Monday, August 10, 2009


I have gotten several e-mails on the issue. I was even stopped at the movies the other night and asked the same question. The answer is not that complex. As a leader he is a complete failure. His entire leadership approach is "I am president so do what I say, and by the way the Dems control both the House and Senate." This is not leadership - it is the management technic of a fool.

The radical right high-jacked immigration reform by bombarding Congresspersons with e-mails and phone calls. The politicos being self-serving sharks caved and nothing got done.

Undocumented workers with sub-prime mortgages found themselves out of jobs as crackdowns occurred on employers. This had a major impact on the collapse of the mortgage industry, albeit it was just one factor. The ripple effect was on housing prices across the board, which created even more foreclosures as people could not find buyers for their houses which were now overpriced. Every municipality in the country knows all too well the impact it had on taxes and thereby local budgets.

We are trying to stimulate the economy while seeking to deport some 10 million undocumented workers. Only a complete idiot believes you remove 10 million consumers from the economy at the time of a recession. The decision by these self-serving politicians to protect their jobs over the best interests of the nation cost us dearly.

The only poetic justice is, it probably cost McCain the election. I doubt very much had the economy not collapsed on the eve of the election McCain would have lost. I also doubt had we not disrupted the economy of some 10 million undocumented workers the collapse of the economy would have been so bad. Of course Bush refusing to use his Executive authority to control the price of oil contributed significantly to the collapse of the economy. While I would have preferred had the economy not collapsed, since it did there is some joy in knowing it was brought on by the radical right and their actions related to immigration reform, and Bush allowing the oil industry to eat up the limited resources of the American people.

My concern now is, it is happening again. If the Dems and Obama allow the radical right to again define public policy then they should all be voted out of office. Now is the time for them to stand-up and say enough is enough. They need to just complete healthcare reform and be done with it. Once it is in effect the people will see it is not the end of the world and it will become a non-issue.
Now there are legitimate concerns. A public option without a safeguard to insure the insurance industry can survive competition with the government would be wrong. The insurance industry needs to accept they cannot sustain themselves with a 30% operating cost when medicare operates at a 1%.. My proposal would be to limit the public option to no more than 49% of market, excluding medicare, medicaid, and VA.

On my last post on this issue a typical right-wing fanatic eventually was called out as a hack. I knew if I forced his hand to just reference one provision of the House Bill which is bad he would hang himself. He eventually took the bait. He cut and paste the argument from a WAPO OPED writer and took credit as if it were his. He never bother to check that on page 425 of the House Bill § 1233 it simply provides that doctors are to educate patients on the documents which address your right to have the plug pulled or to withhold medical care at a certain point. It also goes on to have the doctors refer the patients to local legal clinics which can help in preparing the documents. No one has to sign anything. It is simply about providing people knowledge which they might not otherwise already have. There is nothing new in the provision. At the VA you are asked if you want to sign these documents and have them on file with the VA. In fact before every operation, they ask you again. The program already exists and there has been no outcry by veterans. Where have these pro-veteran right-wingers been all these years that veterans have been exposed to this policy. No where - no where at all.

This morning I watched a news report on Fox. A father expressed his belief the unamended House Bill denies healthcare to his disabled son. This is a valid concern. Congressman Dingell effectively confirmed this by stating that an amendment was being introduced to address the flaw in the Bill. The father continued with his yelling. (This is the problem - why would it have been so hard for the father to simply tell the Congressman his legitimate concerns in a calm voice.) The father is claiming there is no such amendment.

Here is my problem, Fox while profiling this man and son as victims never once addressed the issue of, is there an Amendment to fix the problem? You do not get to put a cerebral palsy man on TV, call him a victim of the government and then never tell the listeners if there is or is not an Amendment to fix the problem.

Fox News had no interest in the story or protecting the disabled. If there is no Amendment then we need to all write or e-mail our Congressman to fix the Bill. But we do not know this because all Fox wanted to do was inflame the situation and scare parents. You now have parents rightfully scared for their children with incomplete knowledge - why? Because Fox is about destroying Obama even if it means needlessly abusing the parents of disabled children by leaving them with incomplete information.


Anonymous said...

I ask again. Why would I completely take a paragraph from a Washington Post article without quotation marks or a link? It would make no sense unless you modified my comments some way in order to meet your self-serving needs. It wouldn't be difficult. It would take all of three or four delete key strokes? I don't see how or why I would but maybe I mistakenly left them off.

