Monday, August 24, 2009


I rarely watch the BISD Board meetings. In fact this time I was only channel surfing when I caught Presas-Garcia discussing student ratios. She raised a question about whether or not there are sufficient assistant principals at the various schools, but in particular Oliveira. This is a huge issue. Anyone with minimal familiarity with the various BISD middle school and high school campuses know that the assistant principals are overwhelmed. Many are ill equipt to deal with special needs children, especially those with mental health problems. In the end very few students get the support they need.

So why is Ruben Cortez Jr. an idiot? He responded to Presas-Garcia’s concerns with, "this should have been addressed during the budget meetings." You see in the small deficient brain of Ruben Cortez Jr., if a school has a critical shortage of assistant principals, based on the needs of the children, the children just have to wait until the next budget cycle. For now BISD should just fail the children and then blame the parents.

This is not how you run a school district. Every BISD budget should have a provision for emergency hires during the school year. The idea that based on some formula each middle and high school have sufficient counselors or assistant principals is bizarre. It is reflective of someone who has zero knowledge of the needs of the children or BISD staff.

Mr. Cortez you do not serve some formula, you serve children. The needs of each child are unique to the child. I would submit that BISD needs to hire an assistant principal at each campus, or maybe for two campuses to be shared for all of the special needs children. Maybe the assistant principal can do the morning at one campus and the afternoon at the other campus. This simple act would relieve a lot of pressure from the regular assistant principals so that they can do their job.

It would also provide special needs children with better representation at their schools. These special assistant principals can do a better job in making sure special needs children are getting the support they need. They can act as an advocate for more and better services for special needs children. They can receive specialized training to deal with special needs children.
In the end Ruben Cortez is an idiot.

There is an irony here. Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are being sent packing for their failure to deal with special needs children in a meaningful and competent way. They are being pushed out in part by Ruben Cortez Jr. Based on Ruben Cortez Jr.’s comments at the last BISD Board meeting I would say he is a product of this failure by Special Services. He also seems to be taking the same policy approach of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon of do nothing to solve the problem. I can only hope Ruben Cortez Jr.’s fellow Board Members can see he is not working to solve the problems of the children and appears oblivious to his obligations.


Anonymous said...

What type of educational background does that idiot have?

Anonymous said...

Each HS does have an assistant principal that is assigned to Special Education. Staffing ratios are discussed during the budget process so Mr. Cortez has a point. If a campus has an increase in population they will be allowed a new position.

BobbyWC said...

On a purely technical level you are correct - but if a problem exists now it needs to be addressed now - if the budget missed the target needs then the budget needs to be amended - he appears against this.

as to an assistant principal at the HS who only deals with special needs I am not doubting you, but this is new to me. I have worked with several parents at Hanna who have consistently been dismissed by the assistant principals. All of the children are special needs and the assistant principals were different.

Again I am not doubting you - It would not surprise me that the students simply are not properly being assigned to the correct assistant principal.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think Cotez was trying to show off with his condescending attitude.

I like the idea of assigning principals for just special needs children. This makes alot of sense so I doubt they will go for it.

The parents also need to be schooled as to what their special needs children are entitled to.

I know of one board member who could share this information as he has used it to his full advantage for around 24 years. He could give workshops to the parents as he is a PHD I believe.

Anonymous said...

THere is a principal for Spec Ed but unfortuantely they are tied up most days with ARD's. An ideal situation is that the assigned asst. principal would talk to the sped principal when an issue arises. But parents can always ask to speak the one assigned to Sped. Art Rendon once had that position at Pace and did nothing didn't even atten the ARD's like he needed to by law.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the information. This helps to explain why the parents I have tried to help saw different assistant principals.

On the following comment, while I appreciate your comment I must issue a qualifier:

"Art Rendon once had that position at Pace and did nothing didn't even atten the ARD's like he needed to by law."

BV has no proof of this being true. I am ceratinly willing to meet with people from Pace who might be willing to verify the statement.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The board memember that has been around for 24 years should know the process has no PHD.

Anonymous said...

"BV has no proof of this being true."

How many times have you denied comments because they have "questionable" statements? How many times after you deny them have to "explain" the comment how you see fit? This is a new turn for you. I hope you will continue this trend of approving comments and then adding your qualifiers. This way your readers can read everything in context without your selective quotations and paraphrasing.

"I am ceratinly willing to meet with people from Pace who might be willing to verify the statement."

Heh. You sound like Otis Powers doing "Let's do lunch". Be clear, are you speaking as a legal consultant here?