascading tariff against the Chinese. This follows on the heels of a hard-fought, 7 year ruling by the World Trade Organization where the Chinese were ordered to open up their markets. Why he would chose to act unilaterally when the courts are now on our side is beyond me, but I do know one thing. China today, NAFTA tomorrow. You in the border region who so desperately need the flow of trade will reap what you have sewn by electing this man. Granted, there was no viable alternative, but you should have secured assurances as big labor did. But you did not.

You offered yourselves up for a taste of the real opiate of the masses; political ideology and party identification. Enjoy!

We are well into the 2010 Primary season. Everyone knows Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff of the following year's Primary elections. So I decided to go to Cameron County Election Administrators web page. As you can see from below, Rogelio has not seen fit to even post which offices are up for reelection in 2010. Rogelio keeps his job because he serves the elected politicos and not the people. They want the people in the dark, so Rogelio does his best to keep the people in the dark.

The Democrats are also doing their best to keep us in the dark.

The Republicans are apparently headed up by an idiot. Browse what?


This whole teabagger movement has been interesting for me to watch. As we are hooked up to all sorts of machines in intensive care because of our fifth heart attack, that bucket of fried chicken would certainly put a smile on our face, but is it good for us?

As I have said "you gotta have a gimmick." The entire point behind this famous line is, it is not enough to be a stripper, you "gotta have a gimmick. At the end of this post I will post the video of the song. Listen to it carefully. Yes I know it is over 5 minutes, but listen to it and think of the teabagger movement. It will be clear to you the followers are just addicted to the gimmick without regard for who is leading them.

What is the gimmick - taxes and budget deficit. There are very few people who will argue that lower taxes and a lower budget deficit are not legitimate issues. This is what draws them in. What they do not realize is, they are being used to promote the immoral agenda of the corporatists, who are the biggest advocates of corporate welfare - or restated the use of tax dollars to keep corporate America going.

We are not Nazi Germany wherein you had a dictatorship pushing these simple minded lemmings who do not realize they are being used. We also have a strong and independent press. My view is, we need to encourage their behavior. The more they act out the more the opposition will respond. The Teabaggers will remain a small and insignificant group who will eventually disappear into the history books.

Okay, what about Washington DC? What about it? - while their numbers were large, estimated in excess of 75,000, (WSJ) the 1987 gay march on Washington had in excess of 200,000 with the police estimating the number at closer to 500,000. (Wikipedia) When you cannot out perform a protest by gays and lesbians in 1987, it is fair to say your numbers are small.

So what is the problem? Lower taxes and balancing the budget are good issues probably supported by a super majority of Americans. The people who are appearing at these protests are carrying signs which indicate extreme positions on other issues. What we have is a really good blend of whisky, mixed with really bad hillbilly mash. This is why they will fail.

While it is possible President Obama has been misleading on some of the issues related to healthcare, it does not matter when you have Joe Wilson calling out liar during the president’s speech. Now, I support Joe Wilson in his acts 100%. I hope President Obama has the good sense to tell Pelosi to back down from the apology. If Pelosi holds and the House takes action against Wilson, I hope he sues the House. If you cannot yell liar at the president of the United States, in a non disruptive manner, then freedom is dead.

Independent of same, so what? Joe Wilson has so made the left mad and discredited his side, what exactly is the downside of Joe Wilson’s act? I say encourage the teabaggers and Joe Wilson because the more they speak the more the right loses. Freedom of speech works in a democracy like the US with an independent press. Remember sometimes when you allow people to speak they hurt their cause. The more we encourage the teabaggers, and Joe Wilson to speak the more the right will be pushed into the annals of history.

What I would really love to see happen is a legitimate group form which limits its issues to lower taxes, a balanced budget, and a complete and total ban on corporate welfare. Such a group would go a long way in bringing about meaningful reform in these areas. Just keep the Glenn Peckers out.

Now, view this video - think about the message about a gimmick and the nature of politics. The song has a lot of meaning.

Oh, to you nut jobs who think stupid threats and childish antics are going to make me go away - stop listening to the voices in your head. My credibility with my readership is solid. They know I love a good discourse and it is not about me being right, it is about getting people to think. You know guys, I can go away tomorrow and the blogs will remain non-existent in the eyes of most people in Brownsville, such as they are now. The key to a successful blog is working your audience.

I have worked my audience by going to various type functions. The business community knows me. They read BV. No matter what I may think of corporate America, I understand in a place like Brownsville they call the shots. They understand a successful Brownsville means more money for them. The problem is, they keep on picking small minded local yokels to run for office who cannot understand a successful Brownsville must include successful large corporations.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The following passage from the TEA report is telling and very accurate. I know there will be those who will claim the TEA officer was bought etc - but it is time to move one. The following finding is clearly supported by the evidence and in particular evidence I posted nearly a year ago.

""Mr. Gonzales filed his lawsuit ‘on advice of counsel’ and thus has not accepted responsibility for the consequences of filing a lawsuit," Guerra writes in her findings of fact. "Mr. Gonzales utilizes the same ‘pass the buck’ excuse when acting as chief executive officer for BISD when he acted or failed to act in connection with a series of other incidences pertinent to his oversight of the Special Services Department and its issues of personnel, budget and finance."

Before I get into my previous posts I want to say this. Yes I agree the gang of four used the Special Needs issue to get rid of Hector Gonzales, although there were probably nefarious real reasons for getting rid of Hector Gonzales. This so called gang of four has proposed nothing to deal with the problems associated with mentally disabled children. BISD has no meaningful policy on this issue.

This is from my September 22, 2008, post. It shows how Gonzales just moved things around from one person to another never accomplishing a thing.

