Sunday, August 30, 2009


Had this library been built by the UT system, and designed to house engineering and science material, I would understand. University systems are known for building specialized libraries rather than build entire new libraries.

The other problem is a lack of staff to allow students to use the old library as it was intended to be used. Sometimes just browsing the shelves is what it most fun. Sometimes you just find interesting books and have at it.



"elenne wrote:
I don't see the problem here. It's not as if many UTB-TSC can actually read. Now with the mural, at least they can look at the pictures."

Most interesting - appears to be from an insider:

thecommentor wrote:
Why is UTB/TSC administration so intent on spending money on buildings? Budgets for faculty have been cut drastically for the year 09/10. Increase for faculty will be 1 %!!!! Ridiculous!!However when the TSC board or Dr. Garcia travel, it is always at the best and most expensive places. Most are new rich people that need to feed off tsc"

thecommentor wrote:
Another issue is, this is the second time in a month that Doug Ferrier is involved in scandal or unethical behaviour. The Dean of Instruction is the supervisor of Rene Sainz, the director who is responsible for the cheating scandal exposed a few weeks ago.

thecommentor wrote:
This is the continuation of the cheating scandal and the same department. Doug Ferrier is Dean and does not have a PhD. He was named Dean because he was the official choffeaur and friend of the former provost Dr. Martin.


Anonymous said...

You didn't know about this plan? I thought everyone knew about this plan. That's why TSC hand those bond committee meetings. The plans for this library where you have to fill out a slip to get other books shipped to you from across campus has been in the works for at least two years. It's ridiculous that this is happening, but there is only so much one person can do to stop the stupidity at TSC.

BobbyWC said...

I remember very clearly this library would not hold all of the books - what shocks me is how the old library will be used by the students.

Bobby WC