Friday, August 14, 2009

My review of this film goes against the consensus. I did not like it. I actually like the way it ended, but that is about it. It is shot in documentary form, a form I find annoying for a film. The story is fraught with endless flaws.

The aliens arrive and then refuse to leave their ship. Eventually humans cut their way into the ship and discover the aliens are starving. There is no explanation for any of this. The aliens are put into camps which eventually leads to violence.

Somehow a liquid if found will allow the ship to return to its home planet. How that liquid would end up in a garbage dump is also not explained.

The aliens are called prawns because they look like big prawns. Why the humans never worked with the aliens to help them return to their home is unknown.. It is also unknown why they want to stop them from returning to their home, at the same time they are trying to relocate them to a new camp.

The film gave me a headache. I saw several people walk out.

Anyway - sorry my review is negative - I just did not get the point of the film - unless it was to show humans are animals, then I got the point of the film.

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