Monday, August 31, 2009


Children are not pawns for their politician parents or newspapers. The decision of the Herald to make the children of Tara Rios-Ibarra part of the story was low. These children are having a hard enough time with the divorce without having all of their friends knowing the details The court needs to determine who released the deposition. It was done for the sole purpose of gaining some type advantage without regard for the children. But of course, the judges of Cameron County will do nothing - corruption leads corruption.

In large measure this will be decided by the economy come election night, November 2010. But people regardless of political party affiliation are mad as hell about taxes. I remain convinced it is not about the paying of taxes, because most people understand services are paid for with taxes, but because of waste and the compadre system.

The Cameron County Democrats are not hearing the message. Republicans will be able to use full page ads lambasting Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos as the voice of the Democratic Party. Tax away because it is not their problem. This will resonate with the people.

The people of Cameron County backed Hillary Clinton over President Obama. Some amount of Obama bashing will pull independents and Democrats who dislike President Obama over into the Republican side. If the economy remains sour, and the war in Afganistan is not going well, I predict Republicans will make significant headway into Cameron County politics.

Diehard Democrats will see this as a bad thing. It is not. It may be what it takes to get the Cameron County Democratic Party to get its act together. The decision by the lemmings who do as they are told who put Hinojosa back into the position of Cameron County Democratic Party Chair did so without regard for the fact the people of Cameron County already said they would rather have a Republican as County Judge than Hinojosa.

In my view the Democratic Party of Cameron County is fighting an uphill battle to win county wide elections in 2010 so long as Hinojosa is leading the party and Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos are saying taxes are not their problem.

If you are a Republican or a Democrat willing to run as a Republican, now is the time to hit the campaign trail while you can tie into the anti-tax anti-Obama sentiment both of which are growing by the minute. Remember, you win campaigns by starting early, and taking the upper hand in the message. In the context of Cameron County politics the Republican message should be - "Democrats such as Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos refuse to help lower taxes. The Democratic Party of Cameron County chose to have Hinojosa lead them after the people of Cameron County sent him packing. Vote Republican where your voice matters, and responsible budgets are the right of the people."


Anonymous said...

Know this: You will want to be Republican when it comes out that Obama knew of and approved the release of the Lockerbie Bomber.

There is no way that the British Government unilaterally chose to release the guy without consulting with Washington.

The Democrats did an excellent job in washing away the label that they were weak on national defense this past election cycle. When this comes out, that label will will be the perception forever.

Fred D said...

You really don't have to be a Republican you can be a Libertarian and not be colored by either. The primary agreement one need make for validation is the following: To validate my membership, I certify that I do not advocate the
initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.
That relates to military force.
We really believe in freedom! Potential candidates can join us September 20 as posted in this blog.
Fred D

Michael Cowen said...

For the record, I represent Rios-Ybarra's husband, Dr. Joe Ybarra, and we did not release her deposition or do anything to bring media attention to the divorce. The released deposition was from the Brashear divorce, not the Ybarra divorce. Dr. Ybarra would never do anything to add to his children's suffering.

Michael Cowen