Thursday, August 6, 2009


(Second post, first on BISD hearings.)

Yesterday when I was meeting with my pain management doctor, (post treatment), we discussed why vicodin does nothing for me in terms of pain relief. But then I mentioned that it gives me focus and energy. He asked if I have ADD - I said "no idea, only that there have been times in my life when all of a sudden I get incredible focus and can do things I have never been able to do."

Anyway this got me thinking - after taking a prescribed vicodin. This is what I found.

"In other words, ADHD medication was associated with an 85 percent decrease in substance abuse disorders, in the 75 ADHD adolescent males. Abused substances evaluated included alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens, stimulants and tobacco. Decreased substance abuse occurred, in the medicated ADHD group, compared to the non ADHD group, for each of the substances studied."

My bigger issue here is, there are consequences when those in charge fail the children. The reason I know righwingers (notice I did not say Republicans) are either idiots or liars is they always opposed tax dollars to address these problems under the guise of fiscal responsibility. Well, fiscal responsibility does not mean no taxes, it means using the people's money in a responsible manner.

How many children grow up to be drug addicts simply because they remained undiagnosed as a child as having ADD or ADHD, or some other problem. These same rightwingers who will call me a bleeding heart liberal, which I am not, will not think twice to throw these children in jail and throw away the keys because to them fiscal responsibility is no money for diagnose and treatment of children, but all of the money in the world to put them in jail.

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