Unlike you, I give you the benefit of the doubt that you might actually do some research on a topic like Section 1233. How could I expect it not to show up in a Google news and web search which is how you found it and the Ed Labour link.

And one other thing, let's say you didn't change my comments and I left it off. With as many typos inverted letters, misspellings, and punctuations mistakes you write, you won't cut someone else some slack for leaving off the quotes? No, you instantly call someone a hack and a liar. You really are a judgemental name-caller Satan, aren't you? You kind of remind me of Justice Sonya Sotomayor. If it makes you sleep better for one night without your drug enduced nightmares, go ahead, keep thinking I purposefully misled you into thinking they were my words when they obviously weren't.

You call my side fanatical about this issue. I am not the one with health issues. I am not the one that regularly sees a doctor about my colon and blasts it on the internet. It baffles my mind how anyone with your lifestyle would not expect to have your colon hurt or suffer after repeated poundings.

It's like Gee, I didn't know my ass would be in so much pain after years of hard punishment. It's like those smokers or drinkers complaining about their health coverage after years of punishment. Why should my premiums go to cover for your neglect or lifestyle, Mr. Smoker?

BobbyWC said...

Again through your obsession with ignorance you prove you have no interest in reality.

[1] my colitis attack which is why I have VA coverage occured before I ever became sexually active.

[2} The consensus is colitis is caused by a virus. Further there is no evidence it is more common among gays than straights.

[3] All of my brothers have diverticula - in my family it appears genetic.

[4] I have discussed in teh past teh importance of abstinence - I am not more than 5 years and proud of it.

Why did you not give the link to WAPO OPED piece you copied from?

" On the far right, this is being portrayed as a plan to force everyone over 65 to sign his or her own death warrant. That's rubbish. Federal law already bars Medicare from paying for services "the purpose of which is to cause, or assist in causing," suicide, euthanasia or mercy killing. Nothing in Section 1233 would change that. "

You are a hack, you got caught -

which is my entire point about those yelling at these meetings.

I am not opposed to discussing the issues - I am the one who raised the issue of a government plan potentially putting the insurance companies out of business.

I am the one supporting the Republican proposal of a small business coop.

I got a phone call about my comments on Fox and I think my friend is correct - if there were no Amendment to correct the problem related to cerbral palsy patients Fox would have said so - it would have made the father right. This tells me Fox knows there is an amendment and simply chose to needlessly scare families for ratings.

Shame on Fox.

Further it seems to me that if the claims of this father were true teh first to be educating families on the issue would be the national organization on cerebral palsy - noting absolutely nothing on their web page

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I have discussed in teh past teh importance of abstinence - I am not more than 5 years and proud of it.

Proved my point on the typos. I am not more than 5 years, what? That's an incomplete thought and sentence. It's tHe not "teh". If you aren't going to give me the benefit of the doubt that I made a mistake because it doesn't suit your needs, I can only assume you took it off. I can't explain how the link didn't get there. I really can't. I pasted it in there.

As for the quote, it's because I have not argued that it is a death warrant. When did I say that? You can't expect me to defend everyone else's position when you keep moving the goal posts. I was more interested in the questions raised in Section 1233 because the writer who you claim is a hack too seemed to be balanced in his approach. His conclusion was more important, Satan.

If you believed this or allegedly raised this, I am the one who raised the issue of a government plan potentially putting the insurance companies out of business. Why are you saying my side is ill-informed and making things up when we believe this is the goal of ObamaCare? We believe this is the transition to single pay or government control health care/insurance? It almost sounds like you are bipolar. Are you sure you aren't running for something because you sure do talk from both sides of your mouth?

As for ucp, maybe they are shutting up because they want more stem cell money? You see that is how conspiracy theories start, Satan.

BobbyWC said...

when you equate typing errors on a blog with plagiarism - you make a fool of yourself.

You always go back to this same stupid notion of you are either all for or all against. This is why you oppose knowledge. This is why you consistently look ignorant.

I have never taken one side or the other blindly - when I heard the argument about putting the insurance companies out of business through a government program I agreed it was a problem

you see this is what comes from an open mind - and as someone who believes intelligent people who are seeking solutions can compromise I propose limiting government market share to 49% - the insurance industry will always have the cadillac plans - they will always have those who just do not trust the government and are willing to pay more.

But rather than shout people down -I listen to valid complains and look for solutions.

and yes, UCP in hopes of more money for stem cell research is going to allow Obamacare to deny their clients healthcare

Bobby WC

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