Dr. Montoya,Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.Thanks,H GonzalesThe parents involved had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya allegedly did to resolve the problem. The administrators at Oliveira had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya had done to resolve the problem. Otis will you hold Dr. Montoya accountable? No - so please stop lying to the people that you hold people accountable."

Those new to BV can read the entire post. The child referenced has a pending complaint with the TEA. I am floating the complaint all over the country in search of a law firm to sue BISD in federal court claiming discrimination and seeking the remedy of federal court take over. It is time. Between the evil mongers who supported Gonzales regardless of his incompetence when it came to the special needs children, and those who opposed him not because of his incompetence but because of contract deals, the special needs children have no hope in BISD. I advocate for them and no one else.

If Joe Colunga had an ounce of integrity, which he does not, he would resign for his neglect of the special needs children. His policy for far too long has been to ignore the problems so long as his kid and wife got the best out of BISD. This is a disgrace. This is a real issue with real evidence. The parent of every special needs child needs to demand Joe Colunga’s resignation.

So now it is over - not really - it is about to get nasty. Look Gonzales was a political hire to begin with. When Dr. Z quit the district had far too many political problems to be able to go out and hire a competent Superintendent. They had no choice but to hire a George Bush II yes man with no managerial skills to take care of the big deals. When they decided he could no longer be trusted to act as he was told, they dumped him. That decision was made last summer. Gonzales knew he had messed up which is why he recruited Presas-Garcia to run against Otis Powers.
Had Otis won the vote would have been 5-2. The question people need to start asking is, who is Dr. Escobedo protecting? Who is funding his new campaign. It is time we follow that money.

Under the corrupt legal advice of James Hunter he placed a political ad in the Herald wherein he claimed James Hunter paid for the ad. Both James Hunter and Enrique Escobedo knew it was a lie. They both knew that Escobedo illegally used BISD campaign money for his county campaign announcement. I exposed it and Escobedo paid a fine. It is time to follow Enrique Escobedo’s campaign money.

You can read the Texas Ethics findings here. What is amazing is, even after getting caught Escobedo continues to use James Hunter as his treasurer. Yes sir - very trustworthy with county money.

The biggest scoundrels in this story are Gary Long and the Brownsville Herald. They covered for Gonzales and Art Rendon. The children continue to suffer because their stories will not be told. This Board will continue to do nothing for the special needs children. Joe Colunga, you are a man without one ounce of integrity. Resign

Friday, September 11, 2009


Let’s begin from Del Rio because I believe the story coming out of Del Rio reflects the stench of corruption which is Brownsville. The following is from the Herald. "Parents were handed a letter, warning that their children will be withdrawn from school unless they provide proof of residence in the United States immediately." This letter was handed out at the bridge coming from the Mexican side. I have been penning my opposition to BISD’s support for illegal enrollment of Mexican students for over 4 years.

It is not about the mere enrollment. It is what it represents. It represents the ability to buy our politicians. This con goes well beyond allowing non-BISD resident children enrolling in BISD. It involves defrauding the IRS and the American people. The people on the US side who allow the Mexican children to use their address do so at a price. They claim these children as dependents which earns them potentially thousands of dollars in child tax credits and refunds.

The old BISD Board and new Board are fully aware of the problem and actively encourage the criminal behavior. Like everything else, this Board simply refuses to do its job. By late afternoon we will know the fate of Hector Gonzales. He needs to go for his neglect of Special Services. But let’s be clear, the decision to get rid of Gonzales had nothing to do with Special Services - Special Services became a convenient excuse. Nothing is one bit better within Special Services because this Board could not care less about these children. The Board forms policy - what policy initiative have any of these Board Members brought forward to address the problems within Special Services? None.

Political office in Brownsville is big business. There is no excuse for Rene Oliveira and Eddie Lucio Jr, and the 3rd not seeking the needed approval to sell the Port of Brownsville. They will never act in the interests of the people. The Port of Brownsville is a cash cow for them and their supporters - plain and simple.

The BISD Board remains silent over the illegal enrollment of non-resident children because these children come from homes with the needed parental support to raise scores, improve athletics and keep the Board members friends flowing in illegal IRS refunds. The children be damn.

I stayed up last night until 3 a.m. watching movies in hopes I could think of one good thing to say about Brownsville - not a thing came to mind.

This rain is going to play havoc with the potholes. There will be no money to fix the problem. If I heard correctly, more than 300k is being taken out of the Public Works budget which had been used for wasteful overtime. Public works is a joke. How much is it costing the taxpayer in inefficiency to have incompetent people running the city at every level? By City Manager Cabler’s own admission - he failed to see the budget crisis coming.

This city commission is incredibly disconnected from the people if they think not raising taxes will save them on election day. I predict 2 of the 3 up for reelection in 2011 will loose. It will be a matter of finding 3 people who can run effective campaigns. This is highly unlikely.

This city commission actually believes that the people will not notice the potholes. Rain is the fertilizer of potholes. The projected long-term weather report is rain and a colder winter than last year. Fees from the international bridge are not going up soon. Between the hassles presented by the border agents, and the dangers in Mexico, people are just not going to cross anymore. I have stopped going across on a regular basis.

Those who think the failure of the weir project is a good thing better think twice. It is fair to say like everything else Pat Almighty touches he infected the weir project with his ignorance thereby causing it to fail.

Water is a future. Businesses which look to relocate to new areas actually look to the long term water plans of the community. I guess Brownsville has resolved to have no big time future. These small minded politicos only think of their wallets. They know the day big business comes to town they will be removed from office. Big business knows and understands you cannot run a city based on mordidas - but then this is all Brownsville knows.